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repald /Advertisements. ADISOLLLAMEOUS. L; ILN I I'RLV .-if you have anJ Jfurm- f ture for eale, write or call at Williams biue Rooms, 33, Murray Btreet, LAnaelly. Goods bought outright or told 8ft oommiasion. OUISES.Do you want to buy or well N1 a house; if you do, oall or write. Several houses for Bale privately; money sivanoed to li"-chsaers.-T. Williams, itucuoneer, 33, Murray street, Llanelly. 'ft\T A N TKD Secondhand FURNITURE, .? bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold Silver, etc., etc. In fact we buy (and 3*1.1) anything that has any value. Whole Jtcuses of furniture bought outright; dis- tance no object.— Silverstone, 36-36, Murray street, Llanelly. DENTISTRY.—Upper or Lower. Set of Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- made to fit. Repairs in a few hours. Painless Extractions at your own home without extra charge. A post card will bring G. Clifford-Gershon, "Hafod," 11, New road, Llanelly, to yom house ALL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- <tTL cating Work executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply —Commercial School, Arcade Chambers, Llanelly. A House of your own, can be purchased with your rent. Hundreds are do- ing so. Write "Opportunity." Star Office BOOT and SHOE REPAIRS—Try the PENALLT BOOT STORES, Penallt terrace. "Nothing like leather." Best workmanship, lowest prices. WANTED, to rent, with view to pur- vV chase house with garden, three or four miles out of town; possession August or September. Apply, Box R.W. Star Office, Llanelly. Q p* Offered for Key of House in good dL? locality; no children. Apply, H. Wood Grenville, Greenway st., Llanelly. FURNlTrRE. If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy large or small quantities; best prices given. All kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the premises. -Evans, Fur- lature Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Vints). GRAZING, Grazing, Gr"ing; near ?? Town; ideal place for hard-working horses; plenty of grass. Apply, Davies Bros., Sunny Hill Gardens. SIDE-CAR, Coach built, Wanted. Particulars to P.H., Star. Office. BOOT CLUB: Join our Boot Club now and save money. Names can be re- ceived at once.—Penallt Boot Stores. W ANTED, Harley-Davidson and Side Car; any condition. Apply, Star Office. I MOCCASINS, Britain's Best Boots. ?-vjt. Fair wear or a free pair. Llanelly .Agents: Jones', Station road. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS, LTD., T-Liugsway, Loudon, W .C., and Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2. 'Local Manager: J. Evans, Lakefield House, Llanelly. Prospectus (tree) on application. SITUATIONS. APPRENTICE to HAIRDRESSING Wanted.—D. J. Thomas, Hair- dresser, Park Street (next door to James, ironmonger). WANTED, Errand Boy at once. Ap- ply, Lane, Confectioner, Church St. WANTED, a good Washer-woman. TV Apply, Mrs. Prytherch, Old road. WANTED, yopng Lady for Show- room; also Apprentices for the Millinery workroom. Apply, Edmunds, Oowell street. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. WANTED, good strong Cook-General. V Apply, Mrs. H. E. Trubshaw, Caedelyn, Llanelly. WANTED, a good reliable Woman. for Housework; age between 30 and 40; good home for suitable person. Apply, Mrs. Stanley Pearce, Llanarth, Queen Victoria road. WANTED, Kitchenmaid, not under 18 years of age; six maids kept. Apply with all particulars—Mrs. Trub- shaw, Aelybryn, Llanelly. _ø_ W ANTED immediately, good General Servant. Apply personally, Morgan, Melbourne Hotel, Llanelly. GENERAL Servant Wanted in Clergy- man's ',imil.Pwllhoirn, Old road, lil&aelly- FOR SALE. GOATS.-Two Nanny Goats, 6 months old for sale, 10s. each.-Wilcox, Old Barbour, Pembrey. FOR SALE, One Dog-Cart, 2 saddles, JT ? ?-?l?. Apniy, Hubert Wilkins, Hall street. Llanelly. SINGER Cycle, low frame, 26 in. wheels rxood condition. Apply,— b.C., Star Office. L-ËASEHOl,i>-FiouSE- for Sale; new. jj A'?h T ? ??kms, 133, James Street, Llanelly. A L?"g? Wooden Stable to be soLL I A Ap?L' Sea View Inn, Bwlchygwynt UTILITY Rabbits.—For Sale, Belgian Harw, three does and one buck. Apply to Mrs. W. Y. Nevill, Felinfoel House. FOR SALE, two Harmoniums in per- t fect tune and condition; also two Kandelobers in Sheffield Plate, very irassive. Apply, Silverstone, Cowell St. PIANO (upright grand), excellent condition. FOR SALE, House in Nelson terrace. j- Apply, Box 22, Star Office. YOUNG Rabbits for sale—Flemish Giants, Dutch and Belgian Hares, later. Apply, Mr. Rogers, The Stables, Cilymaenllwyd. FOR SALE, beautifully upholstered I Perambulator (5 guineas); also Singer's treadle Sewing Machine; quite new, perfect condition (8 guineas). Owner leaving district. Apply Box 000 Star Office. MOTOR SIDE-CAR, with spare wheel, cushions and waterproof rug.  MOTOR CYCLE, Allday's 2 Stroke; cheap; good order. IR OVER, 2 Seater Car; runs well. REPAIRS of all kinds to Motor Cars Rpromptly executed; give us a trial. CAR COVERS and Tubes stocked in all sizes. PERAMBULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same day as brought in. CYCLES.—Repairs to Cycles promptly executed; Tyres, tubes and asses- sories cheap. Open and Closed Cars on Hire. F ORDS, Fords, Fords.—Order your -L new Ford Car now, as they are delivered strictly in rotation. Agents- Vauxhall Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards, etc. Call r ound ;all to be cleared cheap. Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. AGENTS for all leading Cars and AMotor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phone 297-The VAUXHALL MOTOR GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. WATER TANK (galvanized), size I 4ft. x 3 x 3. For patriculars and irspection. apply Morris ..and Davies, Auctioneers, etc, Burry Port. _4' DETACHED VILLA (long lease); residental quarter, Burry Port, for Sale. Great (opport-,inity.-Morris and Davies, Auctioneers, Burry Port. Y. APARTMENTS. WANTED, Furnished Bedroom and W Sitting-room (with attendance) for lady and gentleman, in good locality. Apply Box O.W., Star Office. WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by married couple (one child); over shop would suit. Apply B., Star Office. stating terms and full particulars to- H.F.D., Star Office. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for single gentleman or two friends. Apply, Star Office. LADY requires Bedroom and Sitting- -LJ room in good locality. Write, 4" J"I" LOST AND FOUND. F O-U-ND, on Tuesday last, in Andrew r street, Boy's Coat. Owner can have same by applying at 62, Andrew St. David. fiswidson MAKES Cash Advances PRIVATELY and promptly from £ 5 JL upwards to respectable householders at reasonable rates of interest. Easy re- payments to suit convenience of bor- rowers. Apply personally or by letter to THE MANAGER, CLIFTON HOUSE, 16 Queen Victoria Rd, LLANELLY. TONIC FOR THE WEARY FEET. "Shir-Gar" c. FOOT BATH POWDER, 2d. Per Packet JOHN GOWER, M.P.S. (From London and Cheltenham), Chemist and Pharmacist, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY. HALFWAY PARK. To-day Saturday and Monday, August 4th Trotting, Galloway, Whippet and Foot Events OVER 200 ENTRIES and NEARLY E200 IN PRIZES. Gates open 2 p.m. First event 3 p.m. each day. Recipe for Rheumatism Take 1 waspoontul or i-FYNWOi* ¿;Al..l m half a pint of not water < _.vifang Jniforw breakia»w. FFYNNON SALT clears the brain, heart, liver and k.jdnt»ys, and neutralises both lJm) &n(1 fiilic Acids, and so efiixrtively clear* tiu system of 1 troublesome somplaints. h ilb sotd by Cheminta and Grocers every where or direct from VviLLi JoUM 1heuriat, Liar* Ia.. 4k Puddy's THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FlnM. SPECIAL LINES I THIS WEEK I A FEW LINES WHICH ARE BEYOND COMPETITION: LADIES' PLAIN STOCKINes. Is. 31,d., Is. 6id., Is. 9^d. LADIES' PURE WOOL HOSE, 4s. 6d., 4 s. 9d. I CHILDREN'S DOUBLE KNEE, from I Is. Old. pair. LADIES' BLOUSES in all kinds at 2/ll £ LADIES' COLOURED HOSE from 1/61 pair. MEN'S WEATHER HOSE at 2a. llid. pair. Very specia l, worth 3s. lid. MEN'S REAL WELSH SHIRTS from I 10s. lid. 1 MEN'S REAL WELSH DRAWERS from 6s. 6d. TO SHOPKEEPERS. Our Wholesale Only Department on First Floor is well stocked with Hosiery, I' Drapery and Haberdashery, and is well worth a visit. Best London and Bir- mingham Prices. Cash Discount Terms. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. BURRY PORT The 33rd Grand REGATTA AND TIMBERING COMPETITION. (Under distinguished patronage) Will be held at the above place on BANK HOLIDAY, MONDAY, ATUC. 4th. AQUATIC EVENTS. Commence 11 a.m. 1. Open Race for Yachts, not exceeding 20ft. over all.—1st Prize, Silver Cup; 2nd, X2 15s.; 3rd, JE1 15a. Entrance Fee, 3s. 2. Open Sailing Race for Open and HaU- decked Boats, not exceeding 23ft. over all.—1st Prize, Silver Cup; 2nd, £ 2 los.; 3rd, JE1 15s. Entrance fee, 3s. 3. Open Sailing Race for Boats, exceed- ing 25ft. and not exceeding 32ft.— 1st Prize, Silver Cup;' 2nd, C2 15s.; 3rd, JE1 15s. Entrance fee, 3s. 4. Open Race for Four-oared Ships' Boats, open length.—1st Prize, L2; 2nd, Ll; 3rd, 10/6. Entrancefee, 2s. 5. Open Race for Two-oared Ships' Boats, open length.—1st Prize, Ll; 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. Entrance fee Is. 6. Open.Two-oared Boat Race forWomen —1st Prize, Pl; 2nd 10s.; 3rd 5s.; Entrance fee, Is. 7. Open Two-shovelled Boat Race (Col- liers' short-handled shovel as oar).— 1st Prize, tl; 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. Entrance fee Is. 8. Local Swimming Race for Boys, un- der 16 years of age. Distance, 100 yards.—1st Prize, 7s. 6d; 2nd, 5s.; 3rd, 5s. Entrance free. 9. Open Swimming Race. Distance, about 120 yards.—1st Prize, £ 1; 2nd 10s.; 3rd, 5s. Entrance fee, Is. 10. Open Sculling Match.—1st Prize 10s; 2nd, 5s.; 3rd, 2s. 6d. Entrance fee 6d. 11. Open Diving Match. Each Competitor to have two trials.—1st Prize, 7s 6d; 2nd, 5s; 3rd, 2s. 6d. Entrance fee 3d. 12. Open Swimming Race for Ladies. Distance 50 yards.—1st Prize Ll; 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. Entrance free. 13. Open Live Duck Hunt.—Prize 10s. Entrance free. OPEN TIMBERING COMPETITION. To commence 3 p.m. Judge—H. Mainwaring, Esq., M.E. 1st Prize, L4; 2nd, L2; 3rd, -91. Entrance fee, 3s. Dimensions: Base, 9ft.; collar, notch to notch, 5ft 9in.; height, below collar, 6 ft. 6 ins. Tools allowed: Axe, bar, spade, and measuring staff. Any collar taken down after being once put up will be out of competition. Time al- lowed, 60 minutes. The BURRY PORT BAND will be in attendance. Entry Form and further particulars can be obtained from the Secretary. Entries close August 2nd. The Committee reserve to themselves the right to postpone the Regatta and Timbering competition should the weather be unfavourable. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH Mr.& Mrs J. Henry Lister DENTAL SURGERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. | LL^NELLY J  0.( [') R- .-a t'' ù lJ r tr-  II N: 6.45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.45 MONDAY, AUGUST 4th, 1919, and during the Week: Great Holiday Attraction THE WORLD FAMOUS  ??  '?"  4  I r haix r o t h e r s tick Present their Musical Comedy, entitled: 9 WHAT NEXT? wf ww N HB B ??? B B B??B am!t* R?' /?  ?. B s S"B IN FIVESCENES. Written by Ernie Lotinga and Gerald Robinson. Scenery specially painted for this production by G. T. Hemsley Costumes by Morris Angel and Sons. Dances arranged by Miss Belle Davis. Full Caste of London Star Artistes Scone 1—Interior of the Grand Hotel. Scene 2-The Passport Office. Scene 3—The Deck of the Battleship "Swallow." Scene 4—On the Island of Zambook. Scene 5-The Rajah's Palace at Zambook. I Gallery, 5dc Balcony 9d. Pit 1/- Stalle 13 Circle fi9 Tax I I included I HOLIDAY ATTRACTION CARMARTHENSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIEI Y President: JOHN THOMAS, Esq., Velinrire, Kidwelly. Annual Show STRADEY PARK, LLANELLY, Tuesday next, August 5th, 1919 Fine Exhibition of Cattle Horses, Sheep and Pigs, Ridirg Driving, Jumpir, g and Trotting Classes. SHEEP DOG TRIALS. Show open at 10 a.m. Admission: Whol- Day, 2s.; after 2 p.m., Is. 6d.; Grand Is. 6d. extra. REFRESHMENTS ON FIELD. J. R. PRICHARD, Secretary, 1, Frederick Street, Llanelly. Established 1911. Pagefield College, Swansea f (St. Helen's Road, Swansea). J.. THE COMMERCIAL UNIVERSITY OF WALES. I Under New Directorship. I Manager H. E. Reed, F.C.I. I DIRECTORS OF STUDIES:- Glassies:—Mr. J. LLOYD, M.A. (Oxon.) General:—Mr. D. H. THOMAS, B.A., (Hons.) | Commercial :—Mr. H. F. REEVE, F.C.I., F.I., B.M.N.S.A. ASSISTED BY HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF. DEPARTMENTS :— Commercial. Professional Preliminary Civil Service. Preparatory. Nautical. NEW TERM commencing SEPTEMBER 1st, and 10 following days. Evening Classes on and from September 1st. THERE ARE A FEW VACANCIES FOR Next TERM. Applications will be treated in Strict Rotation. Parents may interview Principal from AUGUST 25th, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Phone 165 Docks. Call or Write:— Secretary, Pagefield College, Swansea. I ? !a t 9M&? r?  ? !'? ? ? ?   ?? raise ? little ifi ffj W .????? lever, immerse nib in KM |j ??t<?w?t? ??? '????? ink, Wer lever and the fE! |watermans' £ |ftuntamPen m  s I Self-Filling 4''?' NI13S TO SUIT EVETP.Y HA-NID. 1?1 Dep<?-  yAUCHAN STREET. f/ I Local Depot- QTATIONEAY yAUCHAN STREET, (/ I TORES, LLANELLY. j ) W/& E. JONES Îr: 11' d- '&   .1 Fashloaable Ladies elts, at ors 45, Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. All work carried out on the premisea under our personal supervision. .wadies Costumes a peciality. NOTE THE ADDRESS— 45, Station Road, Lianeily. "Ilti f I J had the money- I, What is your dream ? Is it some day to OZMI your house f-or t> buy a /arm ?-Or to set up in business for yourself? What is your dream ? Is it to :;ive your child) en a bett 'r start in life than you had ycwselff— to give rour boy a college training?—to Settle a comfortable sum on your daughter when she marrÙs. What is your dream ? Is it some day to own a c.ir ? -lo see somethiu ro- of this country of curs ? -to travel, perhaps, an > see the greater world ? Perhaps your own par?cu!ar dream I:s none of -,ci- aimos' certainly you wiU need more money than you have nov to ma'?c it co?e true. you w iii nee d more money   it C- ) e -rue. A dream which is worth dreaming is ons for v.ht? it is do worth while to cave. II ?rA?r A?V to make LOUR dream ;ome true. jg SPEND VISEL Y. Save aU the mc?y you can. Buy |    I   SPEND WISELY. Save all the yc,t ca,?. Buy r ï;C ';V F' ,Ii 'J"'r, ¡ oycEJtnFie%r £ s jl 'J' A little saved eacl wek means a lot at the end of a year—and money in- I vested in Savings Certificates grru?,s at the rate of 5t}{) compound inlsrexi 9 vested In S?vm?s CerttHcates ,grc?\s at f/:e < ?te of J? compounf.?gre?! any Bank, Mcvry Order Post Offwe or Qjfiri-tl /f??:' I i1ØMl,}J"It¡:nt!i.ZM.D'a. -,r. tr.fjut.v nMMasaazwMX. rjssanBm mi n ill J Money Advanced PROMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. I^ROM £ 3 upwards on simple note of hand. Reasonable rate, and easiest terms of repayments. OFFICE HOURS: EVENINGS 6 TO Write or call, to Lo IDITT-OFFW"IEY, STRETTON HOUSE, COL.ErE SQUARE, LLANELLY. Cash Advanced FOR House Purchase At 5 per annum. REPAYMENTS may be extended from t 3 months to 25 years. No Rent to Pay 4/ 1 0 PER WEEK will pay Interæ i.U and Principal of £ 200 House, No better terms available. Splendid arrangements for Persons with Small Capital. Full particulars free of charge. TOM HARRIES, 19, RALPH TERRACE, LLANELLY. All enquiries treated strictly private and confidential. For all kinds of Welsh Produce TRY REES, Welsh Produce Stores, THE MARKET, LLANELLY. Llanelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. FOR Groceries and Provisions Best Quality at Lowest Prices. For all your requirements in Drapery, Clothing & Boots Call at our Store. Large Selections of the Season's Newest Goods. Blouse* Underskirts, Suits and Costumes, etc. Note Address- DRAPERY and BOOTS, MURRAY STREET. Note Address-CROCERY BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. Branches: 29, James Street; 18, Gate Terrace; Cedric Street; and 57, New Dock Road. Drapery, Clothing, Boots-MURRAY ST You may JOIN THE SOCIETY at any of the above Stores. Free Dental Treatment "r' I ? .r"1' 'I ,f.>2 <c: v TO demonstrate and prove that what I claim is an absolute fact, I will extract TEETH FREE. I claim Absolute- ly Painless Extraction of Teeth, by the very latest and most up-to-date method. Think of this, you, who are martyrs to Dental Troubles and lack the so-called nerve, can have this treatment FREE either at your own house (if you send a postcard) or at my Surgery (9 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 8p.m.daily). Grasp the meaning and reason of this offer-Simply to CON- VINCE YOU that my Extractions ARE PAINLESS. Misfitting teeth of any make remade to fit.—All branches of English and American dentistry.—Repairs.—New Teeth from 39/6.—All work guaranteed. —Terms and prices to suit all. Note New and Permanent Address:- G. CLIFFORD-GERSHON (Late of 4, Walters Road), DENTAL SURGERY, "HAFOD," 11, NEW ROAO, Llanelly. 20,000 Fcftp Envelopes to clear at 7/6 per 1,000. Can't be repeated.—Star Stationery Stores.