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< It is Said I -0 That the noisy element in the Town Hall grounds on Peace Day were much disquieted by the presence of a "Star". j man.  bolden out to I That di:o threats ?ere holden out to j him should lie dare to record the domgij in ".It is tiaid." I I That then garrulity was such as would have done credit to any party of gossi] ) women. That a hat has been lost and j I wen smue tru: last isrr.c. i That tho loser now complains of the laxity cf fitc conditions governing tho bet. That the bci was that the hat should be worn every day during the week. 1 That the winner only wore it for ahemi j five minuv'; a. day. I That still he literally carried out the | conditions and will to-morrow sport n j brand new "straw" —if it is fine. I That a y'?mg fI;;r sporting a Muo j tam-c-shan1.er wa svery conspicuous in Stepney street yesterday afternoon. ¡ That she was casting some winsQae glances at a certain young k-nut. That he of the bolder gender was en the point of approaching the young maiden, but Ihere faint heart never won fair lady. That thco is a saying that men aro naturally polygamous, while women are faithful to one man-lCgrO[illSJ. from a stcehvorker. That just before "pepping the question" to his yeung lady from New Dock sher confessed h, had twelve more mate friends. That one of the thirteen unlucky ad- mirers will, however, not bestow a ring on a New Deck lady—Oh no That the adventures of a certain Burry Portian at the races on Monday are being discussed cngerly in certain circles. That after "surveying'' the list of runners ho decided to plunge on one— but his luck was dead out. That infuriated at the loss of a bob be drove back to Burry Port on his motor- cycle scattering the pec,pie left and right., That a musical peace concert party held on Monday at the Seaside scared all the neighbours away. That one of the parity had a passion for elocution, whilst the tenor suffered from bronchial obstructions. That we arr assured by one present that it even surpassed tho fireworks dis- play in Stepney street later in the even- ing. That eviuontly the one who went down to Peopled Park to :<iug knew a thing or two. That a well-known flapper found herself being escorted by m' on Monday instead of a dashing young youth. That ma had somehow cr other heard of the adventures cf her flippant young daughter. Thats110 can console herself in the fticti that she was not the only one who spent a miserable Peace day. That the unprnefuality and tongue- waging of a local engineer are not add- ing to his popularity amongst his co- workers. That if he remedied the above com- plaints his friends woud probably swal- low a little more of the tale of "work oa the vulcanirter." That Llanelly teams have this yeajp, beaten Swansea at Rugby, cricket and) bov. ling. That sportsmen are now looking to the Soccer team to show once again that iti can lower the colours cf the "Swans." That a. young maiden made rather a bad mistake on Sunday evening in tire presence of a sailor-boy. That indicating the three servicxj chevrons ho wore sho innocently congrat- ulated him upon being promoted to sergeant. That upon being enlightened as to their real meaning she was unable to hide b&, blushes. That a budding young contralto V8 very conspicuous near Swiss Valley Ota Wednesday evening. That failing to attract the necessw attention by her molodious (?) voice slIb kindly informed all passers by that per- mits were now not necessary to enter tJte Valley.


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