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A War Record. —-0—


A War Record. — -0 — What Pembrey and Burry Port I Accomplished. The war from which we have suc- cessfully emerged has left its mark on every district in the land, and in this neighbourhood has wrought many changes. I In the period immediately preceding the war the district was under an in- dustrial cloud, but since 1914, things have changed. As the old proverb says: "It is an ill wind that blows no I one good," and so it proved here. Mr. JJoyd George's cry for "More Muni- tions" caused explosive and other fac- tories to spring up all over the country as if by magic, and Pembrey was selected as a suitable site for a large Powder Factory. In a short time it transformed the sandy bur- rows into a hive of industry employ- ing at one time nearly 8,000 people. Many resided in the district, but the large majority came in by special trains. The employees came from all parts of the Kingdom, and women munition workers were employed in large numbers. The Factory brought great prosperity in its train for the duration of the war. j Housing Problem. The housing problem was especially serious locally, as in spite of great overcrowding, the existing houses were far too few in number for the great influx of workers. A few houses and huts were efected in the area, but the only effort to provide houses on a large scale was at the Garden suburb where 100 houses are being erected, about 50 now being inhabited Transport Service. Another result of the Factory was th.e establishment of the motor bus service to Llanelly, which although a great public convenience had caused great expense on road making. Local Schemes. In spite of great difficulties the Council has Commenced its sewerage scheme. This had been sanctioned, but subsequently when funds were ap- plied for, Government held the ques- tion up. However, the southern por- tion of the work is now being con- structed. Other important schemes have been held up for lack of funds. A housing scheme for Furnace fields site is being prepared. Water Supply. During the war the Rural Council completed its water supply from Van Lake to Pembrey, and the Factory laid water mains from the works to the GwQjadraeth rivers. Industries. j The population of the district has increased rapidly since 1914. The Copper Works has been converted in- > to a new industry, and the local col- lieries have materially developed giving employment to increasing numbers. I I Men for the Forces. In addition to providing munitions the district also helped to find the men for the fighting forces. Over 500 from this area joined the Colours, our men being found in every theatre of war. Of these nearly 70 made the supreme sacrifice, and several ob- tained decorations for bravery on the field. The local lads never faltered when the call of country came. Comforts Fund. I But war activities did not end here. No place in the land did more for the soldiers and sailors, and the whole district worked harmoniously to- gether to send them comforts and gifts. Every religious body gave the proceeds of their annual concerts to the War Funds, and the public sup- port was so generous that they were a huge success. The War Funds Committee, representative of every class and creed, were enabled to send sums of money and parcels regularly to every one serving, to make pre- sentations to all who won distinctions and organize two hearty "Welcome Home's" to the returned heroes. And in addition, the Belgian Refugees Fund, funds for the Prisoners of War and the Blind were generously sup- ported by the public, who also hand- somely helped the Welsh Hospital at Netley. So that the war period benefited the district industrially, united all classes in works of mercy and kind- ness, and at the same time the men 6f the district nobly did their duty for King and country. If the same whole-hearted co-oper- ation is continued during Peace, the district can confidently look forward to a prosperous future, industrially and socially.


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