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— To Motor j Fred H. Evans Has now a well equipr d Workshop for receiving MOTOB CILE EE PAIR WORK, ALL WORK IS EXECUTED BY SKILLED WORKMEN Whose motto is efficiency-, U All Motor Cycle Work should first be delivered to g Cycle & Enamelling Works, Where the following goods are carried in stock:— B.B. OILS, T.T. OILS, GREASE, CARBICLE, BELT FASTENERS, B.B. CONTROL TIPS, B.B. JETS, AMAC JETS, SENSPRAY JETS, DUNLOP BUTT ENDED TUBES HANDLE GRIPS, LIGHTING SETS, DUNLOP REPAIR | OUTFITS, BOWDEN WIRE, BOWDEN CASING, PUMP CONECTIONS, JOINTING, SPANNERS, SPARRING PLUGS, PETROL UNION, COMPRESSION TAPS, and I numerous other accessories can be obtained at- Coleshill Tere, LLANELLY I F$taeti81sed 1911, Pagefield College, Swansea (Formerly Qkrfc'« CoRego, Ltd.), Orer 1,000 Students placed in dignified and profitable appointments. NEW TERM commencing APRIL 28th. am to imtmm ON& PREE TES8T GIYEN. NO LIABILITY UKJUISaEED. ALL EXAMS. A Few Tttcasicies in PREPARATORY, CENERAL EDUCATION, CIVIL SERVICE, AND COMMERCIAL DEPTS. Manager—' Call or Write- Mr. H. E. nEEB Misa T. TREGASKES, 166 ))(des. Secretary. Gymry, dewch at y Cymro." '?v?'Ttr ?w ?B??Nr'?r???????Er Tsr ?**?f W. J. THOMAS (THE MAN OF THE HOUR), Watchmaker and Jeweller Ie Noted for Choice, Beautiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, Watches of Proved Reliability, WEDDING, KEEPER, and LIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc., I FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc. FOR PRESENTATION. I INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. I Exchange Buildings, Park St. ——MW^WEMIII'llimi———— GUARANTEED FOR EVSR.$ ila.. RID!! A ^^IGIO. RAPIO. BEUAG! "tnlè m (l; "x., r). (;, i' "I:u!M 'J: J f!f: it. í iii'! ¡ 'Ii nq!i'fj!æ  THE ¡\1.l!  Ti-J E ALL ;S,TEEL B Ç)"'ÇlE E WITHOUNLOP TVRtS ANO *TWMtr AõK.MEA a-P£co GEA. Agent :OHN GRIFFITHS, IVJ) CYCLE EMPORIUM, LLANELL Y. !??j.? ?g ?UhM? ? hne ooatlawMlT .ri tte Raldgh for 12 years. 4 ???7 ?B??- <? C 8vTaging over 9'e" miles rear without a in¡:le jj ??jL??? /?'?f& ?iahap.S.Jt???ttJ.At<M*tM.CAe??Mt.AfttMC?s<ett Jj ?-S??i r BALeiCHTY/Cu:c°4-" NCTTIMOMAM f X tTuMiiiiinnfiffrirfiiruriiil Wr & Y. JONES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents' Tailors 46, Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and tyle guaranteed. All work carried out on the premises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a peeiality, NOTE THE ADDRESS— 45, Station Road, Llanelly. J 8'U a —mI ..I ■ I !■ ■■■ 1 ■ ■ lg I u. ■ ■ J I ■ ——i^pi Fashion's Voj!ue in 1919. No. 1. 1 I iiS^- 11j Li "nIS Mfil ? ???'??%??  ??t???.-e?'<"? ??"?1  ?????.????%\ \? ?'  1 |! '"? '? M Hf ?/Y??/ ? 9 ,???????t?\? j !????"? ??\?' ? ?  8 I IC /—\ THE VOGUE FOR |FJP H! J? tJ?\?-n? ???h???? ?—? ?\? I M V, \T& /????? ??? FROCKS. ??' § ttI j » ????L T? EVER has the vogue for  )Vnounced. s been more pro- '? ?. V\"? ????L?J??<'?? /?? ? H\? ? /??\ f ? j /Y Y tub frock s b-cen more pro- (flj&ljlvw" ffll/f'f ?/"??/?! ?-?// ???? ?-'??B little a ffa-irs an d crny appropi-i ate. ??. ? /'?li!??7   V' .?? ?'??? n? ? /<s-°?? S'? ???? ? diSerent t ly be worn on rnady different N & U occasions. A strong point in 14 their favour is that only a f quantitv of mater i al nee d ed for t j J their fas h ioning. Dressma k ers t f even offer to make two at a M ?/ ?   'v < t ? ?? ??? ?\ ??? H ? ?'?/ A hi ) i t re d uced pr i ce, as by this means IM J IT niay visit the laundress at frequent ?' ??.  gingham, ere- tonne, voile and pique for their .? ?' ? (J II fj t | I ?-??' I Some are of the chemise charac-     of the chemise c h arac- int?rvals. III /A j i'l \l X simplest description so ti-at they I I i r white lawn, others have a house- j J II V maid's skirt gathered at the waist "• (<y. I with a pretty fichu or bebe bodice.  or bebe bc)dice. ?.   ?? r 7 L §o ?t?t ??. ? ?' ??'!?'' ?'?? I I The tailor-ma d e woman has set "'=  W N „ tj ? her stamp of approval on those <5 inspired by the soutane they  ?/? ? I j ■ I 1 ???? <5 inspired by the soutane they « lV«riT^ <'?  an d w h en unfastened are in one ;? ?  ?\u"  I  J straight piece. T h ese are not <"3A ? ?' ?? ? only .asy to wash, but ?ive the S, .e — '?? fashionable straight lines an d ?<- \?.. < t«t <t'??< <?<T\ -.?*W.?g???'.? ? ??% 63?? lonR-waisted effect. The sas h or girdle is a separate affair and is of ^5 ? J?mw'?'?<.?-<?ff? ?? ? ..?"/ < ?. ? a contrasting colour and material. '??."<???   ,f; Summer Dresses wear longer when washed with Puritan Soap. And 1 they look so clean and pure because the olive oil I in Puritan Soap cleanses so thoroughly yet so gently. 8 Delicate colours retain their shade, delicate fabrics 1 their texture. J For summer dresses and all household laundry work J choose- tttr ? B?S?? ??? ? v?r ? ? ?! ?j?? ? '?LJtt ?! ???????? ????JF?/?? ? ?tLi!Br?"  ? ? THE OLIVE ???j? ? SOAP ?L ?Hmr?i??lBSST m?t! ??!B?S?i????ItN !'??!E !????1!? ? "? f ?!??!??<?'???.'??S? iL ?B T?? w. NY)  Soapma l ,-e-.s S i r-ce 1745. j Made by C h ristr. T h omas. & Bros., Ltd., Bristol So?pma k crs since 1745. ?v.so? g  <' ,,>¡, ,c ,>; .r: i Llanelly Cinema, Stepney St. t Continuous Performance Daily, 2.30-10.30 I Monday, Tuesday, Wed,nesday, i The Raggedy Queen ? Featuring VIOLET MEESEREAU. A DeHgMM Romantic Story, I Featuring VIOLET ,MERSEREAU. A DelightfuJ Romantic Story" The Sawdust Ring," Starring BESSIE LOVE. "She ch arms all hearts with her sweet portrayal of a litlle Circus Girl." m Adventures of Stingaree, Episode 7. I g Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Shark Monroe, Ha Featuring the Famous actor, William S. Hart. To see "Shark" Monroe is to take a healthy breezy trip to the Seal Fisheries that acts like a tonicon tired nerves. Strong tense situations and a love romance worked out |I| I amidst the ocean waves and snowclad Regions of Klondyke. i I Playing the Game I Starring CHARLES IRAY. "Admirer of him wbo have been accustomed to seeing him ap a bashful I gqj country youth will be surprised at the cljaracter he portrays in this late st D:ram. I I The Circus King-, Episode 4. The Victory Leaders Animated interviews with the men that give to the Allies the Glorious Victory. II Proprietors Llanelly Cinema Company. Manager J. Cross. I