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It is SaidI


It is Said I That a single young man should not write love letters to married women, It might cost him more than the price of the stamp. That the hubby of a recipient of one lof these effusions threatens to take "direct action" when he discovers the I author That Burry Portians are complaining about the delay in their housing scheme. That a wag informs us that up to the present all the Councillors have done is to build "castles in the air." That a suggestion has been made to encourage matrimony by holding "court- ship clubs." That we trust they don't mean the way the prehistoric man use to do it. That some customers in a local restau- rant got off "second best" in Jl. little joke they played last Saturday. That they shied a bun through the window at a young knut walking down the street. That they banged the window down with such force that the pane fell through That a local clerk was innocently ac- cused of mockery at the Swansea Empire on Tuesday. That his neighbour, with an unfortunate impediment in his speech turned to him and said "W-what is the n-n-name of the m-music they are p-p-playing ? U That it happend that the orchestra were playing that popular song "K-K- Katy," and after he had informed him he was subject to some very rude remarks. That local heroes have not left all their bravery behind when they quitted the battlefields. That one who is shortly returning from. France has written to a friend informing him that he is bringing with him a French widow with her family of five. That an increase in the price of cigar- ettes is to be expected shortly. That it may be truly said that every cloud has a silver lining. That the moustache grown by a re- cently demobbed sailor, has brought from his friends a number of remarks, polite and otherwise. That one of them terms it "a face fun- gus on the upper lip." That after all the criticism passed up to the time of going to press he still possesses the little "tosh." That an engineer engaged at a local works seems to be developing into a proper k-nut lately. That although engaged at a works near the beach, each night before going for his usual after-work swim he walks up to Stepney street displaying his towels and then returns to the briny. That two charming lady clerks figured as principals in an impromptu wrestling competition near the Furnace Pond on Monday. That they proved quite adepts at dodging and doubling while feinting for a hold. That we would advise Mr. Isaacs to induce them to appear on the boards. That the Furnace does not seem to be a land of blisa for cooing couples. That one fine fellow got so scared at the hooliganism of some youths recently that he showed a clean pair of heels even to his lady friend. That she much to the annoyance of the hooligans proved quite equal to taking care of herself. That two youths from the Lakefield dis- trict promise to blossom forth as pro- minent public men-when they get older. That in the "social" life of the town they are already the most sought after. That our old rivals Swansea will be at Stradey to-morrow. That it being "Peace Day," we wonder whether the "hatchet" of keen rivalry and antagonism always in evidence be- tween the two teams will be buried at Stradey for ever. That two local families will never again build visions of a day at Swiss Valley until they have actually arrived on the spot. That last Saturday was a day arranged to visit the picturesque spot—but alas, pa lost the permits. That not to be done out of the trip it was decided to postpone it until the after- noon, and huge preparations were made. That bad luck once again encountered their paths, as by the time they had ar- rived at the TownH all for another supply of permits the fr-, wri closed. "1'


Kelvin School —♦




Llanelly Choir and the Kaiser.