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Local Airmen.

Smokes for the Boys

Motor AmbulanceI -.-




THE THREE ESSES.—Star Stationery Stnro* Nottnl for Imst value r" pENNIS BALLS. "SILVERTOWN" T BRAND. The best that money can hny. Every Ball guaranteed. 2/- each, j 22/6 per dozen. Star Stationery Stores, Vaughan St. -_ot PWLL CRAND EISTEDDFOD. The above EISTEDDFOD Will take placo en SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER, 20th, 1919, when over JE25 will be given in prizes foil Male Voice, Juvenile Choirs, Mixed Parties, Solos and Champion Solos; also PoenM and Recitations. MALE VOICE (not under 35) "Little Church" JE8 JUVENILE (not under 30) "Diliau'r Dolydd" £ 4„. Full programme will appear ,in nest issue of the "Star." Hen. Sec. T. J. Samuel, Traveller's Well. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. A Grand HESilTTJt AND TIMBERING COMPETITION. Will be held at BURRY PORT BANK HOLIDAY, MONDAY, AUC. 4th. Further particulars will appear nesid week. G. FRANCIS, Hon Sea, 3, Springfields, Burry Port. W. E. At FORD PLUMBER, CASFITTER, and SANITARY ENCINEER, 26, RICHARD STREET LLANELLY. Send a postcard when you require the services of a practical man. Prompt personal attention to all orders. N Best Workmanship—Lowest Prices. TONIC FOR THE WEARY FEET. "Shir-Gap" FOOT BATH PCWDER, 2d. Per Packet JOHN GOWER, M P.S. (From London and Cheltenham), Chemist and Pharmacist, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY.? fj AVE you lost anything ? If so, lose no time in advertising for it in the "Star." George Palmer Begs to inform the public that he cao* now supply Ell u*, Wholesale and Retail. We specialise in Poultry Which is dressed orj the premises at 8i few hour3 notice. Shaw's Pork Sausages 1/6 per lb. MURRATSTREET, I LLANELLY. Cash Advanced FOR House Purchase At 5 per annum. REPAYMENTS may be extended from 3 months to 25 years. No Rent to Pay 4/10 PER WEEK will pay Interest I ?-? and Principal of 9200 House. No better terms available. Splendid arrangements for Persons with Small Capital. Full particulars free of charge. TOM HARRIES, 49, RALPH TERRACE, LLANELLY. All enquiries treated strictly private and confidential. n^TmwmrmrvrrnmmmwmKmMwmmmri111111 1 >- BOROUCH OF LLANELLY. PEACE CELEBRATIONS THE Town Council hereby heartily iii-o vite the Borough Widows and De" pendents of the Fallen, together with the Old Age Pensioners to the Tea arranged to be given on Saturday, the 19th July, 1919 (Joy Day) at 4 o'clock in the Market Hall. HENRY W. SPOWART, Town Clerk. 9th July, 1919.