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ammmaam wi imhiiiiiiwi «—a—wi————i wnw——MI^wbb— A Roll of Heroes. ..—— —— LlaneByites who Won War Decorations. —— » —— How Llanelly men distinguished themselves on land and sea is shown by the following list of decorations gained by our gallant townsmen. Artificer Ephgrave, D.S.M. The distinguished service medal was gained by Ephgrave for his devotion to duty on the Lion in the action in the North Sea in January, 1915, when two German battleships were sunk and two others seriously damaged. His brother gained a similar distinction. Capt. Cecil Phillips, M.C. I The first Military Cross to come to Llanelly was awarded to Capt. Cecil Phillips, younger son of Mrs. Phillips and the late Mr. W. Phillips, post- master. The decoration was gained by his splendid service in the Dar- danelles operations. At the risk of his life, lie left, the trenches to save j a wounded officer, in spite of a mur- derous fire from the Turkish lines, j and brought him into safety. "The whole regiment is ringing with jj praises of his gallantry," said one of the men. Later on Capt. Phillips j was awarded a bar. j Lisut. loan Evans, M.C. j Son of Mr .and Mrs. John Evans, Albert street, and before the war, em- ployed at the Llanelly Steel Works. Attached to the 15th Welsh he was given a commission on the field in recognition of his bravery, and subse- quently received the M.C. Ssrgt. R. O. Jones, D.C.M. I Formerly in the employ of the Elec- trica.1 Co., Sergt. Jones joined the I Engineers. When his officer became a casualty, he took command, re- pelled several bombing attacks and working for over two hours under heavy fire, successfully held and con- solidated the trench. Syd Bird, D.C.M. I The award of the D.C.M. to Svd Bird was very popular in the town. He is, of course, the well known I Soccer player. I I Snriit. D. R. Morgan, D.C.M., M.M. This double distinction was won by Sergt. Morgan (nephew of Mr. J. W. Roberts, florist, who lost two sons in the war), for distinguished bravery. Sergt. Morgan is an old Park street School boy. I Q.M.S. Burnhill, M.M. lI. V. Burnhill, fm, Old Castle rd., joined the 15th Welsh. In the fight- ing at Mametz Wood, he rescued seven wounded comrades at the greatest risk of his life and succeeded in bringing them back to the Welsh lines. Before the war he was em- ployed at the Old Castle Works. Sargt. D. Dayies, D.C.M. Attached to the Gloster Regiment, Sergt Davies, Caerleon House, Sandy Gate. terrace., won the D.C.M. by his fearless bravery on the Western front. He was wounded in the knee while holding up the line against teiv rible odds. Pie. Percy Roberts, D.C.M. Son of Mr. E. J. Roberts, the old Llanelly full back, a.nd a nephew of Aid. Jos. Roberts, J.P. He was one of the New Dock Stars who enlisted en bloc. The medal was awarded for "gallantry and devotion to duty on the field." Corpl. Tom Ballantyne, M.M. 1 Son of Mr. James Ballantyne, Cvn- heidre Farm, formerly of Penyfai. Attached to the Field Artillery, an ex-Rugby forward, and a former pupil of Old road School. j Sargt. J. G. Morris, M.M. I The award of the military medal to 1 Sergt. J. G. Morris, R.F.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Morris, Maescan- ner place, was announced in Septem- ber, 1917. The Victoria Cross. The Victoria Cross, the proudest of all distinctions, was won by Sergt. I Ivor Rees, Pwll. in September, 1917, and aroused great enthusiasm in the town and district. The official record runs:— "A hostile machine gun opened fire at close range, inflicting manv casualties. Leading his platoon forward by short rushes, Sergt Rees gradually worked hs way round tho right flank to the rear of the gun posi- j tion. When he was about twenty J yards from the machine gun he rushed forward towards the team, j shot one, and bayonetted another. He j then bombed the large concrete em- placement, killing five and capturing J thirty prisoners, of whom two were officers in. addition to an undamaged machine gun. Stoker Ned Hughes, D.S.M. A former employe of the Harbour Trust, Stoker Hughes joined the Navy on the outbreak of war and took a special part in the anti-sub- marine campaign. Bombardier Geo. Samuel, M.M. I A former Burry workman, Samuel joined the Artillery and distinguished himself in the great offensive of 1917. Lance-Corpl. W. Phillips, M.M. I This gallant young soldier lives in Coronation road, and gained his medal by his courage in bringing back to safety some of his wounded com- rades who were lying in the gun- swept area. He was attached to the Gth Welsh. Leading-Seaman Ephgrave, D.C.M. I On H.M. S. Helga, which was en- gaged on arduous patrol work. Lives at 101, Rope walk road. Pte. Trevor Jones, M.M. I This young hero gained the medal for his gallantry in the Ypres fight- ing, but afterwards, was killed in action. He wa.s the son of Mr. W. J. Jones, Cilwrfa row, and worked at the Old Castle Works. After his death it was announced that he had been awarded a bar to his medal. Lieut. T. C. Nicholas, M.C. I Son of Mr. J. W. Nicholas, clerk of the peace, and articled to Messrs. Brodie and Walton. He. was a prisoner in Germany. Sfcaff-Sergfc. Keenan. I Awarded the Russan Cross of the Order of St. George for bravery in France. Gunner Ben Atkins, M.M. I Gunner Ben Atkins before the war was local superintendent of the Law and Integrity Assurance Co. He was awarded the medal for bravery in the field during a heavy bombardment of our lines in France. Later on he was awarded a bar. Capt. Willie Davies, M.C. I Son of Mr. and Mrs Walter Davies, Nelson terrace. Attached to the 9th R.W.F., and distinguished himself in the fighting at Messines. Corpl. J03 Thomas, M.M. I "Gallant and soldierly conduct," I gained the medal for Corpl. Thomas, 9th R.W.F., son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Thomas, 97, James street. I Capt. Hubert John, M.C. I I Son of Mr. David John, Glasfryn, and one of the most popular of the 4th Welsh Regiment. He saw ser- vice in the Dardanelles and after- wards in Egypt. I I Pte. S. Rees, M.M. I One of the 4th Welsh boys, and son I of Mr. and Mrs. John Rees, 32,. Glanmor terrace. Before the war he I was employed at the Copper Works. I I Pte. Wm. Morris, M.M. I Son of Mr. Morris, 42, Swansea I j road. He was attached to the Bor- derers, and saw heavy fighting in I France. Pte. W. H. Evans, M.M. I A former Old Castle workman, and son of Mr. Henry Evans, 10, Wind street. He served with the 15th Welsh in France. Capt. Godfrey Jones, M.C. I Formerly mining engineer at the rrum bIe Colleries. Was an old officer of the 4th Welsh, and afterwards transferred to the R.F.C. Dr. D. D. Evans, M.C. I Son of Surgeon Evans, Goring road. He was attached to the R.A.M.C. where his work came in for special mention. Capt. James Buckley, M.C. I For conspicuous courage, fine I leadership and initiative throughout the attack on Fontaine Notre Dame on November 27th, 1917. Throughout the day he showed the greatest coolness under most adverse circumstances and a grip of the situ- ation which would have done credit to a much older soldier. I cannot speak too highly of this young offi- cer's actions. "—Second son of Mrs. Buckley and the late Mr. W. J. Buckley, Penyfai. Commission in the Coldstream Guards. Major Bowen, D.S.O. Major Bowen was a very popular I officer ot the 4th Welsh and served? i throughout the war. He did great work at Gallipoli, and later on went to France where he was attached to the Borderers. Was wounded on two occasions, but came up, srnilng each time. His decoration with the D.S.O. was richly earned. Pt9. James Bellows, M.M. Son of Mrs. Evans, 68, Ropewalk road, and gained the medal for con- spicuous gallantry on the field. Pre- vious to the war was employed at the Morfa Tinplate Works. Sergt. W. T. John, D.C.M. Attached to the Welsh Regiment, this gallant soldier won the D.C.M. for conspicuous gallantry. Sad to say, he died of wounds a few days before he was to have been presented to the King. Son of Mrs. Johin, 4, Cawdor row, Wern. Pte. Griff Bowen, M.M. Pte. Bowen, 6, Havelock street, was awarded the medal for devotion to duty under heavy fire at Salonika. A former employe of the Burry Works. Lance-Corpl. G. Miron, M.M. I An Old road School boy, belonging to the 4th K.R.R. Corps. When his machine gun section had all been killed he continued to work his gun until himself severely wounded. Sergt. W. S. Boswell, D.C.M. 1. 1 11 I. I Sergt .boswell, -R.E., eight times wounded, has recently distinguished himself by his remarkable courage and coolness under heavy fire."— Lives in Pembrey road and employed at the Llanelly Steel Works. CaD t. Clifford Wilkins, M.C. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilkins, formerly of Fronheulog, Llanelly. At- tached to the Tank Corps. Sergt. Evan Rees, D.C.M. "He did very fine work," said the official record. Sergt. Rees is the son of the late Air. David Rees, night foreman at the Burry Works, and was 'y Works, and was employed there for many years. Capt. J. Willis Walker, M.C. with Bar. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Walker, Palace Avenue, and attached to the R.E. Though helpless through wounds he refused to surrender and in the subsequent confusion he --s- caped, assisted by two non-coms. who carried him through heavy fire to our lines. Driver Thomas Howells, M.M. Decorated for his gallantry in bringing in badly wounded comrades from the firing line under heavy fire. Son of Mr. D. Howells, blacksmith, Dolau, and attached to the R.F .A. Employed at the South Wales Works. Gunner D. B. Joseph. Received £ 20 from the owners of the ship on which he wao serving, for sighting a submarine. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Joseph, 6, Mansel street. Worked at the Old Lodge. 1 Pte. James Rees, M.M. One of the New Dock Stars, and was severely wounded. Lives in Stafford street. I Lieut. R. H. Kydd, M.C. I Son of Alr. and Son of Air. and Mrs. David Kydd, I Ty'rfran. "When in command of a section, he maintained it in action during the day with the greatest gallantry, being continuously shelled and under heavy machine gun fire." Attached to the F.F.A. Staker David Harries, D.S.M. I Son of Airs. Harries, near Harbour Office. Employed at the South Wales Works and left to join the Navy. Did splendid work on a minesweeper. Lieut. Brinley Evans, M.C. I A rehntoel boy, son ot Mr. John Evans, Berwyn House. Gained his cross for distinguished conduct on the field. Sapper Albert Dawson, M.M. I jLnes at Mount Pleasant and served I with the R.E. Capt. Jack Evans, M. C. I Went to France with the Welsh I Regiment and was wounded on two occasions. Afterwards acted as technical officer at the Army Trade Testing Centre, Woolwich. Capt. J. M. Bevan, M.C. I Son of the late Mr. Isaiah Bevan and brother of Mrs. Percy Rees. A playing member of the Llanellv Cricket Club. Capt. Gordon Kydd, M. C. I Another son of Mr & Airs Kydd. Be- longed to the Royal Scots, and at- ached to the Machine Gun Corps. Won his decoration for services in Italy. 1 Lieut. Carlton Jones. M.C. I Son of the late Air. Chas. Jones. Fronheulog, Llanelly, and formerly in business in the town as estate agent and valuer. Was severely wounded while serving with the R.W.F. Lieut. Watcyn Morgan. M.C. I Son of Canon Watcyn Morgan and a popular officer with the Engineer*. Did excellent work in Egypt. Sapper D. J. James, M.M. I Another Llanellyite who distin- guished himself with the Royal En- gineers. Sorgt. G. L. Nicholas, M.M. Attached to the Royal Engineers and served on the Eastern front. Sergt. W. E. Clapton, M.M. Served with the Tanks and received the 1914 star, the Mons Medal, as well as the M.M. Son of Mr. Clap- ton, Brynmor road. Took part in the great Tank advance which preceded the Cambrai battle. I Sapper Meyler Daniell, M.M. I Grandson of the late Air. Aleyler i DanidI, Hendre, and came over from J Canada to do his bit. I C.S.M. Lloyd, D.C.M. Went through the Gallipoli cam- paign, and afterwards served in I Egypt. One of the old Territorials. I Lce-Col. D. Lloyd, M.M. ?. I Brother of the above and distin- I guished himself in France. Capt. Alex. Smith, M.C. Son of Air. and Airs. W. D. Smith. New road, and belonged to the R.A. M.C. Did splendid work in attend- ing wounded soldiers under heavy fire. Capt. H. S. Bum, M.C. I Served with his unit in Gallipoli and took part in all the enterprises of the 53rd Division in Egypt and Pales- tine, and in the pushing back of the Turks from the Suez Canal to Jeru- salem before the final smash up.. C.Q.M.S. J. I. T. Jones. Mentioned in General Ailenby s despatches. Corpl. H. K. Maliphant. Alentioned in General Ailenby s despatches. Lives in Coldstream St. I I Lieut. Geoff. Powell, M.C. I Son of Mr. and Mrs. 1 red JNelson Powell. Served throughout the war with the Engineers and distinguished himself by his coolness and gallantry under trying conditions. P.C. Woodcock, D.C.M. f I The only member of the Llanelly Police Force to gain the D.C.M. Was called up in 1914, and went to Palestine after service in France. Was promoted sergeant and twice mentioned in despatches. P.C. Tomkins, M.M. and Bar. 1 I ¡ A local constable who was twice I recommended for a decoration. Was for twelve months a. prisoner of war. I Driver Francis Ball, M.M. I Only son of Air. and Airs. Ball, Dot Cafe, Market street. At a critical moment on July 18th, he went fear- lessly about the battle zone repairing telephone wires, and thus re-estab- lishing vital communications. Gunner David Evans, D.C.M. I bon of Air. and Airs. Evans, 10, Wind street. One of four brothers who served with the colours. Em- ployed at the South Wales Works. Corpl. Handy Evans, M.M. I The well known Llanelly three- I quarter, and a brother of Gunner Dd. Evans. Sergt. Brin Delaney, M.M. I Sergt. DehÜey left the clerical staff of the Tinstamping Co. to fight for his country and quickly got his stripes. lIe gained the Alilitary Medal for gallantry on the Western Front. Lance-Corpl. V. Cole, M.S.M. I One of the few awards of this par- I ticular medal that came to Llanelly I was gained by Lance-Corpl Cole. I Chaplain Randell. I r or devotion to duty on the West- ern front, Chaplain Randell, of Dafen, was appointed a chevalier of the Order of Leopold. Q.M.S. Richardson, M.M. I A double distinction was won by this heroic sergeant. He was award- ed the Military Aledal of Great Britain and a similar award came to him from the French Government. Corpl. Moses Thomas, D.C.M. I A Felinfoel lad belonging to the I 15t,h Welsh who gained the distin- guished conduct medal. Carpi. Dick Davies, M.M. 1 Another of the heroes of the "brewery village." He joined the 15th Welsh and displayed the utmost gallantry in the face of heavy fire. Awarded the military medal. Belgian Croix de Guerre. I Sergt. A. Scott, R.W. Kents. t Italian Bronze Medal. I Corpl. E. J. Williams, R.E. 's. I Mentioned (War Office) Special). Capt. H. G. Morton Evans. I L'eut. G. N. Tregoning. Mentioned in Despatches. I Capt. H. E. Trubshaw, R.E. Lieut M. A. Pickard, R.W.F. Chaplain Rev. E. Matthias. C.S.M. H. Williams, Welsh Regt. Sergt. R. G. Anfield, Welsh Regt. Pte. D. J. Roberts, R.W.F. Red Cross Medal. I Miss Phyllis -AT. Evans, Graig. I Miss Doris Williams, Box House. I Medal of the O.B.E. 1 Mr. Ivor Pugh, Thomas street. Air. Ben Davies, Russell street. Miss V. A. Davies, Glanmor road. Air Michael Fitzpatrick, Charles st. Mr. W. H. Price, Gate terrace. Mr. L. Skinner, Coldstream street. Mr. J. Stewart, Jersey road. Queen Elizabeth Medal. I Airs. Edith John, Highmead. Airs. Agnes Nevill, Felinfoel. Airs. Kate John, Penmount. Mrs. Jenkin Lloyd, Preswylfa. Airs. AI. A. Lewis, Wincott. Aliss L. J. Thomas, Wescfa. Order of the British Empire. J Air. W. Harold Tregoning, C.B.E. Capt. Alorton Evans, O.B.E. Air. D. J. Thomas, National Shell Factory, O.B.E. Lady Howard, M.B.E. Mr. A. T. Davies, M.B.E. Mr. D. Phillips, Copperworks, I M.B.E.