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Llanelly and the War. -1

Answering the Call.

Formation of the V.T.C.

Llanelly as a Muniton Centre…

Y. M.C.A. Record —«•-—

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

Y. M.C.A. Record —« • -— How Sailors and Soldiers were Helped. The soldiers and sailors stationed at or passing through Llanelly found no better friend than the Y.M.C.A. This world-wide institute rose to the emer- gency in 1914 with splendid enthu- siasm and nowhere more than in Llanelly where Mr. Watkins, the energetic organizer, quickly gathered round him a willing band of workers. One of the first steps taken was to open wide the doors of the Institute in Stepney street to all men serving w,;th the forces. They were given the run of the building, reading rooms, writing rooms, etc., being fitted up for them with free supplies of writing paper. Later on a Canteen was opened, thanks to the generous initiative of Mr. Evan Jones, Bay View, who laid himself out with characteristic energy to promote the comfort and happiness of the "boys" in every way. The value of the Canteen to the soldiers and sailors cannot be overestimated, and a warm tribute is the due of the splendid band of lady workers who rallied to the call of Mr. Jones. They included Misses Agnes Jones, Nissie Daw. Winnie Edwards, L. Cox, Bowen (Lyndhurst), Blanche Powell E. Powell, Blanche Rees, Mary Ran- dell, Minnie Coombs, Nan Maliphant, Peggy Roberts, Mrs. W. Geo. Wil- liams, Mrs. Chapman; with Mr. Theo Nicholl and Mr Robert Thomas, the last named being co-secretary with Mr. Watkins. Some idea of the activities of the Canteen may be formed from the following summary:— 135 stranded soldiers and sailors were billeted and given tea, bed and breakfast free. 200,000 cups of tea were given away free. 400,000 biscuits were given free. 8,000 teas provided at 6d. each. 8,000 teas (value 6d. each) were given free. Thousands. of sheets of writing paper and envelopes free. A monthly Sunday afternoon social, followed by tea, was arranged at a total cost of £ 150. Each month a billiards and draughts competition took nhce between the two local hos- pitals, for silver cups given by the tradesmen of Llanelly. Cases for these cups were presented by Benj. Howell and Son Ltd., and Brown, Thorns and John, Ltd, nnd thev were decorated by Mr. Lew Rees.

Red Cross Record i

ISt. John's Ambulance.