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Llanelly and the War. -1

Answering the Call.

Formation of the V.T.C.

Llanelly as a Muniton Centre…


Llanelly as a Muniton Centre —— Shells, Shell Steel and High Explosives. Apart from its contribution to the fighting forces of the Crown,—and no town responded to the appeal for men with such alacrity—Llanelly helped to win the war by transform- ing itself into a munitions centre. When war broke out, Nobels Explo- sives Co. were b.uilding a new factory for their own purposes at Pembrey. Later on, the Government called upon them to manufacture high ex- plosives of which there was an alarm- ing shortage at the front. Sigh ex plosives were not a part of Nobels' original programme for Pembrey, but they quickly got to work, altered their plans, and in a short time had erected new plant for turning out high explosives in large quantities. In ad- dition a Shell Filling Factory was elected in record time- and here millions of shells of various calibres were filled and despatched to France and the other war fronts. Of more local interest was the in- auguration of a Shell Factory at the Burry Extension Works. This was primarily due to the initiative of the late Mr. Beaumont Thomas, who pressed upon the authorities the suitability of the premises for the manufacture of shells. After some delay, orders came to "go ahead, and in a short time, the works was equipped with lathes, etc., and some hundreds of male and female em- ployees were taken on. A local board of management was appointed in- cluding Mr. Beaumont Thomas, Mr. Dan Williams, Mr. W. J. Rees, Mr. F. R. Nevill, Mr. A. J. Burn, Mr. W. E. Clement and Mr. Jos. Holmes with Mr. D. J. Thomas as manager. The Llanelly Shell Factory gained the reputation of being the best managed and most economically worked Government concern in Wales. Later on calls were made for shell steel, and here again Llanelly was able to lend the Government a help- ing hand. The Llanelly Steel Works, the Bynea Steel Works and the South Wales Steel Works adapt-ed their machinery for manufacturing steel billets, and some thousands of tons were despatched to France there to be turned into shells for use bv our French allies. It may not be generally known that Llanelly steel played a big part in France's immor- tal defence of Verdun. Mention should also be made of the fact that most of the engineering es- tablishments in the town were con- tinuously engaged on work for the Admiralty and the War Office.

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