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Llanelly and the War. -1

Answering the Call.

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Answering the Call. HOW LLANELLY WORKERS ENLISTED. l i j .J r < t r As showing how the men of Llan- elly answered their country's call, an analysis prepared by Lieut. Tregon- ing is most interesting. Lieutenant Tregoning took charge at the Drill Hall in November, 1915, and his re- turn covers a period from that date up to June, as well as an estimate going back to August. The figures speak for themselves:— Army and Classified Trades. Enlisted Ter Force for Army from from 1st Nov- Aug. Steel and Tinplate Workers 280 1260 Colliers 143 684 Other Labourers 76 496 Butchers, Bakers and Shop Assistants 31 —. 90 Clerks, Surveyors, Tele- graphists, etc. 51 190 Building Trade Employes 57 246 Shoeing Smiths '10 25 Railwavmen 28 70 Electricians, Mechanics and Foundry hands 23 120 Motor Drivers and Domestic Servants 28 68 Farm Labourers 18. 70 Police 7 14 Others 65. 167 Total 816 3500

Formation of the V.T.C.

Llanelly as a Muniton Centre…

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