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Collector & his ÁssJ.sta1{ts.

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A '¡ Arc h '?-c?:' Fees.  C! "I MR. GRIFFITHS AND THE GUARDIANS. Mr. Wm. Grimths (W. Grimths and Son, Falcon Chambers), was present at the meeting of the Guardians on Thurs- day, and made a statement in reference to his charges for plans, etc., of the pro- posed new infirmary. Some of the statements in the newspapers when the matter was discussed at previous meet- ings, he said, were not correct. Mr. David Evans, Pembrcy: I should like to know whether your charges will he on the pre-war estimate which was .E36,000 ? Mr. Grimths: I cannot offer anything that is not professional. What I charge are only professional charges. I may state that all the work done was done during the war. When I went up to London I was 1Jsked what the estimated cost of the infirmary was, and I stated JE:36,000, and was then told I might add another 50 per cent. to that. Mr. Pugh: Did you charge us anything for going up to London about these plajis ? Mr. Grimths: No. I have only asked for a sum of money on account of what I am entitled to. In reply to a further question, Mr. Grimths stated that he plans took about three months to prepare. Rev. Trevor Jones: The plans have been changed so often. I must say that they have been a lot of trouble to Mr. Grimths. Mr. David Evana: At the first meet- ing or' the Board we had a bill of £500 from Mr. Grimths. I asked the Clerk whether the specification and supervision was included in this, and he replied "That would be paid by percentage." Then at another meeting we had a bill for jE525 again. Mr. Grimths I did not send that one. Rev. D. A. Morris (Llangennech) Were not both bills the same ? The Chairman: Yes. Mr. Morris: But we passed at that time that the bill should be paid ? The Chairman: Yea, we agreed to pay L'300 on account. La.dy Howard: I was way at the time, but I remember reading in one of the local papers that it was agreed to pay him £300. A Question then f.rosc as to whether it was not decided to pay the full amount of C;-)2.5 in a previous meeting. "I re- mpmber reading something to that effect in ono of the papers," stated one of the members. The Clerk: Both papers were quite correct. At thp first meeting it was de- cided to pay ;C52-5. and I wrote up to the Local Government Board requesting them to authorise a loan of ;e.52.5. which they refused to grant. The matter was again brought up at the next meeting and it was decided to pay Mr. Grimths .€300 on account, out of our own account. We did net have this on our estimate. The Chairman: I move that the sum of £225 be pa.ij to Mr. Griniths in Sep- tember, as that will bo the time we will make out our new estimate. jRev. Trevor Jones seconded. The proposition was carried. Mr. Davies: I understand that the fees of your profession have gone up during the waj* ? Mr. GriffWls: That is so. Mr Pugh: I think we all know that Mr Grimtbs has treated us in a most satis- factory manner In tbn past. We all back trade union rates, and I hope we will do .so in future (applause).