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Collector & his ÁssJ.sta1{ts.

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Oulletin No. 4. 'v' ,;d! ,r');<).; -JJ:>' P? ?? ? ?? Bst ¡ Ë i A? ??? i?r??? &????! iH .L? ?,'???? ?Sr?h? Ii' ftlrt é iJ! t ,Zl ). "O¡J, p£iOn ''It!ala¡'ia, dyszntery, trench f evc- ccjufe pneH- montty, enteric fever, rclcps- ing fever andi-yphus fever are now nrtiiial.-It- as epidzmic end infectious af:seas€S. ce are all pi-eventable .+ W!;at are you domg :ake sure that your home -.ept free from epidemic üease? With a:ll'e:pct the promoters of the FIRST AID "0 National Health Campaign suggest one su¡'e Way to safe- guard home health. tl The regular use of r (, oj [} n [Ð ."JI { ') d i ¡ ,j '<U" U J. Di£1nfectant Scap E been proved time and ag,1n a proven five of in- )us and epUemic disease .a honc. FIRST AlDis a modern dis- mfectant soap not to be con. fused with carbolic and similar soaps. i FIRST AID is a scientific product of guaranteed effi- I d l f I ciency. It is deligl7tful in use an d of unusual economy. I. ,1 j <!???? b-??? 1? ????!?!????" ? Made only by Chflstr. Thomas & erQ8. Ltd.. i Broad Plain. BristoL The First Aid Book, 40 pp. of uaeful hinte, post free, on mentioning your usual dealer's name and address W83

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