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Collector & his ÁssJ.sta1{ts.


Collector & his ÁssJ.sta1{ts. A LLANGENNECH: APPLICATION. I An application for the appointment of -.am assistant by Mr. Thomas, collector at UMgoncech, was discussed at the meetr- itg of the Board of Guardians on Thura- <by. The Clerk explained that the applica- tion was made because of the complaints made by the auditors regarding the sign- ing of receipts by Mr. Da.vies, a clerk in the employ of Mr. Thomas. He was not entitled to sign receipts unless he was appointed by the Guardians and author- tzed to do so. If thex appointed him they w<?uld have to pay no salary as that was Mr. Thomas' duty, A letter had been received from the Local Govern- ment Board on the question to the effect that if the Guardians appointed Mr. Baviee aa an assistant he would have to turnish security. Mr. Thomas explained that Mr Davies had been in his employ for six years and it the Guardians appointed him as an assistant he would be authorised to sign the receipts and collect the rates, so as to assist him. The Clerk: We cannot object to you keeping a clerk, but he must not sign receipts. Mr. David Evans: One of our late col- lectors kept two clerks, but unfortunate- ly, he draws a superannuation equal to the salary of himself and his two assist- ants. Mr. Thoma,& I have been signing all the receipts myseK lately. It was decided to recognize Mr Thomas only as collector, but to appoint Mr, Daviea as hia assistant,

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