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Housing at LianerchI




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Cwmm' wr E?fafe I-

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Cwmm' wr E?fafe I I PROPERTY SALE AT LLANELLY. I At the Athenaeum Jfnll, Llanelly. opt Thursday, Messrs. J. Davies and Son, Cowell House, offered for sale by publio auction a number of farms, small hold- ings, building j !ot. ground rents and minerals, forming the Cwinmawr estate in the parishes ef Llanarthney, LJaa.. ddarog, and Llangendeirne. The follow- ing lots were p. Tcrcoed-fach L.im—Withdrawn. Freehold sm;;l' holding, Cwmbach.—-« Sold to +:10 tenant, Mr. Jos. Haniee, t400. Freehold residence, Cwmmawr ITouaa and lands.— Withdrawn. Small holding. Tirbach.—Sold to the tenant, Mr. Jo* T).i' i s ;<;() Small holding, Bolahaul.—Sold to the tenant, Mr. Thomas iiiajioii, £ 650. Small holding, Tirissa.-I-lr Arfryn, £ 1,500. Ground rent er lis. per annum secured on Cwmmawr Lodge.—Miss Harries, LIM Similar grounu rent.—Mr Dd. Harries, L160. Building plot in Drefach, 175 feel; frontage, 05 feet depth.—Mr. J Gravel 1;64. Similar plot 56ft. frontage, J306. Post Office, Ilettysbinkin.-Ifr. Tre- harne, and Mr. Albert Jnraes (tenants), JC360. Cottage and garden, Farm Fach.—Soiff to the terwit, Freehold ground rent of A-6 per annnj* in the village 01 Drench Withdrawn. Accommodation Meadows, I Drefacb^ Withdrawn. Accommodation !aud !>• nig part cf P.Lm y Myrtle, 4ac. lrd. 30p.—Mr. JameB Jones, £ 400. Freehold Cottage and garden, Twrbadbu —Mr. 1. Iloliortz. (tenant), t12:). Freehold small holding, Twrmawr, 16- 3rd. 5p.—Tenants. £ 700. Freehold small holding, Myrtle, 14m Il"p.-To-iant. £ 050. Freehold meadow, part of Llethrgaflr farm.— £ 50, Mr. J. Thorns. Freehold small holding, LlethrgnrWI 25ac. 3r. 17 p.-Miss Wilkins (tenar.A-' £ 700. Freehold ground rent of C2 lOss. nap annum upon Capel Zicn Chap* Trustees. Freehold cottage garden. gefryn.—Mr Tho? Wi'Ha?? tenant. tl3t The 7-,tix%-orkeul v,- withdrawn. Messrs. Morg;m and Richardson, Car- ) digan. were the solicitors for the ve.;i"«rs, i y "a"8II"L_- .<-y.