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Housing at LianerchI




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Munit'pji Notes.


Munit'pji Notes. I Joint Hospital. I The Rural Council havo now definitely decided not to k iti the Corporation and +he Buiry Port Council in the provision of a joint infectious diseases hospital. It was anriounced this week thai- they wmo going to join the County Council in a ichcnie V.ii!dir;g a county hc¡.;pit:,1 at Llannon. I A Bjrry Stench. I vStrong protest? ivere made at the meet- ing cf tho Corporation against the estab- lishment of a knacker's yard near the I' M-orfa. Dr. Francis said that the pro- posed site was s-iitable, being 300 yardp from any house. Aid. Herbert Reei6 however, KaiJ tbht tho men at the Buriy Works wcm up in arms against such a& industry owing tbo st!nch of which they ramo in for the full benefit. By a majority, it was decided to grant a Knackers i?nse ? Mr. Grey. I Mixing znz; Drying Plant. The Ci u.imttce have authorised the Deputy Surveyor to visit Birmingham and Sheffield to inspect the tar-macadain mixing and drying plant in use in those towns. They recommend that such plant be purchased at an estimated coo of £ 700. IVital Statistics. The t o' tlte Tho ropo. t of tho M.O.H. shows tJutt the birth rate last month was 11.5 per 1,000, and tho doath rate 12.2 per 1,009. There wero 34 births and 36 deaths. Ward 2 had the greatest number of births, :1 well as ucr.ihs. Market Revenue. The mar ket r< venue frcm May 29th to June 23rd amounted to E418 12s. 112. The higgest day's totals were registercA on June 2nd and June 23rd, when £55 19s. 0d. was paid in tolls. I Fifty Applicant*. There wero fifty applicants for the vacancy in the Town Clerk's office, aiM the number has been reduced to threes.- Mr. J. E Longhurst, Mr. Sid Wilsqp, and Mr. Victor Taylor, who are to ap. pear before the Corporation. I Women on the Housing Committee. Two v/r.men members are to be as- opted on tho Housing Committee, on tho suggestion of the Women's Local Govern- ment Society. Lady Howard expressefl the hope that one of the two would be the wife of a v.orking man. I Hooligans in Wird 3. hooliganism in Ward 1,' says ,Coun. Jennings, "is disgraceful. I do not sqy that the people living in tho ward zap responsible for it. We found a decent- sized footbridge at the embankment forced cut of position and thrown right over, while in another a plank 20 feet long had been sawn in half and taken, away." It is to he hoped that the re. dents in Ward 3 will assist the police in putting a stop to this scandalous state dt things.

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