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Housing at LianerchI




It is - SaidI


It is Said I That certain local employee has been doing the "glad eye" on cne of the our conductresses around Vaughan street lately. That when the eagle eye of his better half falls athwart his shadow, there may be some sparks flying about. That a curious incident marred the courtship of a Seaside couple a few nights ago- I That they were bang against the door j m-licii it was opened by pa. That as a result they made an uncere- monious entry into the passage. That a local motor-driver had a very strange "fare" last week. I That we wonder what the owner would say if he saw a "few generals in full J dress uniform" enjoying the comforts of his car. That one of them had her scrubbing- brush with her, which she proudly dis- 1 played to all en route. I That a certain knut is in a terrible rage over a statement published in this column a few weeks ago. That as a result the "bluebeard" has lost a few of his flapper-lovers. I That the young maidens, however, are most grateful to the "It is saidist" for disclosing the traitor. That a short but decidedly sharp conver- sat-ion ensued between a rather quarrel- some pair of lovers on Tuesday night. j That she scoffed at the idea that every man should be pensioned off at 90-: Poisoned off at 20 was her verdict. j That everything is to cost a little more I states a London daily. ) That if this is so, fancy prices in fact j are only in their infancy. j That a new cook who commenced duties at a local tradesman's house a few days ago departed (bag and all) within a few minutes of her arrival. That before commencing work she dic- tated her "fourteen points." That any of our readers who would like to obtain the address of this cook are re- minded that one of her strongest points I; i* a six hour day. That a local baehelor is puzzled to ac- count for a pair of ladies' silk stockings found in his pocket. That if he makes enquiries at No. —— James street, he may possibly obtain in- formation that will clear up the mystery. ———— I That the silhouette shown upon the j glass door attracted a number of passers- by at Bryn road on Monday. I That "lobby spooning" is indiscreet when the passage light is burning. That the Burry Port Council looks like J holding a reputation for its series of "hush" subjects. j That some of the discussions would do no end of good if they were allowed to appear in print. ) That such "dilly-dallyism" is not exact- 1 ly what the ratepayers would term j satisfactory. j ) That if one of the councillors heard the complaint of the "Star" reporter he would probably refrain from giving in- formation to one of the press correspon- dents for publication which was labelled at the meeting—hush. That a young flapper was subject to a very severe cross-examination by in- and pa as the result of her antics in Market street last week. That she pleaded innocence (not ignor- ance) but confides in us that she was only practising a slightly modified form of the latest jazz. That the devotedness of two members of the fairer sex to grand pa as he sallies forth from his daily toil at a local works each evening, is most touching. That the gallant fashion in which he pushes the pram. should be an inspiration to the younger generation of fathers. That the pronounced contrast between black and white is conspicuously demon- strated ir. this nightly procession. That complaints are being made by several "plotters" of midnight raids on their allotments. That as a result several of the raiders have carried away a large supply of "greens." That junior football clubs that were disbanded during the war are being rc- organised. That therft will, no doubt, be a rare tussle for the silver cup put up for com- petition by the committee of the premier team.


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