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Housing at LianerchI


Housing at Lianerch I THE PROPOSED PURCHASE OF I LAND. In reference to the proposed housing scheme at Llaaerëh an important report j has been submitted to the Housing Com- i mittee by the Borough Surveyor, dealing with the land authorized to be purchased from Mr. Evan Thomas. On the 6th May, 1919, (said the Surveyor), the Corporation passed a resolution authorising compulsory powers to purchase th c "nd. On the 30th May, a letter was received from the Local Goverment Board asking the, Corporation to invite the Inland Revenue Authorities to negotiate with Mr. Evan Thomas, and the Town Clerk took the matter up with the Swansea Inland Re- venue Department accordingly. I am informed by Mr. Evan Thomas that he ha sleased this land to Mr. David Llewellyn, builder, and a plan has been submitted for the proposed laying out of the land. It seems to me that it will be some time before these lands are in the hands of the Corporation for building purposes, and I would suggest with a view of making a I start with the Llanerch scheme that a building scheme be prepared for the por- I tion of the Stepney lands just beyond the Andrew street bridge. The lay-out of this part of the land has been com- menced, and it is not in my opinion necessary to vary it, and I would recom- mend that building plans be prepared for about 70 houses in accordance with the lay-out plan herewith submitted. I also beg to lay before you plans of various types of houses for your con- sideration for this site, and it is for the committee to decide whether they will en- gage an outside architect for this part of the Llanerch scheme or whether they re- quire the plans and details to be pre- pared in my department. If the latter is the case it will be necessary to employ assistants. The Committee recommend that the partial scheme referred to by the Sur- veyor be approved of and that the neces- sary plans respecting the suggested 70 houses be prepared in his department; Mr. Thomas who is at present assisting the Surveyor on the Capel scheme to be engaged to render temporary assistance at a weekly salary of L3 10s.




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