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I WASTE OF WATER. I WE would liko to 68j- something this week to impress upon every house- holder in Llanelly the imperative need for the utmost economy in the use of water. The dry season is upon us and already the reservoir levels are falling with alarming rapidity. July and August, it is predicted, will be dry and unless the present excessivo consumption is not greatly reduced, Llanelly's position next month will be very serious. For ordinary domestic purposes, a daily con- sumption of 20 gallons per head ought to ho ample. The fact is, however, that the present consumption in the town is 40 gallons per head. No town, be it ever so amply supplied, can stand such an enor- mous waste in summer, and we would appeal to every household to do its part in putting an end to the enormous waste that is now going on. There is, of course, another aspect of the matter. If the domestic supply runs short, it will have to he made good by drawing upon the works supply. This will mean the closing of the works and throwing hundreds of men out of employment. It should be remembered, too, that waste of water means a heavy loss to the ratepayers. All the warter supplied to houses is filtered at a great cost, and the position to-day is that about half a million gallons of filtered water are wasted daily in the town. HOOLIGANS. IT is humiliating to read complaints from the Corporation, the Education Committee, and other local authorities, as well as the Police Court, of the wanton destruction of public property that is go- ing on in the town. Not a week pastes without its melancholy list of convictions for theft of coal from works sidings, and damage to public buildings and parks. Last week the Corporation decided to re- place a footbridge that bad been forcibly removed and smashed at Machynis. A few Sundays ago choice standard roses and other flowers were stolen from the Town Hall Grounds, and it is reported that damage to the trees and shrubs in Pare Howard is continuously going on. This is a serious state of things which must be dealt with in drastic fashion. It i" no exaggeration to say that hundreds of pounds of the ratepayers' money have to be spent annually in making good the damage done by irresponsible people all over the town. Much worse than this financial loss is the proof which it sup- plies of the utter absence of what, for the want of a better word we may describe as the spirit of "townsmanship." If we could inculcate the true civic spirit in our young people, there would be none of this mischief making. Here is a fruitful field in which the teachers in our schools could work with advantage to the com- munity. But something more than this needed to deal with the evil to-d-iy. The polica force is now hack to something like it3 old strength, and the Superintendent should be asked to tell off a number of plain-clothes officers for duty in places of public resort. A couple of constables in Pare Howard and another in the Town Hall grounds would be the means of bringing some of the young hooligans to justice and making an example of inem. In regard to Swiss Valley, no one' can blame the Corporation for deciding that all visitors to this pretty resort must first socure permits. Unfortunately, the hooli- gan has left his ugly marks here also, and the Waterworks Committee have come to the conclusion that the use of Cwmlliedi for recreation purposes must be regulated. The intention is not to pre- vent the public from taking their walks here, but to make certain that the privi- I lege will not be abused, as it has been in the past. ¡

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