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Prepaid Advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS, UENITUKE.—If you have any Furni- T tureforMie, write or call at Williams' Sale Rooms, 33, Murray ttreet, racily Goods bought outright or told ion commission. OUSES.-DO you want to buy or sell a house; If you do. call or write. tieveral houses for sate privately; money rsdv&nced to parch..ors.-T. Williams, Auctioneer, 33, Murray street, Llanelly. WA NThD Secondhand H RNITvJKHJ, W BIcycles. Gramophones, Old Gold mid Silver etc em In fact we buy (and sell) anything that has any value. Whole bouses of turnitnrfi bought outright; dis- tance no object.— Silverstone, 35-36, Murray street, Ilanelly. DENTISTRY.—Upper or Lower Set of Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- made to fit. Repairs in a few hours. Painless Extractions at your own home without extra. charge. A post card will bring G. Cliff or d-Gershon, "Rafod, 11, New road, Llanelly, to your house. ALL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- A eating Wark executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply Commercial School, Arcade Chambers, Llanelly. BOOT and SHOE REPAIRS-Try the Tenallt terrace. "Nothing like leather." Best workmanship, lowest prices. IF you want to buy Furniture, or, if you have furniture to dispose of, call at Cohen's Furniture Exchange, Station road, Llanelly. w ANTED, to rent, with view to pur- TV chase house with garden, three or four miles out of town; possession August or September. Apply, Box R.W. Star Office, Llanelly. FURNITURE,, J If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy large or small quantities; best prices given. All kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the Promiscs.-Evars, Fur- niture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Tints). WINNING Number of Greyhound Prize DTawirrg-439. TO LET. a plot of Grazing Land and Stable. Apply. John Phillips. Gwsc.wm, Burrv Port. MADAM FLORA, M.M.S.S., Phren- ologist, Palmist, Clairvoyant, etc. Consultation daily from 10 a.m. to 9.30- 44, Stepney street, over Dunn's, Boot Stores. BOOT CLUB: Join our Boot Club now and save money. Names can be re- ceived at once.-Ponallt Boot Stores. EDUCATIONAL. MR. T. O'BRIEN, C.T.D.S. Certi- -? fied Teacher cf Button's Shorthand, begs to announce that he intends open- ing Evening Classes at the Exchange Buildings for tuition in Shorthand. Full particulars sent on writing to —23, Pottery street. SITUATIONS. -I APPRENTICE WANTED for the ? ?-?- Clothing Trade. Vacancy for an in- telligent boy. Apply D. James and Sons, Market Entrance Branch. WANTED, Apprentices to Dressmak- W ing. Apply, Mrs. J. Williams, 8, Walters road, Lia»eiiy. "fjtr ANTED, a reliable Man for Ware- W bouse. Apply. Eaus and Dyer Ltd. WANTED, strong iioy as Apprentice w the Plumbing trade. Apply,— Williams, plumber, Tnumas street. WANTED, smart L?d as an Appren- ?- ti?. Apply, D. Richards, hair- oresser, Murraj sueet. j- & B. E. LVANS, Architects and Civil Engineers; Llanelly, have a I vacancy for an intelligent Youth as pupil. DOMEäUC BCHVA^TS. WANTED, working Housekeeper or General. Apply, Mrj. Jones, Dafen Vicarage, Llanelly. WANTED, a good General. Apply from 6 to 8 p.m.-I.iiss Daw, 54, New road, Llanelly. W ANLTED, immediately, experienced General; good wages for suitable girl. Apply, Evans, B. and A. Meat Co., Stepney street. WANTED, a good clean Girl to assist in housework. daily. Apply be- tween 2 and 6 o'clock to Mrs. Stanley Pearce, Llanarth. Queen Victoria road. GOOD General Wanted. Apply, Mrs. ? David Williams, Glessin, Old road. WANTED, a good Housekeeper; age Vv about 3U. Apply, Box Vv., Star Office. W ANITED, a Day-Gi rl, or young W General (sietp out). Apply, Mrs. McDowall, 12.. Coldstream street. WANTED, capable General; small W family, good wages; another maid kept. Apply personally, Mrs. Williams, The Park, Gowerton. WANTED, a good General; age about W 20. Apply, Mrs. Phillips, 4, Thomas street. T?LANW?YD WELLS.-Wanted a -L? Servant for Rummer season; good wages. Apply, MrR. Price, 1, Irvon Villas, Llanwrtyd Wells. WANTED, good General Servant; small family. Apply, Mrs. Evans, 12, Goring road. R EQ-UIRED immediately, experienced House Parlourmaid good wages to competent girl. Apply by letter or per- sonally, any evening after 8 o'clock.— Mrs. Holmes, Brondeg, Llanelly. w f) P It,& L F: FOR SALE, or Hire, Bathing Tent. Tnr. Aupl' Glai.mcr road. T n c OCK-FPEL and three Hens, year old, White Leghorns, Barrows; heavy egg laying strain; t2.-Evans, 7, Gws- cwm rmd, Burrv Port I s INGER Cycle, low frame, 26 in. cnv d\t ion • Apply,- ki.c., Star Office. FOR SALE, private treaty, 6 Elizabeth 1 JT street, Llanelly, 47 and 49, Andrew street, Llanelly. For particulars, apply, W. Davies, Solicitor, Llanelly. FOR SALE, two-year old Colt; good Collier. Address given on applica- tion to Box 5, Star Office. FOR SALE, Grandfather's Clock, in perfect order. Enquire Cohen's Furniture Exchange, Station road. MOTOR CYCLE, Allday's 2 Stroke; If cheap; good order. R OVER, 2 Seater Car; runs well. R EP AIRS of all kinds to Motor Cars promptly executed; give us a trial. CAR COVERS and Tubes stocked in all sizes. PERAMBULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same, day as brought in. c YCLFS.-Repairs. to Cycles promptly executed; Tyres, tubes and asses- sories cheap. Open and Closed Oars on Hire. F ORI)6, Fords, Fords.—Order your I -L new Ford Car now, as they are delivered strictly in rotation. Agents— Vauxhall Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards, etc. Call round ;all to be cleared cheap. Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. AGENTS for all leading Cars and -A Motor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phone 297-The VAUXHALL MOTOR GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. HOUSE for Sale, No. 4, Druce street; -tl low gromd rent. Apply, A. G. Brown, solicitor, Frederick street, Llan- ellv. FOR SALE, grand Iron frame upright JL Piano; nearly new, by first class maker; £ 55; beautiful tone. Apply,— "Piano," Star Office. LEASEHOLD HOUSE for Sale; new. -Lj Apply, J. R. Hopkins, 133, James street, Lianeliy. HOUSE. for Sale in Albert street; 7 J-L rooms. Apply, Star Office. FOR SALE, solid brass kitchen Rod. Apply, Mrs. Policovsky, 12, Cowell street, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Wall Auto-wheel< perfect condition. Apply, Box G.T., Star Office. FOR SALE, House in Bigyn Hill; long lease, low ground rent; large gar- den; bath; greenhouse. Vacant; posses- sion shortly. Apply, A. S. Brown, solici- tor, Frederick street, Llanelly. FOR SALE, 3t h.p. B.S.A. Motor Cycle; sixed engine, £5:5; seen at Thomas and Co., Ironmongers, 40, Step- ney street, Llanelly. FOR SALE 2 Gramaphones (hornless), cisj solid Mahogany Wardrobe; very massive, with sliding shelves.— Silverstone, 2, Cowell street, 35 and 36, Murray street, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Flemish Belgian, cross, 6 weeks; 5s. pair.—Pryor, Burry St. FOR SALE, six healthy young Ferrets. Apply, 13, Bryn terrace. FOR SALE, 5ft. Pan Portable Mortar t Mill (maker, Chas. D. Phillips), mounted on girder frame and travelling wheels with locking gear and horse shafts. In splendid condition. Apply, Blake, 8 Frederick street, Llanelly. APARTMENTS. VISITORS TO CARDIFF .-Two com- I fortable bedrooms; use sitting-room. Five minutes G.W.R. Station and City Centre. Apply, W.B., Star Office. WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by married couple (one child); over shop .would suit. Apply B., Star Office. WANTED, furnished Bedroom and Sitting-room; or two unfurnished rooms for married couple. Apply Star Office. LADY requires Bedroom and Sitting- L << room in good locality. Write, stating terms and full particulars to- H.F.D., Star Office. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for single gentleman or two friends. Apply, Star Office. BEDROOMS and 2 Sitting-rooms tq' -D let (unfurnished); in good locality; all modern conveniences. Apply 'Rooms,' Star Office. LOST AND FOUNO. WILL the person (identitv known) TV who was seen picking up a young For: Terrier near Tabernacle Church cn Thursday return same to 10, Coldstream street immediately. LOST, July 6th, between Stepney St. -— and Pare Howard a gold Bangle. Finder rewarded on returning same to Star Office. LOST on Thursday last, between Queen Victoria road and Loughor, satin Satchel, containing purse and spectacles. Finder rewarded on returning same to 4, Glanmor terrace, Llanelly. PARC HOWARD. LLANELLY. TWO GRAND Instrument1 Cncerts Will be given by the Famous Band of H.M Oren*d??w Guards By kind permission of Col. C. E. Corkran, C.B., C.M.G.), on SATURDAY, the 26th JULY, 1919. Conductor: CAPT. ALBERT WILLIAMS, M.V.O., Mus. Doc., Oxon. AFTERNOON CONCERT AT 3 o'clock. EVENING CONCERT AT 7 0-olock. Admission: Adults, 9d.; Children, 3d.; Enclosure Gd. extra. Proceeds in aid of LLANELLY WAR MEMORIAL. Llanelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. TEA and MARGARINE are now UNCONTROLLED, so will RAbON MARGARINE, lid. per lb. (IMPROVED QUALITY). TEA, 2/ 2/2, 2/4 per lb. For all your requirements in Drapery, Clothing & Boots Call at our Store. Large Selections of the Season's Newest Goods. Blousea Underskirts, Suits and Costumes, etc. Note the New Address: 57 New Dock Rd. (Comer of Stafford Street). Note Address: Grocery—Central:— BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. Branches: 29, James Street; 18, Gate Terrace; Cedric Street; and 57, New Dock Road. Drapery, Clothing, Boots—MURRAY ST JOIN THE SOCIETY Apply at at any of our Establishments. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH Mr. & Mrs.! Ilmry Lister DENTAL SURCERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. 1"1 .!IWU Money dvnced PROMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. 177 ROM J63 upwards on simple note of hand. Reasonable rate, and easiest terms of repayments. OFFICE HOURS: EVENINGS 6 TO f Write or call, to C <- F.<'EY ?.e ?F.?ELN, STRETTON HOUSE, COLI,Ef-r SQUARE, LLANELLY. Puddy's THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FIRM. SPECI AL LINES J "i..l.: 1d THIS WEEK CHILDnENts DRILL KNICKERS from 1/91 pair. BOYS' WOOL JERSEYS in all Colours from 3jl1!. LADIES' PLAIN and RIBBED STOCK- INCS from Ilid. pair. MEDnA" STEEL GREY, PLAIN HOSE 3/- pair; the Latest SLade. CHILDREN'S WASHINC DRESSES, the finest selection obtainable, from 2/6*. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. High-Class fVlotors for Hire OPEN OR CLOSED CARS. Terms on application. Central Oarage? VAUCHAN STREET, LLANELLY. Proprietor: Edward Roberts. Tblephone No. 117.. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY, "Ii''JA!iIL' J J LLANELLY l -&; ,( HIP- 'O RO'- ;,gp, '(r J:'¡,i'r:¡ l ,$1 'JI 6.45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.43 j MOND^f^, >JULY 14th, 1919, and during the Week: 1 CHARLES LO-CK E presents a. New Musical Extravaganza, entitled, 3 j 1f? tFV -?  Who's Your friend ? JfUJtU Special Music by E. G. Summerfield. i By Norman Lee. SpeciaJ Music by E. G. Summerfield. ? Featuring that well-known laughter-maket HARRY MAXAM As "POTTS." And JOt V | JANET J0YE I As "BOMBAH." I Supported by a Full Company and Beauty Chnfus j scen%i Reception Room, Regan Towers. I The Railway Buffet. Sj Scene 3 Floral Island. Gallery, Balcony Pit Stalls II Cirole. Tai 8d. 9", 1/. 1/3 i/fl j included   Gr?? ?ec?Mc?i?n In PRIC ES of W A LLP API B. "t.; 'r1,i f vvv v .?? .?? j a —  j L ??.?. ?L., jr???-, Why pay high prices for pre-war goods when you can get all the latest designs at PRACTICALLY PR E-WAR PRICES ? Ali kinds of Paper Blinds in oioek. Note the Only Address— The County Wallpaper S^sres MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance), Opposite Messrs. CHIDZOY and SONS. wn -118:9': 'Æ'1tUt!«tt mtammmmtm  I FOR p??jSf?ASM? IN ALL KINDS OF Household Furij itiire .1.. .L L 4.L u tl (NEW AND SECOND HAND) | ?? "'lI '? rS biS i'srerstis or ?- I t!J tI .,¡,, à; \'¡' ..J.. %tt? ?. ?-S' ? '?? ?. ?? .1:- NEW PREMISES. ITHE CHEAPEST and MOST RELIABLE SHOP IM THE TRADE. 2 Cowe?! Street, !Jane?v 1 —!■P'-Wnmw■ ■ n MIIIMTHMJWWUU—ailULl—JJI— -r¡. NOTICE.  REES EVANS, PAINTER AND DECORATOR (Formerly of Pottery Street) has OPENED a, SHOP in BIAnitET STREET (opposite Tifínfs), Where he has a fine Selection of WALLPAPERS, FRIEZES, PAINTS, DISTEMPER, BRUSHES, etc. The Public Patronage is solicited. I FUTURE-TO-BE? fjjP^ I Infr T OOK ahead and picture your | I little girl at ten years old-four- I teen I -eighteen I -iwetity-one! I I Her future is in your hands. Think how f- J N happy you would be to have money enough I r- to give her the best of everything as she grows I A up-to give her the best posslOle stn In life. | Good education-good clothes-happy holi- days-an allowance,perhaps, when she marries. The Easiest W ay Moey saved now and ;nvested in Saving CcrtiS- | cates wdJ grow and grow just as your iittJe gh'i dc°s. ) The E&Sie8t Way cates will grow and grow just as your little giri dees. JI to save money is to buy ? Savings Stamps. AH Six p ences and shillings saved now when you can  Post Offices an d many *P?'* ?"='?' ?"' mean pound sater on when you will || Os Ices an many .hop. ?tl them. They need them-for her! ? cost 6d. each. You The very wisest thing you can do for your litle S| stick them on Savings one is to buy ji Cards (obtainable free) g Each card ho!d 31 WF'f AT* 1 stamps an d w h en (; I :;tamPI.ndwhenfHed;.). :J f!l'l.}ln r 5 will be exch'\nged at ,i (:I ¿.I{. r I" V' 'L.  ny ?,ost Zl any Post Office for a C^ W CEM^ Jf*4CAlI&^ g T!? Cc?f?.tc. tl-?us_ I co?tzyou ? 5/6, and in | ■ five years' time you You can get them through your 8 | wiii receive be.k ;ElSAVII';GS ASSOCIATION § for iL or from a Bank, Post Office, or Official Agent I fnM'-nrri -m.mi- j Good New for LlanalSy. Mr. WORRELL Decides to extend his Visit to LLANELLY for Another Week. London EYESIGHT EXPERT to remain at the PARISH HALL CHURCH STREET, LLANELLY, ANOTHER WEEK. Yes, I have decided to stay another week in Llanelly. There Í8 simply no other way out of it short of disappointing hundreds of 3 peopit3 who n"- my services. When, after working at high pressure until late every night, I find a long and ever-increasing list of people waiting to have their eyes tested free of charge, I feel that the time I intended to devote te Llanelly is entirely inadequate, and a considerable extension of my visit is essen- tial. R() I have decided to remain another week at the Parish Hall,Llanelly My o) f free advice remains exactly as hitherto. I shall continue to tell the eyesignt of all who seek my assistance, and the optical staff will remain t. supply the lenses required at the same low charges as have been so successful up to now. It is not to be wondered at that the remarkable value these lenses offer is i being appreciated by the people of Llanelly. They are beautifully made ea? 1 lense Leing ground from specially prepared colourless crown crystal, finished o. the latest scientific principles, and guaranteed absolutely cdrrect by the recog- tised stanuurd of measurement. The average cost of those lenses is 3s. only. Of course, in astigmatic and special cases a small extra charge may be necessary .<. I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that they represent a record value m eye-glasses. As is well known, the more extensive the business, the less the cost of production, the lower one can bring down the price with the same margin of profit. My staff are able to turn out lenses at remarkably low charges-th. same low charges which have made them so well known throughout the United Kingdom. In quality and workmanship these glasses are all that could be de- sired. and bear the stamp of London Professional skill. Mr. Worrell's Free Offer at the ) PARISH HALL, LLAN ELL Y. Now that the great strain of the past 4 years has been relaxed, no doubt thou-  sands of the industrial workers of this neighbourhood are suffering from the effects '4 of that strenuous period. Undoubtedly there are many hundreds who have con- tracted impaired vision and are consequently suffering from a Terrible Headache' or one of the many kindred complaints that emanate from Defective Eyesight. DO NOT HESITATE. This is your opportunity. Do not miss it, but come to the Parish Hall and consu t me. I have the advantage of 25 years' practical experience?, and 0?ca?n?y that I have dealt with, prescribed, and relieved many thousands of sufferers. This experience and knowledge I freely place at your disposal and free of CQst MANY FRIENDS. It is a great pleasure always to re-visit Llanelly, and every visit reveals by Practical Demonstration the confidence reposed in me. Daily I receive visits from old patients whom I have prescribed for and relieved of their sufferings, ;rrb y they',rillg someone with them who is also in need of Expert Tre? ment for Defective Vision. MANY THOUSANDS. So I repeat my offer to the many thousands of workers in Llanell"y and district to come at once to the Parish Hall and remove any doubt that they may have with regard to their Eyesight. Delay this, and what may be a small matter at the moment will possibly develop into a very serious matter, and cause you years of misery and regret. Free Offer of expert consultation and advice AT THE THE PARISH HALL, LLANELLY The Whole of Mext Week. U.lI!IIi.l .1OB.a1D'.s:a:.tV-4;V' .w "WIli8' .Y;1œ.mtV'ÇTG.t-Ÿ¿æiI;L || "The Home of Beautiful Pictures." L 1 J I r  1 Llanelly Cinema  &- I 1 ContInuous Performance Daily 2.30—10.30 I   ? Morday. Tuesday, Wednesday,  'The Wine Girl' I. S Featuring CARMEL MYERS. I 1 Adelightful Love Story of the Cal ifornia Vineyards. I < I Gretchen the Greenhorn I B Starring DOROTHY GISH and the fajnous TRIANGLE KIDDIES. I t A charming refreshing Story, full of action and fun, with just a few II H tears, and the prettiest wedding evei filed. ? ww AdveniMre? of Stingarea, 11 M Episode 6. B  Thursday Friday, Saturday, I I Less Than the Dust l H Featuring MARY PICKFORD. I I Mary as a quaint little Engine Girl gives us one of the most charming I I* 1 Romances in which she has ever played. No Story of the Screen has ■ ever been given in a more engaging pictu resque and charming manner. I Poor Innocence H A screaming Comedy. I ? Episode 2, I THE @I^6US KINO. I jj j Starring EDDIE POLO. B s ? Proprietors Llanelly Cinema Company I g i lT e' MANAGER MR. J. CROSS. Jt\f¡:MI