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Victory Lo?n. -







1 "Opportunity is Blowing its Trumpet. "-Listen. < GREAT L ? Oppoff! mity -A' E | Op, nity L-4 r .o, I { Commences TODAY I I I This is the most favourable opportunity '—?? ? g ?M of the whole year in this district of ?t ?) m l§|jj ( Gecuring High-class Millinery, Gowns, ?' |§l2jJjg | |j™ |Lff»gj Frocks, Blouses, Costumes, Jersey 1, nM Jumpers, Neck Wear, Underclothng, lllliliP I'll Hosiery, Children's Dresses, Fancy H* *^$11111 fjjf Goods, Dress Fabrics, Silks, and every nal&min ffjr description of Household Requisites. ??S i? Iffl EVERY PURCHASE A BARGAIN. | DAVID EVANS, Bradford House 15, 19, 20, STEPNEY STREET, LLANELLY. EARLY SHOPPINC ESSENTIAL. f — > •" w — njp • mi m ^jp ^ji Make a Success of your Loan Campaign I [ $ N, "I invite you and the people of this country & j < to crown their effort by one more great 8 ii success, so as to establish on a firm basis the | | ?_/ credit of the State on which all our prosperity depends." Ot- ( 1-JPdvr Let your subscription to the Victory Loan be your personal share in that crowning Local Effort. Lend your money. Use your influence. Do your utmost I to make the Loan Campa;gn a | triumphant success. ? In Victory Loan you have a [British Government investment offered you on terms which you are never likely to get a?a:n. Whether you choose Funding I Loan, the ideal security for permanent investment, or Vic- tory Bonds, with the special I attraction of the Annual Draw- ings for repayment with a Cash Bonus, or War Savings Certiii- 8 cates with their guaranteed | increase in value and the right 0: getting your money back at any time, your investment wili he equally safe and profit:1 bIp. bo'h to yourself and to the Nation. And this investment will not only increase your own resources; it will help to stimulate trade, to create employment, and to lower the cost of living. The money you invest in Victory Loan will be the very life-blood of National Prosperity. Diolchgarwch am Heddwch. I "I — » 2 "YMLAEN LLANELLI." I » I I One Pull, a Strong Pull and the I LAST PULL together. f1 Loan closes on July 12th. Buy Victory Loan KIDWELLY I VICTORY LOAN CAMPAIGN j July 7th to 12tho The citizens of the Ancient and Loyal Borough are asked to make a supremo last effort to assist their Country by buying Victory Bonds I Funding Loan, and War Savings Certificates. j Eclipseyour magnificent effort of last year, when you invested j over L51,000 in one week. J JOHN MORGAN, Mayor, j ;¥)-;J "h'JE .r.¡.n-:øw!1' M81 pare you miss «»«> count- I¥ v !Æ "J" w Ii i¡ \i¡ less Salt OPtu I ú II I i 1 L. ?'  4 Dozen useful Ladies' Wash- ing Frocks, in good quality Cotton Material, fast colors, Sky and Butcher only. Worth 9/11. Sale Price lJj/11 Useful Summer Frock in Navy with White Spot Mus- lin. Smart style as sketch. Usual price 10/6. Sale Price 6/11 Fashionable wide Silk Net Shoulder Scarf, in all good colors, red uced from 5/11 to 2/111. 6 Doz. Jap Silk Blouses, smart Style, turn down color and one large pearl button. Worth 6/11. SALE PRICE 411111. A general dispersal of Morris' stock means big reductions, but each depart- ment this month has broken all records. Cost is net even the standard for MoppIs' sale prices. Every article in stock is reduced to a price that ensures huge crowds and unhesitating buying. Ladies' Alpacca Costumes; smart style and well tailored, in Black, Navy and Mole. Regular Price, 3 Guineas. Sale Price 35/6 Few ismart Costumes in all Wool Coating Serge and Gar- bardine. Black, Navy, and Bottle Green. Usually 59/6 to 75/6. Sale Price 29/6. j Vl^ITH COTTON at 34 cents a lb. I 1 instead of 12j cents as in 1914: I I with millions of pairs of hosiery un- finished and undyed through trade I disputes; with labour and material j | still mounting higher—the only al- I i ternative for the retail purchaser is j to either wait and pay one-third to I one-half more for goods in Autumn I or-to buy at MORRIS' SALE not j j only the record summer bargains but I j also the merchandise for autumn j j wear and for the Home. | 6 Doz. Black Sateen with paisley Centre Cushion Cases. Usually 1/llf. Sale Price 1,104.1 9. 1 8 Doz Lace trimmed Duchesse Sets. Worth 1/6 J. Sale Price 1/Of 6 Doz. H.S. Embroidered Stand Covers, Size 32 x 32 ins. Worth 2/9t. Sale Price 1/11i. 20 Doz. Coloured Table Centres, Embroidered and Fringed Usually 9!d. to l/0f. Sale Prices 3-24 d. and 4-4ad. 5 Doz. Madras Lace Cushion Covers, Frilled. Regular prices 2/6*. Sale Price 1/6i. 3 Doz. Boys' Mercerised Knitted Tunics with Knickers to match, trimmed in contrast colors, all good shades. Ordinary prices 12/11 to 17/6 marked down to 6/11 and 7/11, suit complete. 8 Doz. smart Suits for little Boys, in strong Garbardine material, American shape, suit complete in Self Colors, or Blouse and Knickers in contrast colors. Regular prices, 8/11 to 10/6. SALE PRICE 5711. Wonderful Value in Girls' Muslin Frocks, trimmed Swiss Embroidery. Sizes 21 to 36 ins., usually 5/11 to 9/6. Sale Prices 2/11 to 6/6. 75 Pique Washing Coats,Boys' and Girls' shapes. Worth 4/11 to 6/11. Sale Price 2/11i. Fashionable Knitted Wool Jumpers, V neck, Cuffs and Belt, in contrast colors. Worth 23/9. SALE PRICE, 15/11. Smart Jumper in Mercerised Cotton. Monk collar in con- trast color. Rose trimmed Silver Grey. Usual price 19/11 SALE PRICE 14/11. 6 Doz. Smart Shirt Blouses in fashionable striped designs fast washing colors, appearance equal to pure Silk. Usual price 11/9. SALE PRICE 7/11. 500 Travellers' Samples in Creme, Japs, White & Coloured Voiles, Crepe-de-Chenes, Black Poplins, Cashmeres and Tricolines. Every garment marked at less than original cost of production. 3 Doz. only 10 Mummy weight Jap Silk Blouses as sketch beatifully tailored garments, good value at 12/11. SALE,PRICE, 9/11. Dress Skirts, good shape with | 2 smart cut pockets an d belt SALE PRICE 10/11. 6 Dozen only Covert Cloth, at waist. Also in outsizes at 12/11. Same material in Maids' Skirts. Lengths 28 to 34 SALE PRICE 7/11, 1st sige 0 A inches. ""1'/ P^Tt- ;'A jf h 1 *J/ f% VV1 i \1 'Ay \5 3s!fjf I I t.. 1J ¡ P'ffi\ ,/{ 'j .f¡- I' 1 )Ru Read This.-25 only Girlgl Frocks in Merv. Silk, Box pleated front, low waist, belt and buttons of same material in Saxe, Brown, Navy and Black. Sizes 24 to 39 ins. in length. Originally 17/11 to 25/6. Sale Prices 9/11 to 12/11 t .J 5 Pairs only 42 inch Voile Flouncing, assorted designs. Usual price 5/6. SALE PRICE, 3/111 I j i i t e NOW PROCEEDING. i The Ladies' Realm, Llanelly. (33 & 39 Stepney Street) fit.:a..vØ'FJ¡- "T.7¿rJtU8P!'SIormj,Ø¡8[t'IIQI.8"M" .,J- !S? -illt'P'1!I: '3' Printed and Published by Brinley R. Jones, Vaxtghas Streefc, Llanelly. I