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Prepaid Advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS T7\URNITURE.—If yon have any Funu- F ture ?or Mie. write or call &t WilliamB Sale .Rooms, 33, Murray street, (Lamelly. Goods bought outright or sold com mission. IEL OU,SES.-Do you want to buy or tell a house; if you do, call or write. Several houses for sale privately; money tranced to purchasers.-T. Williams, .^xiouionobdj 33, Murray street, Lianelly. ANTED Secondhand FURNITURE, If Bicycles, tiramophonea, Old Goid sGcd Silver, etc.. etc. In fact we buy (and atll) anything tJiat has any valtle. Whole <5*>uses oi furniture bought outright; dis- sance nu object.— Silverstone, 35-35, ilTirray street, Lianelly. DENTISTRY.—Upper or Lower Set of Teeth, 39/o. Bad fitting teeth re- made to fit. Repairs in a few hours. Painless Extractions at your own home without e;tra charge. A post card will "-Hafod, 11, bring G. Clifford-Gershon, "Hafod," 11, New road, Lianelly, to your house. ALL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- eating "A ork executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply -Commercl;J Scnool, Arcade Chambers, Ll?nelly. s,.ra l l Ti o-L.,se iii jf?? OSered for key of small House in Lhaicliy or neighbourhood; no chil- dren. Apply "Surplus," Star Odce._ IF you want • to buy Furniture, or, u you have furniture to dispose of, call at Cohen's Furniture Exchange, Station road, Lianelly. WILL the person (identity known) ?ho wa; seen picking up a young Fox Terrier ne:T Tabernacle Church on Thursday return same to 10, Coldstream street, immediately. w ANTED, a Cottage in the Furnace or neighbourhood. Will buy or rent. Premium given for immediate possesion. Ap; ->ly Ernest Da vies, Bridge street, Lianelly. SOLID £ 10 Book vacant, with a well- known Insurance Co.; full terms paid; preference given, to discharged iMn. Apply. Evans, Superintendent, 45, Coldstream street, Llanclly. B ARGATNS.-Bi-iy your Piano from the Makers and save middle man's profit. For list.—Jones, Brondini, Capel rondo WANTED, to rent, with view to pur- chase house with garden, three or four miles out of town; possession August or September. Apply, Box R.W. Staj- Office, Lianelly. EDUCATIONAL. Ml{. T. O'BRIEN, C.T.D.S. Certi- ?- ned Teacher of Drtton's Shorthand, begs to i-.ne.cuiice that he intends open- ing Evening Classes at the Exchange Buildings for tuition in Shorthand. Full particulars sent on writing to -23 Pottery street. < rctTll ATIONS- EX-BU3INESS MAN seeks position of I trust as Manager or Traveller: good salesman and organiser; capable of managing staff; energetic and smart. Ap- ply, "Cymro," Star Office. '-YOUNG" Lady requires situation in Shop; 3 years cxperiencQ in Con- fectionery business. Apply, W.M., Star Office w ANTED, smart Lad as an Appren- tice. Apply, D. Richards, hair- oresser, Murray street. TTTANTED, energetic man as can- » vasser in LI." nelly and district, for ClOth ing Ch b; gocd prospects fcr a suit- able person. Apply personally, Morris' The Ladies' Realm. TO TAILORS—Wanted good Coat and Trous: and Vest Hands.—W. and E. Jones, Stati- n road. & B. E. EYANS, Architects and '< Civil Engineers, Llanelly, have a I vacancy for ;,U intelligent Youth as pupil. W AINTED, clean, reliable Nursemaid, aboilb Ii). Apply, Mrs. BcnJanun. 19, Greenfield Villas, Lianelly. j DOMESTIC 8ERVAMTS. j r WANTED, a good General Servant. j ?' Apply, Mrs. Alfi,ed Samuel, l(j Goring road. ) WANTED, a good Housekeeper; age j about 30. Apply, Box \V., Star; Ottice. WANTED, a Day-Girl, or young General (sleep out). Apply, Mrs. McDowall, 12, Coldstream street. WANTED, an experienced General; no washing; good wages. Appl\ Mrs. Benjamin, 19, Greenfield Villas. WANTED, capable General; small W family, good wages; another maid kept. Apply personally, Mrs. Williams, The Park, Gowerton. WANTED, a good General; age about W 20. Apply, Mrs. Phillips, 4, Thomas street. WANTED, a General; good wages to a suitable girl. Apply, Jones, Union Inn, Queen Victoria road. w ANTED. a General or young Girl T t-u train. —The ArUte, Kidwelly. A good General Wanted. Apply. Mrs. Palt.v 100. Station road. LLANWRTYD WELLS.—Wanted a AJ Servant for Summer season; good wages. Apply, Mrs. Price, 1, Irvon ■Villaf. Manwrtyd Wei's. WANTED, good General Servant; sin a 11 family. Apply, Mrs. Evans, 12, Goring road. WANTED, immediately, a General for T London expenses paid; good home; two children; Welsh preferred. Apply to Box 22, Star Office. REQUIRED immediately, experienced L rouse Parlourmaid good wages to ^competent girl. Apply by letter or per- sonally, any evening after 8 o'olock.— Mrs. Holmes, Brondeg, Llanelly. IROP SALE. FOR SALE, or Hire, Bathing Tent. Tent. Apply, 23, Glanmor road. FOR SALE, Lady's Bicycle; in good l condition. Apply, Harpur, Furnace, I Lianelly. (" Or. -I'p' 1.L 1 -T ld ClOCiv.EREL and three Hens, year old, I White Leghorns, Barrows; heavy egg laying strain; £ 2.—Evans, 7, Gws- cwm road. Burry Port. FOR. SALE, private treaty, 6 Elizabeth Jf- street, Lianelly, 47 and 49, Andrew street, Lianelly. For particulars, apply, I W. Davies, Solicitor, Llanelly. SIXGER Cycle, low frame, 26 in. 1 wheels good condition. Apply, S.C.. Star Office. FOR SALE, Houses in Zion row, Mill Lane, and Island Place. Apply, 64, Alban road. FOR SALE, two-year old Colt; good Collier. Address given on applica- tion to Box 5, Star Office. 1^1 OR SALE, Dwelling House; good locality; modern conveniences; h and c water, etc. Apply Star Office. jClOR SALE, Grandfather's Clock, in perfect order. Enquire Cohen's Furniture Exchange, Station road. FOR SA l. two Soater Car; excellent condition. Apply, Ferriday's i Garage. 1%/rOTOR CYCLE, Allday's 2 Stroke; I w V-iL cheap: good cder. TROVER, "1 Seater Car; runs well. R EPAIRS of all kinds to Motor Cars promptly executed; give us a trial. [ CAR CY ERS and Tubes stocked in i all sizes. PERAMBULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same day as .brought in. CYCLES.—Repairs to Cycles promptly ?-? executed; Tyres, tubes and asses- ( sories cheap. Open and Closed Cars on Hire. I^ORDS, Fords, Fords.—Order your -L !?w Ford Car now, as they are delivered strictly in rotation. Agents— Vauxhali Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a I large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards* etc. Call round ;all to be cleared cheap. Yauxhall Garage, Llanelly. AGENTS for all leading Cars and Motor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phone 297—The YACXKALL MOTOL GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Gent's Cycle, also quan- tity Timber, 6 inch x 2; 1 set cart harness, set pony harness. Apply Star Office. FURNITURE, j If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy large or I small quantifies; best prices given. All kinds o furniture repaired and up- holstered on the promises.—Evans, Fur- niture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Vir>ts). FOR SALE, Baby's Pram., in perfect condition. Apply, 'Pram,' Star Office Lianelly. I FOR SALE, 5 Seater Ford Car, 1912 moclel, good running order; no reasonable offer refused. Apply, Silver- >?• n< 3.5 and 26, Murray street. FOR SALE, Large Bookcase, 7ft. long, suitable for office; also Kitchen Dresser with glass cupboard, Chest of Drawers, Parlour Suite, etc.—Evans, Furniture Mart, 5, Murray street, (five doors from Vints). HOUSE for Sale in Albert street; 7 JLJL rooms. Apply, Star Office. APARTMENTS. WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by married couple (one child); over shop would suit. Apply B., Star Office. "*■*7"ANTED, 2 unfurnished Bedrooms and one Sitting riom; no children. —Jones, Brondini, Capel road. WANTED, furnished Bedroom and Sitting-room; or two unfurnished rooms lor married couple. Apply Star Office ¡ LADY requires Bedroom and Sitting- room in good locality. Write, s-tating terms and full particulars to— H.F.D., Star Office. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for single gentleman or two friends. Apply, Star Office. WANTED, two unfurnished Rooms for married couple. Apply, E., Star Office COMFORTABLE Bed-Sitting-room to let. Apply, M.H., Star Office. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for respec- table man. Apply Box 9, Star Office. BEDROOMS and 2 Sitting-rooms to Jt3 let (unfurnished); in good locality; all modern conveniences. Apply 'Rooms,' Star Office. LOST AND FOUND. IT OST. a. gold Brooch near Penyfan, Finder rewarded. Apply J., Star Office. I LOST, on Thursday. evening, between I London House, Vaughan street and Parisr. Hall, Lady's White Silk Scarf. Finder rewarded on returning same to— Star Office. LOST on Sunday evening, June 29th, Ietween Neptune Buildings and St. Mary's Church, Burry Port, Lady's,Gold Wristlet Watch. Finder rewarded on re- turning same to Parry, Neptune Build- ings, Burry Port. L OST, from back of Market street, 7 months old Chicks. Finder re- warded on returning same to Gascoigne, 22, Market street. v IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. LLANELLY & DISTRICT HAIR- DRESSER'S ASSOCIATION. Earlier Closing Time of closing on and after JULY 7th— Monday 7 p.m. Tuesday 1 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m. Thursday 7 p.m. Friday 7 p.m. Saturday 9 p.m. B. J. PHILLIPS, Secretary. Lianelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. TEA and MARGARINE are now UNCONTROLLED, so will BAJOI. MARGARINE, Ild. per lb. I (IMPROVED QUALITY). TEA, 2/ 2/2, 2/4 per lb. I For all your requirements in I Drapery, Clothing & Boots Call at our Store. Large Selections of the Season's Newest Goods. Blouses Underskirts, Suits and Costumes, etc. Note the New Address: 57 New Dock Rd. (Corner of Stafford Street). Note Address: Grocery—Central:— I BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. I Branches: 29, James Street; 18, Gate Terrace; Cedric Street; and 57, New I ) Dock Road. RRA Y ST Drapery, C!c!hing, Boots—MURRAY ST JOIN THE SOCIETY Apply at at any of our Establishments. HIGH-CLASS I ARTIFICIAL TEETH — I Mr.& Mrs J Henry Lister DENTAL SURGERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, I LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. mor.vm mi.—— am— Money IMvancad PROMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. },R011 £ 3 upwards on simple note of J- hand. Reasonable rate, and easiest terms of repayments. OFFICE HOURS: EVENINGS 6 TO f Write or call, to ■' L. ea>FFBEY, &? « a %? ".?. 4?' a a d Ilk:. STRETTON HOUSE, COL'Ef? SQUARE, LLANELLY.   Puddy'S THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FIRM. SPECIAL LINES I THIS WEEK j CHILDREN'S DRILL KNICKERS from 1/9l pair. SOYS' WOOL JERSEYS in all Colours I from 3jlll. LADIES' PLAIN and RIBBED STOCK- INCS from Ilid. pair. MEDEA" STEEL CREY, PLAIN HOSE 3/- pair; the Latest Shade. CHILDREN'S WASHINC DRESSES, the finest selection obtainable, from 2/6i. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. High-Class Motors for Hire OPEN OR CLOSED CARS. Terms on application. Central Garage, VAUCHAN STREET, LLANELLY. Proprietor: Edward Roberta. Telephone No. 117. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY, "'R -t"Pr.L; ".1:88 I LLANELLY I HIPPODROME. ?!? "ar1' 1.45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.45 j MONDAR, JULY 7th, 1919, and during the Week. bit. Late Indian Army. From our mighty Emp i re— I ndia. Has done his bit. Late Indian Army. LIN ,T SINGH, ?B .f7f¥\:{ ?t ? A B J!L?N f ?'? ?? A i. '? a?j? r J?L?T. Assisted by a large Staff. A Mammoth Repertoire of Fascinating Enchant- ments, forming a veritable apothesis of Oriental Mystical Magnificence. I HARRY KNOX, Tho Popular Comedian. BERT MURLANO, Dame Comedian. ARTHUR De MAKR & Co. Present their COMEDY SKETCH, | I "DOMESTIC SQUABBLES." I  BOX NETTI & CORRI .b 1,. L..L. 1. 'G The Greatest of all Eccentric Jugglers. PHIL LIPS and PhTllIPs! Vocal Duo.  MUTZlANEY^KROd..   Comedians and Simultaneous Dancers. I Gallery, I 3d I _W Balcony j 9d. Pit I ili_ I -<- Stalls 13 tinwiiHiMmi—wauii I Circle j i/9 I Tax r included 8UrI  Great Reduct In PRICES of WALLPAPER.  ? «L/.? JL—r? '?? jtL—. A r" r .????!?L-s??a- A L  ?r?? '? Why pay high prices for pre-war goods when you can get all the latest designs at PRACTICALLY PRE-WAR PRICES 2 All kinds of Paper Blinds in Stock. Note the Only Address- The County Wallpaper Stores MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance), Opposite Messrs. CHIDZOY and SONS. IB ii ii ii ii .u. _aaI".ii.;V iaanasHMBBj j FOR N? *? ?.? ? ss&?? ? ???<<? II" f! 'i ?f  { a M ? ?? ? E '? j INALLKINB30F J j Househo"cl Furniture| .JL.L-!L U '?.-L \.? | (NEW AND SECOND HAND)  ? ?  I 0 Esii .verstou e s .J,!l M!. 4. Ii. J1., .-n NEW PREMISES. j THE CHEAPEST and MOST RELIABLE SliOP IN THE TRADE. I 2 CowsM Street, Lianelly. ] —it————"—niwiwiwiw—ii—11 uuuiimi i■mumi i,m—n—i——a—> -r"I' T "J'+- NOTICE RHYS EVANS, PAINTER AND, DECORATOR (Formerly of Pottery Street) has OPENED a SHOP in MARKET STREET (opposite Vmts), Where he has a fine Selection of WALLPAPERS, FRIEZES, PAINTS, DISTEMPER, BRUSHES, etc. The Public Patronage is solicited. I' ■nil imai r&KY.mm* If your Firm runs a Savings Association JOIN 1 If there is a Savings | Association in your street, i or village, or district JOIN I T If there is a Savings Association in connection jS with your children's school ) see that they fj JOIN IT! <j?U?ii? i.i THERE is a "best" way of doing everything, and the I-I best way to save steadily and regularly is to join a | Savings Association, and invest your savings in Savings Certificates— £ 1 back for every 15/6, and no Income 8 Tax to pay on the increase. | If you don t know of any Association near you, send a post card to-day, asking for full particulars, to the Secretary of your Local 1 War Savings Committee. Do not bother about finding out the | E address—the name of your town or district only is sufficient. IT COSTS NOTHING ] to join a Savings Association Issued by I THE NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE, Sali-bury Square, London, E.C.4. t -.M. &;8!r- m wwii ii iiiiii »iii«i iiii bi h 3n d' e1 H IOUI,f) d m, ,) t\M:i.l it:. d1"" ¡, o Ift\. \'1" f. 'I WIE OFFERS ,.11- U I Sk I t Blouses, Costumes S Skirts ON Thursday, Friday & Saturday JULY lfin 11.11 & 12th, 1SI3, v U;Ltl, J.fl y in, lï, — I A Discount of 5/» ia ev-siy Found j | TliL?. is an Opportunity to Secure 1 I High-elass Goods, j AT A GREAT REDUCTION. SEE WINDOWS. All Goons Mtirlced in Plain F azures. I TRMCC I YG E l!'l 5 b & R. C0WELL ST. & JOHN ST., lL.ABtfiELtLY  Do k ft_. h d IC.. IC 1 a.1i. I-ligh-class Hairdresser and Perfumer, Murray Street, Lhneliy, Bega to inform the general public that he is NOW OPEN at the above address. LADiES OWN' COMBINGS MADE UP. A GOOD STOCK OF TOILET REQUISITES. _!íæJfÆ.¿L;,¥-{,:}m;& I "The Home of Beautiful r Pictures." | t'!    S I Lianelly Cinema | i .NB MtiBa??LTirl????i?i ??y ? s%  C P f D 2 0 1 0 ") 0 jjj Continuous Per f orma r.ce Daily 2.30—10.30 I I Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 1 NINE%, .?? fM sa ? Broken Chains ,¡ r o n a I n H Featuring Ethel Clayton and Carlylo BkekweIl. M A Beautiful Production, B 8 An Old-Fashioned Young Man" 1 M Starring ROBERT HARRON. W W A Trans-Continental Drama, with excitement travelling at sixty miles St K an hour. A thrilling Romance, and a br eathless race across the Continent' la I Hdwentures of SiisigareaB 8 Episode 5. H 1 Thursday. Friday, Saturday, j  The FiMfiy of Franc? I ? Featuring WALLACE REID. B H "A spectacular Drama with unique atmosphere." B I The AWAK i-UNI-NTG fl With MONTAGUE LOVE and DOROTHY KELLya fi B ''Who shall say what is said in me, with all that I might have been- HI H dead in me. B Episode 2, jP I THE CIRCUS KINO. I H Starring Eddie Polo. )? B Proprietors Lianelly Cinema Company R B MANAGER MR. J. CROSS. I S IIiIIIIC"iWIIlI! 1rc'"