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A Defiant Husband I


A Defiant Husband I I>J 0- 4 GOES TO PRISON RATHER THAN I MAINTAIN HIS WIFE. "I will spend the "nole of my life in prison before paying this woman a penny," was the defiant statement made by a defendant named John Jenkins, of New Castle Hill, Bridgend, when sum- moned by Alice Jenkins, Cwmfelin row, 'Bynea, at the Llanelly Police. Court yes- terday for the joon-payment of a main- tenance order. • Mr. W. Davies appeared for e ap- PLICANW-^? -A Mi. Davies (addresiing tie Bench) stated that on the 7th May, 11)19, an order was made against the defendant for £1 a week. The, applicant at the "time could have had a bigger order against the defendant, but she was will- ing tc-iibept zCl, which the defendant agreed to pay. Since the order had been made not a penny had been paid. He (the defndantwrte a letter to the ap- plicant, after the order was made offer- ing tc pay 10s. a week, and stating that she should consider herself lucky to get that. The defendant was at present co- habiting with a woman at Bridgend, and she had given birth to a child. ^h^ frpplieantv stated that at present she depended on her relatives for sup- port. The defendant first left her on the oth June, 1914. She had one child. Defendant: I can only pay 10s. a week. Deputy Clerk (Mr. Walton) But you have agreed to pay 21 a week. What are your intentions regarding the arrears P Defendant: I cannot pay them. Deputy Clerk: What a week do you earn ? Defendant: I earn C4 a week, but out of that have to keep a family of four. There is the woman I live with. Deputy Clerk: You have no right to live with another woman. Defendant: She is my proper wife. Deputy Clerk; Nonsense. Defendant: I am not going to take the bread out of their mouths to keep a woman that has ruined my life. Deputy Clerk: Be careful or you will find yourself in prison. Presiding Magistrate (Mr. Dd. Wil- liams) We see you intend disobeying the order. You shall have the option of paying 5s. a week of the arrears, to- gether with the order that was previous- ly made, that is, 25s. a week, or go to prison for a month. Defendant Allow me to tell the appli- cant that if I go to prison she will not have a penny. She has lived five years without me, why can't she now ? Deputy Clerk: What do you intend doing ? Defendant: It is impossible for me to pay. Deputy Clerk: The woman you are living with now costs you more than 25s. a week; give her up and give the money to your wife. Defendant: That woman (pointing to the applicant) has ruined me, and brought me down to dust. Presiding Magistrate: What are you going to do ? Defendant: I will spend the whole of my life in prison before I pay her a penny. Defendant was then removed.




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