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Model Houses.


Model Houses. DETAILS OF THE CAPEL SCHEME. The announcement in our last issue that the Corporation were inviting tenders for the erection of 44 artizans houses on the Capel site was received with general satisfaction in the town. It was regarded as practical proof of the deter- mination of the Corporation to get a "move on" in the matter of housing and to do something towards solving the most urgent problem of the day. It now only remains for enterprising contractors to send in their tenders so that an actual bricks and mortar start may be made without any further delay. In the course of an interview, the Deputy Surveyor (Mr J. H. Montgomery) furnished a "Star" man with some inter- esting details of the scheme. Two classes of houses are to be erected-A and B, the one with a southern aspect and the other facing north. In order that the living room or kitchen may have plenty of sun- shine, the class B houses which have a northerly aspect, will have the living room in front. Each house will have a court in front and gardens are also pro- vided for, of varying sizes, according to the lay of the ground. The houses will be semi-detached, in pairs, and there will be a road 30 feet wide in the centre with a rectangular open space at the western end. This will make a capital recreation ground with seven pairs of houses grouped around it. The road around the open space will be 10ft. wide. Class A houses, facing south, will have on the ground floor a living room 14 ft. 9ins. by 12 ft., a scullery 7ft. 3ins. by 9ft., and a parlour lift, by 9ft. There will be three bedrooms, 13ft. by 12 ft.; 12 ft. by 9 ft.; and 11 ft. by 9 ft., with the usual offices and hot and cold water laid on. In the scullery is a space for a gas stove as well as a wash-up and sink. Copper boilers will be fixed under a covered way outside. The frontage will be 22ft. Sins. and the outside will be finished with red brick plinth and rough cast plaster. The roofs will be alternate>- ly slated and red-tiled. Special attention has been paid to sanitation as well as the provision of lagour saving devices and electric light is to be laid on. Cupboards and dressers will be fixtures in the kitchen, and the houses will istand well back from the road. Class B houses will be much similar in design and arrangement, but with a fronti- age of 23ft. 6in. The whole lay-out is admirable, and it is confidently believed that the houses will bo models of their kind. Negotiations have been re-opened for the purchase of the Patent Slip. Wet hope they will materialize.