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It is Said


It is Said That the inhabitants of the Town Hall district have been treated to some stir- ring love scenes lately. That unfortunately the lovers exchange epithets in "Operatic fashion." That it is amusing to hear the threats that are made against the poor cats by the surrounding neighbours. That the friends of a local spark great- ly admire his candour. That in a fit of wrath he threw a block of wood at one of his friends. That while apologising a few days later he admitted having lost his head. That a prospective bride from the Alban road district is in no hurry to enter into the bonds of matrimony. That the "peach" is in no haste to decide the "date"—we wonder why. That there is every prospect of peace being signed between a newly-wed couple shortly. That the decision of the "big four" is very satisfactory. That to expect a woman to be in time for everything is literally impossible. That a certain spark has only just learnt this. That his lady-love keeps him hanging around James street for hours. That when she arrives on the scene only an hour or so late, he informs her that he had only arrived a few minutes previously. That after marriage we expect the few minutes will be the same number of hours That a certain Burry Portian has made some terrible threats to the "Star" man if he should dare publish the tale of 'Sun- day and ? ? ?' That ••ftor due consideration we have decided not t.i enrage the "bull" any more. That a steelworker boasts rather proud- ly to a well-known "lady" in the Dock district of the honour conferred on him last week. That the particular honour (?) was to appear in this column. That a local flapper has shown un- daunted courage on the beach lately. 0 That each day (weather permitting) she ha,s entered the briny in a real jazz bathing costume—poor little 'fing That the annual flag day of the Dis- charged Sailors and Soldiers will be held to-day. I That a lceal young man bids to out- rival some of our greatest orators. That the efforts of the loquacious young man in trying to ridicule some of his friends have brought nothing but con- tempt from the young ladies whom he ad- dressed. That a young Seaside knut had the misfortune to have one of his fingers "punctured" by a thorn on Sunday. That the means he adopted to try and extract the nuisance were ingenious, not to say novel. That we should not have thought that bathing one's feet would do the trick, but the b-hoy in question evidently had great faith in this treatment, judging by his labours in that direction. That a local damsel is extremely proud of her capabilities as a billiard (?) player. That she challenged a young spark to a game a, few days ago. That the latter promptly declined to ac- cept the challenge when he learnt that his lady friend practised too often-once a year That a Sunday motor drive has had disastrous consequence in the Station Road district. That owing to a breakdown the party were stranded five miles from anywhere. That one of the members of the party was due on duty that evening, and has had to expla in his absence. That the boxing tournaments which will shortly be held in town will no doubt be a great success. That it will be of interest to all followers of the "noble art" to know that some of the finest boxers in the country will top the bill on each occasion. That the newly formed Yacht Club is making excellent progress. That the first races on Saturday were immensely enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators.


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