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H   H-.r? ar? T??r?.. a. n r In trying to take a short cut in order to catch a train, Stephen Beck, aged 50, of Hemsby, Norfolk, was about to pass between two goods truck-s on Yarmouth Quay when the train started, and lie was killed There was a beer famine at Aberyst- wyth on Monday. There must have been something very wrong with the rationing for it was evident that some thirsty souls had had a good deal too much. When fined Cl by the ..oking magis- trate- for having used obscene language, I Frederick Webb, of Woking, handed the clerk E2, remarking "An extra one for luck.' The additional sovereign was put in the poor-box. Two hundred summonses for the non- payment of income-tax were heard at En- field Petty Sessions on Monday, against men and women, the majority of whom were ex-munition workers. • Fr. J. Brasier, who is aged 70. is keep- ing wicket for Limpsfield Cricket Club. One of the first passengers in an Avro aeroplane at Southsea on Saturday after- noon was a- Crimean veteran, Thomas Patter, aged 88. A soldier cn a visit to Sevenoaks. who brought with him 32 British Occupation Bagdad stamps, which he purchased for i s. 6d., sold 25 of them for £100. Described by his first wife as idle, and by the second woman as the best husband in the world, John Davies, a chemical la bourer, was sentenced to two days' im- prisonment at Flintshire Assizes for bigamy, and Was immediately released. Mrs. Alice Raptart, 55, of Brixton Hill London, was knocked down and killed on Saturday in Brixton road by a motor lorry. She was crossing the road from behind a tramcpr when she was struck hy the lorry, the wheels of which passed over her head. When Charles Aldridge, 68, of Soho, was charged at Old street Police Court on Saturday with breaking a plate-glass window, valued at £ 30, at a shop in Whitechapel road, it was stated that he was only released last week for breaking the same window. "The dog always runs out when he sees a policemon," said a defendant in a "no muzzle" prosecution at Willesden on. Monday. Eight attempts at suicide were made in he1- cell hy Mary Crawford, who was found helplessly drunk at Sunderland on Sunday and locked up by the police. Evidently she has nine lives. While on his way to place a bunch of flowers on his wife's grave in Swindon Cemetery. Donald Andrew, aged 70, a re- tired G.W .R. fireman, died suddenly. Swansea Corporation Parks Committee have authorised action for the prevention of Sunday football on the Sands. When some bluejackets were returning from shore leave to his Majesty's ship "Gibraltar," in Portland Harbour, several of them fell into the water, and A. E. Killian, a shipwright, was drowned. Anglesey Education Committee have under consideration a scheme for provid- ing instruction in book-keeping for farmers. A moman at Flitwick, Bedfordshire, told her husband she dreamt she saw him with his head bandaged, and a week later he was weeding his garden on the railway embankment when a passing train struck him on the head. Owing to the failure of brakes to act, a motor char-a-banc dashed down a steep and dangerous hill, between Bream and Chepstow, into a wall. Many persons were injured, whilst several leapt from the car. A chicken has been hatched at Bridg- water with two bodies, one head, four wings and four legs. To celebrate Peace, the Duchess of Norfolk will entertain at a garden party in the grounds of Arundel Castle every man, woman, and child in the town.. Worried by his inability to obtain a a house, William Huntingford, a gar- dener, of Guildford, committed suicide by jumping over a bridge to the railway be- low. Fifty bags of sugar were damaged on Monday morning by fire in the s.s. Sea- pool, lying off Greenwich. While bathing near Huntingdon on Monday, Pte. Aubrey Townsend, Royal Fusiliers, of Maidenhead^ was accidental- ly drowned. Because the school teachers are still on strike for increased pay, between 4,000 and 5,000 Peterborough children were sent home for another week. Thomas Dash was sentenced at Lam- beth to six weeks' imprisonment in the second division for drawing unemploy- ment pay to a total of £ 15 while in re- gular employment. Farmers in West Surrey are complain- ing of the great increase in foxes and wild foxes. I A postcard which had been eight years in the post has been delivered at I ar- mouth; it bore a -1d. stamp, but the authorities refrained from claiming a surcharge. A driver, explaining a fatal motor-car accident at Westminster on Tuesday, said the other car was painted dark green. and was obscured from his view by the background, which"w,-ts composed of large trees and foliage.







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