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Boys Sports Club

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Boys Sports Club SUCCESSFUL ATHLETIC EVENT. I In connection with the Richard Thomas and Co. Boy Sports Club, a most success- ful athletic meeting was held on Satur- day. This club has only recently been formed for the benefit of the young people in the employ of the firm and a capita] ground has been secured off Beach road. The sports aroused widespread interest, and there was a capital entry for all the events. Indeed so many names were sent in that several of the heats had to be run off on Friday evening. The arrangements wero admirable, everything passing off without a hitch. The credit for this be- longs to Mr. P. Audley Brown, the wel- fare superintendent, who was assisted by the following officials :— Judges:—Messrs. E. P. Lewis, T. O. Lewis, Arthur Roberts, F. W. Jayne, E. Roberts and David Newman; Time- keepers Messrs. David Jones, Enoch Jones, W. H. Parry; Starters: Messrs. Haydn Edwards, Tom Burgum, and T. W. Raikes; Referee: Mr. P. Audley Brown. In addition to these named above there was a large number of foremen and others who ably performed the respective duties of competitors, course and ground stewards. All these officials, together with the Boys' Committee, were easily distinguishable by their various rosettes. But "distinctions" there were none. Managers, foremen, men and boys—to say nothing of the fairer sex-all vied with each other to make the day a success for the Boys' Sports Club; and the clan- nish feeling of the gathering, on an out- sider at all events, must have made a profound impression. I RESULTS. 100 yards (J uniors) 1. Donald Bur- gum (time, 11 four-fiiths sees.), 2 Harold Jones, 3, David John Rees. 100 yards (Seniors) 1, Jack Edward Russell (time, 11 four-fifths Stanley Jones, 3, Daniel Rosser Owen and Aaron Williams. High Jump: 1, Bernarr Rogers (height, 4ft. 5|ins.); 2, David Edward Jenkins; 3, John Milton Thomas. Slow Bicycle Race: 1, Douglas Watkeys 2, David Eric Hinkin; 3, Edwin Tucker. £ 0 yards (Girls): 1, Polly Tucker; 2, Winnie Ayres; 3, Gwen Davies. 220 yards (Juniors) 1, Donald Burgum (time 23 sees.); 2, David Macdonald Roberts; 3, Robert Henry Bennett. Half-mile (Seniors) 1, Richard Thomas (1 min. 58 sees.); 2, Bernarr Rogers; 3, Thos. Reginald Warlow. I Sack Race (Juniors): 1, Thos. Stanley Jenkins; 2, Augustine Williams; 3, Vin- cent Snow. Sack Race (Seniors): i. Aaron Wil- liams; 2, David Geo. Williams. Inter-section Tug-of-war: Winners, Bar Mill. Mr. Bond's Speech. At the conclusion of the sports, the winners ot ii-bich are to be congratulated on some quite excellent performances, Mr H. C. Bond, accompanied by Mr. Audtey Brown, mounted the platform in the official's enclosure to present the prizes. In a short speech before the presentation. Mr. Bond expressed his great pleasure at being able to be present that day. He thought that, all things considered, the ground was in surprisingly good condition and did great credit to Mr. Brown and his assistant. Referring to the general scheme of welfare, he said he was glad to be able to state that the Company had purchased Bythway's Brewery (loud ap- plause), which they proposed to convert into an institute as soon as possible. After the prize-giving, Mr. Brown said he would like to take that opportunity of thanking all those who had given himself and Mr. Edwards, his assistant, such in- a aluable help—not only on that day, but also on many other occasions since the formation of the Boys' Sports Club. He concluded by calling for "three cheers" for Mr. Bond, who, as he explained, had come a long journey at great personal in- convenience in order to attend the sports and present the prizes which lie had so generously provided. The cheers which followed left no room for doubt but that Mr. Bond's generosity was fully appre- ciated. During the afternoon the Llanelly Federation Silver Band went through an enjoyable programme.


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