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UNFAIR TO LLANELLY. I MR. OWEN JONES initiated a very useful discussion at the Harbour Trust on Monday on the unfair incidence of local railway rates. There can be no doubt that some of .these rates work out unfavourably to the port. Indeed they seem to have been drawn up for the bene- fit of Swansea at the expense of Llanelly. Without making any extravagant claims for the North Dock, we have every right to expect that local coal should be shipped here instead of being railed to Swansea for shipment. Recently a deputation from the Harbour Trust waited on the G.W.R. authorities in Swansea and pointed out how unfairly Llanelly was treated by pre- ferential rates fixed in favour of other ports in the Bristol Channel. Burry Port is also handicapped in the same way. To the average man, it must for ever remain a mystery why coal should be brought down by rail to Llanelly and Burry Port and instead of being shipped at these ports, sent on a twelve miles railway journey to .Swansea. This diversion of trade has been our grievance for many years and if the Harbour Trust can devise means whereby it can be recovered, the ..success of the North Dock will be assured. The dock was built to deal with the out- put of local collieries, but most of that coal, unfortunately, continues to find its way to Swansea. EMPLOYERS AND WORKMEN. I NOTHING is more hopeful as a sign of the times than to see employers of labour displaying a real and practical in- terest in the well being of those in their employ. We referred recently to the wel- fare movement initiated by Messrs. Richard Thomas and Co. and the forma- tion of a Sports Club for the benefit of the youths engaged at their local works. This has now been followed up by a gener- ous action on the part of the firm which will be deeply appreciated not only by the workpeople but by the town as a whole. Mr. Bond made the gratifying announce- ment on Saturday that the Company had purchased the disused Brewery near the Station and proposed to convert it into a gymnastic institute. It is intended to erect and equip a gymnasium here and swimming baths are also to be provided. This notable enterprise is one upon which Messrs. Richard Thomas and Co. are to be congratulated. The average trading Company, we are often reminded cares nothing for its employees and is content to regard them as mere dividend earners. No doubt this reproach can be urged with truth against many industrial combina- tions and it accounts for much of the labour unrest of to-day. What a pity I some of the Welsh coalowners did not have sufficient vision and generosity to do twenty years ago what Messrs. Richard Thomas and Co. are now doing ? While they were growing rich, they gave no thought to their workmen condemned to live in hovels and denied the ordinary | decencies and amenities of life.

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