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Football Finances. OVER £3,000 TAKEN AT STRADEY. I Remarkable figures showing the hig boom in Rughy football locally were sub- mitted at the annual-meeting of the Llan- elly Club bst night. There wa;s a crowded attendance at the Athenaeum IIa n and the retiring treasurer, Mr. Jackson, was able to make the pleasing announcement that not only had the debt of £ 1,000 boon cleared off but there was a sum of -6213 in hand with which to start next season. The receipts were:— Field £2401 14 6 j Grand Stt-nd 681 14 5 Total E3083 8 11 Appointment of Officials. To the regret of all present, Mr. T. R. Mills, chairman of the committee, an- nounced that he was not seeking rc-elec- tion. There were nine nominations for the nine places on the committee so that a vote was not necessary. The new com- mittee will consist of Messrs. A. J. Staoey, D. Williams, Llew. P. Hughes, Oswald Morgan. E. Rowlands, Bob Edwards, W. Williams, and E. Roberts, and D. Edwards. The players have appointed D. Hiddlc- stone as captain for the ensuing season. Mr. I). Pearson was appointed presi- dent, and the following we^e added to the list of vice-presidents:—Dr. Geo. Davies, Dr. John, J. Jackson, J. D. Prvthereh, W. L. D?vies. Tom Morris, Capt. D. H. Thomas, Capt. Hnlwrt John, Lieut. W. i B?ck?ey. Lawrence Evans, W. Davies j (.solicitor), W. J. Thomas ("Fishguard") John Thomas, Dr. Dick, Tom -Morgan, i Felinfoel. Mr. Jos. Holmes was adtjed to the list of patrons, and Capt. Clarke of the New Zealand team and Mr. T. R. Mills were appointed lifo members. There was a contest for the treasurer- si lip, Mr. Llew P. Hughes with IS4 votes being appointed, Mr. Ewart Hughes securing 140 votes. Mr. Bailey was ap- painted secretary. It was announced that matches for next season had been arranged with Swansea 1 (4), Neath, Abertillery, Bridgend, Pill Harriers, Pontvpool, London Welsh. Pcnartn, Loudon Trish, R.A.F., United Services and Cardiff. A Ycicc What about Xewport ? Mr. liailey We did not approach New- port. The Secretary reported that 17 matches ?'?rep?tyod?n'?s<?"M,13 being won, 3 lost, and 1 drawn points for 165, against 71. The scores consisted cf 9 goals. 4 dropped goals, 4 penalty and 27 tries. A. Jenkins was top scorer with 10 tries. Chairman's Review. An interesting review of the position of the club was given by Mr. Mills who re- ferred with pride to the splendid response made by the Rugby players when the call for men came in 1914. Without waiting, for conscription, they rushed into the breach, although most of them were in protected trades and might have "stayed at heme at ease." The New Deck Stars actually enlisted en bloc (applause). He did not blow the trumpet on behalf of his colleagues on the committee. The committee had been criticised, but even if they got a committee lrom Leaven, it would be subject to the same sort oi thing. Most of the members of the com- mittee/joined when there was a debt of i:1,000 hanging over the club. This was largely accounted for by the costs of a libel action which the committee entered into to protect the players against foul aspersions (cheers). Another big item was the changing t:) a new ground at Stradey which meant an expense of R400. Then came the war putting an end to all football. He would never be able to suffi- ciently thank the New Zealanders who, after the armistice, offered to play at Stradey. That was the beginning of a new era in the history of the club, and to-day the debt had been wiped off (ap- plause). The committee had bought ft solid silver cup for competition among the junior teams, and the sanction of the Welsh Union had been obtained for the presentation of medals to the members of last season' s team. The Chairman proceeded to pay a glow- ing tribute to the Squire of Stradev who had been most generous in his treatment of the club. The lease of Stradev Park expired, but Mr. Lewis had renewed it on very favourable terms (cheers). The Squire had said that as long as there was Rugby Club in Llanelly, Stradev would ho at its disposal. When war broke out !H'V were faced with a serious difficulty, as the club was liable for the rent of the ground. Mr. Lewis, however, had not barged them a penny (renewed cheers). '"hanks were also due to Mr. Pearson who "ariie to the rescue at the beginning of 1:1St season hy providing labour free of •barge for putting tbe ground and stand n -orno'\ Tn c. nclud;ng, Mr. Mills said '1 -t h" we? retiring from the com- mittee. A • Member: Ts it not possible fcr you to re-covsid^r th^ matter ? Tho Chairman: I am sorry it is not.

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