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Mr. Brazeli's ConcertI I

I Regatta in August.| 0 i

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ASTERISKS. Every body's —Llanelly Cinema.. < < The Prince Wa'• w celebrates his birthday on Monday. t < < Nine yea,s ago this week Mr. Pieton Philipps was appointed Chief Constable. < < Will the Ne-v ZealandeTs make as goo4 n show at the wicket# as they did in foot- ball Y\ e shall see on Tuesday. < » < Our oi l frej»d tho Burry Port rcgatfcv is to be iwived and will be held on August Bank Holiday, as of yore. Arrangement have been made for two concerts to be given at Pare HowanJ by the famous band of the Grenadier Guards next month. "I read a few <Ia v< of a number of boys being caught paying "nap" in a pig- stye—the proper pL::e for theiu.Ilcv. Gwynne Owen at Greenfield on Sunday. The Town Hall grounds is quite a popu- lar retreat during the fine weather. Pity, 'tis mischievous y .u.ths cannot amuso themselves without damaging tho flower beds. The "Burry Port Star" to-day contains the names of all the men from that dis- trict who have made the supreme sacri- fice. When j, Lb.H ]: roll of honour to be compiled r • • » • The rateable value of Burry Port haa I decreased by a thouswnd pounds during I the last two years. This seems to suggest that diere is <-i?;nething wrong with the I assessment^. Irs. Green"xhkk!, vile of Mr. Harold I Greer wood, volfciter, whose tragica Uy sudden death took on Monday, was a sister of Sir Yun-art Bowator, ext- Lord Mayor cf LGmkn. How many of the ..udience at the con- cert on Tuesday kn« v., -,ve w onder, that the violin used by Mr. sV.:nmons was ft magnificent S"h<diy;.r's ? The precious instrument is valued .:1£1.300. Mr. Philip Rogers « been co-opted as a member of the Har! our Trust t,) fill tha vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Thomas Jones. The now Trustee is a member of the tirm ü1 Evans and Rogers who have .several st> :.r;a. rs trading regu- larly to the port. < Mr. Ben Gr-thtt.s !• ft Llanelly some months ago tt* act a*, organiser for tho Clerks Union in Cardiff. Ben is the prin- cipal figure in the Strike of Messrs. Cory s clerks this vf k. He told ans audience last night that he was out for a. -C 10 f, minimum of £10 a -,v < )■: fcr all clerks. Whew < w < Mr. W. A. Coghi!) who was married ta the daughter of Mr Fotrune, Burry Port's stationmaster this v/l:/ travelled over nine thousand miles to fetch his bride. He came from Alaska where he has at large business, and made oiie journey byt sledge, stage coach, train and steamship. The Rev. Llewelyn Davies, M.A., rector of Llangoedmoje, has graduated B.D. and D.D. at Oriord. He is the son- in-law of Mr. J. B. Williams, ex-H.M". Inspector of Schoolw. Mr. Davies was formerly a curate at Kidwelly and St. Peter's Church, Llnne?ly, and has had distinguished cholasti.' career. The Tank in Pa: Howard has become a play thing for cn;h;en, and great sport it is affording them. "What a blessing it would he," say: n correspondent, "if all the horrid implen.- nts of war could bo transicrmed into tev« for the kiddies, sa that nation should no longer rise against nation and people learn the art of waZt no more." And q, v„v all of us. < Mr Llewelyn WiMi.a/s told the G orsedil on e<lnesday that the greatest dange., to 11-ales was that it would be overcomo • by the cynical na-.terialism that haf! sprung up like a deadly fungus during thq war or by the eaJi.nas indifference of 4 generation of We.M r^ n who failed to ap* preciate the glory wonder of theic heritage. He trusted that the men 01 Wales would r???i? still to remam masters of thet: ?.<? and captains O. their soul." Gratitude is nol .k:1d yet. A Llaneiljf party motored to <to~digan during the reo. cent holidays, and wtiiie preparing for tbo run home, they vi ? < approached bv motor cyclist who for a "lift" ]4 f-r as Carmarthen He explained tha.I his machine had !■•<]■< :i down and that it was imperative that he should be back without delay. They took him on I)o.irJA and brought him safeiy to his destinatjou. His gratitude wa,s touching to -sea. Taking out his v,j r case, he presented the driver with a cigarette



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