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Here and There. A young woman named Miss Ashley of Seven Kings has died as a consequence of having been bitten by a mosquito. She was bitten on the nose by the insect and died four days later. I am a discharged soldier living on the 29s. unemployment donation stated a defendant at Guildhall when charged with gaml;ing at banker. Another case of the rich unemployed. "Mons Robertson" were the names given to a baby at Finchley. In connection with Hurst Park races on Monday the Kingston Police netted £ 60 in fines for illegal gaming. On charges of gross behaviour towards a colliery youth, James Jones, J.P.. local preacher and former chairman of Blaenavon Urban District Council, was at Blaenavon committed for- trial. A char-a-banc at Ashton-on Ribble tried to pass under a railway bridge, the arch of which was too small. The vehicle was smashed and 15 people in it were injured. Over 40 acres of moorland, including hundreds of trees, have been swept by a. fire lasting two days at Bagshot. The biggest aeroplane engine in the world has been put under its first test at Wolverhampton. The engine will develop about 900 h.p. at normal working speed. Men are far m-ore valuable behind the counter than women according to the quarterly report of the South Suburban Co-operative Society. The school children of Aldeburgh-on- Sea have formed a club which has as its object the destruction of the white butter- fly.. Surviving campaigns in three theatres of war, a young soldier xiamed Clogher, was cut to pieces by a train near his home at Athlone. Two young whales have been washed ashore on the Northumberland coast near Xewbiggin. Two women were bound over at the Northants Assizes for making false dec- larations to procure marriage with the brothers of dead husbands. It is illegal for a woman to marry the brother of her dead husband. Three famous generals want to fly to America in the Airship R34—Pershing, "Jack" Seely, and General Maitland The dorigible is expected to make the at- tempt next week. George Cheney of Cublington, Bucks, although 85 years old, cycles twelve miles every Sunday to attend the Salvation Army meetings. In a case at Middlesex Sessions, a mar- garine factory porter, aged 17, was said €o earn £3 17s. 6d. Hannah Farr, a Burnley school-girl, on a holiday near Sheffield, was drowned on Saturday while gathering wild roses near a pond. A youth named George Brockway i while riding a motor cycle near Lincoln on Saturday, took too sharp a turn, was thrown and sustained fatal injuries. Britain's war bill up to March 31st this year, has been estimated at £ 6,700,000,000. Cinemas are blamed for bad school at- tendance in parts of Yorkshire. From an overdose of whiskey taken from a cask in a vessel at North Wall, Dublin, a docker has died in hospital. Accidentally struck on the leg with a pike over a week ago, Frederick Horsdell, aged 8, of Dudley, has died from lock- jaw. While a Mrs. Jarvis, of Hoxton, was getting her baby's bath ready, the handle came off a kettle of boiling water, which fell on to the baby and caused fatal in- juries. Two more cases of dog madness, one, in Cardiff and the other in Barry, have been confirmed, making the total number of confirmed cases to date 207. About 500 day trippers from the Wigan district were left behind at Southport on Monday night owing to missing their trains. Some went home by taxi, and many had to pass the night in town. For selling milk which was 50 per i cent, deficient in fat, James Steele, a Stapeley farmer, was at Crewe on Tues- fined £10. Fourteen horses were burned to death in a fire at Smethwick on Tuesday morn- ing. Pew rents at the Church of St. Paul, Herne Hill, London, have been abolished as a war memorial. Reading dressmakers came out on strike on Tuesday demanding a minimum wage of 36s. for senior hands. On Monday 85 lost children were looked after by the police at Hampstead until claimed by their parents. Oranges replaced cocoanuts at many of the usual shying pitches at Hampton Court during the holidays. Fines for too much light have ceased. Now they impose fines for not enough of it. Ivy Smith (9) was killed by a motor car at Newport (Mon.) while returning from a school treat on Monday. Whitsuntide holiday anglers had ex- cellent sport at Deal. A Mr. Hardy, of London, fishing with a boatman on Mon- day, took 447 fish in four hours. Glasgow is experiencing a meat famine and many butchers' shops are elosed.



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