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-m. Mum 11 ||| Hi I "The Ilome of 6 Beautiful Pictures." 1 i Llanelly C inema 1 Continuous Performance Daily 2.30—10.30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, MadcapMadge Starring Olive Thomas as a charming "Tomboy." This play is magnificently produced. Th ere are many fine scenes of the ultra-fashionable Palm Beach Colony with a grand masked ball at the big hotel. E| ¡ Adventures of Stingaree. I Episode 2. H Thursday. Friday, Saturday, | Sunshine Alley Is all that its name implies being radiant with optimism. Pretty Mae H Marsh stars in the quaintest play of a quaint actress. ■ A Midnight Mystery I Featuring RUTH CLIFFORD. B THE BRASS BULLET. I Episode 17. S§ Proprietors Llanelly Cinema Company i MANAGER MR. J. CROSS. P The Directors of ) LLOYDS BANK LIMITED desire to call attention of their » customers and others to the I I advisability of investing all I available moneys in the ¡ L VICTORY LOAN. GUARANTEED FOR EVER. GUARANTEED FOR EVER.. ?? maSr ?PMlB KansasaJj ?r?L. THE ?LL-STEEL &!?Y?Lf: WITH DUNLOP TYRE6 AND STUBMEY AOCHE9 B-SPtEO CEAB. ??=???? Agent:—JOHN GRIFFITHS, CYCLE EMPORIUM, LLANELLY. j Ajuulb "I have continuously used the Raleigh for 12 years. <8 .—. M averaging over 9.000 miles a year, without a single 4| Ui^r ^Srf r/ —^j & mishap. "-S. Rowland. A I t;lshill, Ci;ceil&am,Maitchester. reV <fMp.L'HEI.GlHt3 l C RALEICHtVa jCL.i-:jC-, »l."NOTTINC,HAM 3 M h M t no T-iiiinininifl i Wr & E. JON ES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents* Tailors 46, Station Road, Llaijelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. All work carried out on the premises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a Speciality, NOTE THE ADDRESS— 45, Station Road, Llanelly. B b, It. 1}" Baby Carriages WE HOLD THE LARGEST STOCK IN WEST WALES. Reliable Quality Only —— —- Pugh 8r;j? FltftriifURE MANUFACTURERS. Aitar" i. or. H ANTEED to Lave <:1. larger circulation than say other paper in Llanelly,.

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I-Helping the Poor

| Faithful Service i Rewarded.…

! Our Cosy Cinema.

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