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Callous - Motorists.

---- A Fortune out of Pigs…





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Couniy Tribunal.I


Couniy Tribunal. I A BATCH OF LLANELLY APPEALS. I .Several local appeals were heard at the* sitting of the County Tribunal at Llanelly on Thursday Mr. W m. Griffiths presiding. Felling Trees. I Mr Leslie Williams represented Joseph WThite, 20, Richard street, whose exemp- tion was resisted by Lieut. Ingrams. White stated that he was 29 years of age and passed Class A. He was engaged in the felling of home grown timber, and was employed by Messrs. Brown, Thomas and John. Along with three other men he felled from GO to 70 trees a week. He had been brought upon a farm and was an expert ploughman. His four brothers had been with the Colours, one of whom was killed and another had been dis- charged because he had been wounded. Replying to Capt. Cremlyn, he said teat he restarted his employment as a it ler in Jane, 1917, having been in the fruit trade during the three preceding years. Capt. Cremlyn In that case you are not in a certified occupation. Mr. John John, of Messrs. Brown, Thomas and John, said the timber was going to Government controlled works and collieries, none being used for private dwellings. The military appeal was dismissed. Adjourned. I In the case of H. Wyman, 123, Station road, Mr. Leslie Williams said the man was sent for re-examination by the Medi- ca l Board who deferred his case until May, HilS. He (Mr. Williams) therefore suggested that the case stand adjourned until that time. This suggestion was adopted. Two Brothers KjHqcJ. I Lieut. Ingrams appealed against the temporary exemption allowed by the local Tribunal to R. Davies (29), 8, Bryn- tirion terrace, a married man with a wife and child, passed Class A, who was em- ployed as a shipper. Davies stated that he had five brothers with the Colours, two of whom had been killed while the other three were on active service. Capt. CrerrJyn employers are n#t appealing for you' at all •'—No, that is heca use tllelC has been a change in the directorate. How do you think you should he ex- empted, because your brothers have joined ?—Because the family has suffered enough already. Mr. J. Walter Thomas, representing Nevili's Dock and Railway Co., said that Davies was employed by Messrs. Rogers and Bright as a shipper. The man's em- ployers were changing their management and his work was to load steamers with tinplates. Capt. Cremlyn Is it hard work ?—No, but it is skilled work. It isn't necessary for a man to be Class A for it ?-—No, but he must be an expert at it. Mr. Merryn Peel: The man so engaged would need a head, but not a sound body ?—That is SQ. Capt. Crenio n Have you been author- ized -,f your Com- pany to -support this appeal ?—No. Mr. Dd. iViltiams: If managers had to wait for resolutions from their respective Companies beiYr. acting, business would soon come to an end. Capt. Crejnlyr.: And 'f Class A men, 2f) years of ago. are to be granted exemp- tion the var will soon come to an end, too. The military anneal was dismissed. Conditional Exemption. I Mr. E. Kanimorcr appeared for T. R. Jenkins, lof;, Old Castle road, against whose exemption Lieut. Ingrams ap- pealed. Jenkins saici he va.s employed by tho Homelight 10trobnm Co., and delivered petroleum to 33 works, in the district apart from farms. Tie also did a little horse dealing. His medical category was C 2. Capt. Cremivn: Your protection card has been withdrawn, hasn't it ?-Yes, The Tribunal allowed conditional ex- emption for three months..



Our Fallen Heroes. I

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Death from Lock-jaw.

Volunteer Battalion.