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Fr^p^t-i Advertisements r ..J, vJl.,¿', 1. 11. ..tf A HALF-PENNY A WORD. Out 1 -o Insertion Insertions 12 words 0 6 1 0 16 words 0 0 1 4 20 words" 010 1 8 2.t word. 1 0 2 0 #0 words 1 3 2 6 Tliis i-v* i-ss only to prepaid advertise- a- i t 13 ordered wil3 be ohargsd extra. WhilsT great pains are taken to secure .■accuracy, .h;) Puoiishers would impress upon auvervisers the neod for legible W g. L. any case they only insert advertisements upon th3 condition that thev do not accept responsibility for in- accuracies, nor for any consequence a'ijiiig ther 3i"i"om. IF vca h'èí' :ny :Fl-HITCHE or otnci articles t'or Sale, write or cad at Williams' Auction Rooms. Murray street, solci on commission or bought outright. ANTED Second-hand FURNITURE V Hicvcie. Gramophones, Old Gold and Sliver, etcs., etc. lu fact, buy (and so') anything that has any value. Whole houses cf Furniture bought outrigut; di'oacce La olject.-Silverstone, 35-36, Murray$> Greet, Llanelly. ?'??J?"?'YAXDOTTE puller laid ? 630 c?gs from November to Ap:'n after having Karswcod Poultry Spice con- I ackets 211-, i; Phillips and Co., Grocers, Thomas street, LL?elIy. o'' '??'="' DOWN and the remainder of the purchase money by easy in lm,nts, ,ill buy a n'ce comfortable COTTAGE; gocd position; low ground rent. Apply, Williams, Auctioneer, Murray street, Llanelly. T\ ^TAXTED, information as to the whereabouts of Miss Mar^ O.nghlan lrst heard of at the Stepney Lb nelly, Carmarthenshire. W ales. _L.VTrs. Bolund, 5, Dorset Place, Dublin. iJUM-fcite»- rs&li V "IVTSV r ANTED, good General SRY ANT, W or experienced Day Girl; good wages to sur?ble persou.-Mrs. Hughes, 10, few 11 street, Llanelly. '(V TA.NiiD,, GENERAL', ?o 3oung I .L', lf' L L'; a so. young GIRL as Nurse. Apply, 0:2, Mur- ray street. ?7??iED HOrSElpARLOrR?IAlD, T ?u 'd wages an d comfortable home. ??/?. ?..Ems, 1, GorLrg Place. Ap ;iy. ML- Evans, 1, Goring Place. WANTED, good General SEH Y ANT. Apply. Mrs. Randell. 11, Hall St., ?F?') G.?.-I SEHVANT; -od ,1', -J u. I ,) ?? ? Apply, ?- Evans, 60, S' • r)It. •• SITUATIONS. -rn\-■■;{'< GIRL. 1ù year.0£ age, desires ? '?L.? .n an C?ce; kilmneoge OflD,TIl,q and T:.pe-r?-g. Apply. StarO&cj. HAr El'EP WANTED; must ]'  ,J. III ust )l' s te:,l<l.; A pp.! ?.ai and Co. Ltd., Fur- n; ■ ■. • s. VcM'.Ep'prt street, Llaneily. ??.s.\????- .treeI. L lauQ l Iy. E (¡\.L= F()R C' \1" "11,1, ,)'1 .t'" I ()R SALE, "20 Black a,.(. W1"^ Leg- i hern TULLETS, April hatch2d; al,, two Portable Sheds and runs 8ft. by 1;. c. each; cheap, infection invited .-J. II. Willi".ins, Giasran, Clifton terrace. ■T n 1 WILT Iv MS will ofer for. Sale by j  1" I I'> Llitet;gii, i?it -ale llooms, „ v .I, TI?nellY. on Tuesday, ? i:? ? .?7 pm.. the foUow.^ ???? o'd DvvolUns-Houses; 30 n-n-1 :P2 'Brv'nmor read, Llaneily, Ncs. 4 r,l Ca:}'l ?errace. Llanellv and No. S ????l.LlauelIy. For  ? 'ns'?. crappi?- to t ??::r.??Mr:H.H?n  11-?, Sol??-cr, F-d?ck ««e., Lbr.- elly. i1^; OR SALE, HOUSED m Pemhcrtor.   y i- Freue-r.el: | i. A. Mer-yn J. !.iy. ? in Househol d  -T F' G in Stock in Housebold JLJ Irr-nuionge-'v. u-clud?g Mang'?, SIld '¡" Lamps and   r s, F-,re Guar d s, Fenders, Stc?r Elopers, Fire Guards, Fenders, and C?l V?e.Por.able M.rs; a.so Bicycles, both Gents and Ladies, all at lowest prices. 2 Gents' Bicycles in stock at lowest, pr:c: Prit ? SPECIALLY INVITE YOU TO INSPECT MY LARGE STOCK. X) "P" Ironmonger, Station Road. ??..nTMENTS. •w-ttf ANTED, comi'oi table Furnished  ? ? APARTMENTS for young married couple •, in good locality bath h and c. Apply, \)., Jtur Offieo. TT^lRNISilED ROOMS to Let; suit J. t?-? married cO\'pk; New Dock ( rc.L ?p.?? L.? Cluce. I I- R. n T)T"\fV'rr' 1 JTL Til "• SEED APARTMENTS, with v, ni rsiLchcn required by young 11 must be in respectable loeaiijy. xvpPA.v, Star Office. j ■«\ TfAIN'T'ED. comfortable LODGING2> i I." 1.1:" com tor ..l.J<;} ..L;fu; \'?? -.???.u'ar Station. Ap- ply d r r'  ?'<'?   ?-?-?'.<" "'?/? ho-.sc.. Tuur Rooms; j n; 1, I 1f E?qui'-e 12, Sun- I niag!ai? terrace, Swansea road. 1  r'j t:    ?t?'? i0 A v i I C 3 C 3 N E X T Commencing at G o'clock, a   ¡' 1'.< ( 5 ?nUK?L ?K?i?S. Will be held at the above place. The Choir will perform the Oratorios: GehuJjerPs SO^C OF IViiRIAM." and .?cnc'E??oh.i's S5th Psa??, COME LET US SING." Súlo>ts iHSS MAY PROTHEROE. MISS LILLA PHILLIPS. MR. TOM WILLIAMS. Pianist Aliss ELSIE GRIFFITHS. Organist- Mr. IV. Q. NIEL.D. Conductor: Dr. DAYID do LLOYD, Mus. Bac., B.A. Silver Collections. IN MEMORiAM. In loving memory of Ivcr, the beloved f Thomars and Elizab/cth Phillips, 'f "Nythfa," Rcpewari: road, now of ♦taffori! street, killed in South Wales Sts&hvcrks, December 13th, 1915. "Till the day break." BOROUGH OF LLANELLY. FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE. SugEr" DiGtribu/ticn Scheme. ?  '#- ?r'IIP 1 !ÜGCe to Grocers a?d the Public. 'YEl{ Y GROCER must hand to his registered sugar customer, Declar- ation Forms (one for each member in- I eluded in the householder's card; for instance, if there are six persons on the customer's card he will hand to the house- holder whose name appears on the card, six forms which have to be filled in by each member of the household, and re- turned immediately in the envelope pro- vided to the grocer. POINTS TO BE REMEMBERED BY THE GROCER. Be sure your name and address ap- pears on the Declaration Form, Official Euvtlnpe and the Sugar Ticket before it leaves your hands. Remember to use the Official Envelope rvovided, w hen handing out Declaration Forms to your customers. On no account must Sugar Tickets be given out until Declaration Forms have been filled in and returned. Declaration Forms, when returned to ■ u, must be immediately transferred to the Local Food Office. If you have not received your supply of the above, communicate with me with- out delay. By ord^r, HENRY AV. SPOWART. iwHwini'imTrmrT LLANELLY RED CROSS HOSPITAL. GRAND CONCERT .,j1. \M :1 &I .1' 1.)..13. Will be held at ZION CHAPEL, LLAMELLY (By kind permission cf the Trustees) On FRIDAY EVENING, 23th DEC., 1917 Artistes. —— Miss Tessie Thomas (The Eminent Welsh Violinist). Soprano Miss MAGGIE DAVIES. Tenor Mr. DAVID HARRY, R.A.M. Baritone Mr. DAVID BRAZELL, -Nl r. DAVID BRAZELI,, Accompanist Mr. LUTHER OWEN. Doors open at 7.30, commence at S. Carriages may be ordered for 10 o'clock. Admission: Reserved Seats (N umbered), 4s. and 3s.; First Seats, 2s. Second Seats, Is. Plan of Chapel may be seen and seats booked at Mr Brinley R Jones', Vaughan 'street, Llaneily. Frank J.Rees, Hon. Secretary. "??w! ??? ??T? '?.?? ?. ?'?? ???'?"? r'h,{ !1.¡,J' >, 'i "I '1r' ''l \4r: ? r:c. ?.? ?? ?'???? ??!s& L;J.iJ.  g? ?..? -e?. ??It?seS ? }:4: ??!)  ?ea!? IS WHAT YOU WANT. -> Try— r? i ? ? ? D Fresh Ground Green Bone The Great Producer. FRESH GROUND GREEN BONE with the adhering meat and gristle, upon analysis is found to contain the ingredients which go to make up the growing chick, and, in close proportions, the different parts of the complete egg. The Perfectly Fresh Ground Done that I sell differs from any food ordinarily obtained. It is so rich and succulent, and easily digested,H and contains nearly every element necessary for the production of the egg, as well as the formation of bone, muscle, feathers, etc., and to this is due the extraordinary results which are obtained by those who are already using it. Poultry farmers all over the world agree that young chicks mature much quicker when fed with Fresh Ground Green Bone. As my supply of this valuable egg producer and food is limited, try a small quantity at your earliest convenience and see the INCREASE IN YOUR EGG SUPPLY, Then it will pay you to arrange, for a regular supply, so that you will not be dis- appointed. For Large Quantities pleas. e forward postcard in advance. Orders per post receive pe rsonal and prompt attention. -M= ,c_.ø- 'k" Sold at Fourpence per lb. by  J m"t \5 B 1 & G W. j. i HOMAS, Butc h ery ? Grocer, Corner Shop, New Doek Road, Llaneily, 1 "). ¡-" 1 I, l"" 1 + -q ,f. C\ ¡ :4" -> A Also Stall -> 3 Llaneily Market. PAVlNBROKINC NOTICE. P. SHARFF, Fa b ri 80, STATION ROAD, LLANELLY, Begs to inform the Public of Llanelly and District that he is prepared to ad- I vance Cash on Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clothing, Boots, etc. Also a large stock ¡ of new and second-hand Clothing, Boots, etc., for Sale. I Paper Tray Cloths, Supper Cloths, and I Lace Tabia Cloths, a: all prices.-Star I Stationery Stores. THE THREE ESSES.—Star Stationery I Stores. Noted for best value. CORPORATION OF LLANELLY. SEED POTATOES. The Corporation are prepared to supply Immune Varieties of Potatoes for plant- ing next season. Application must be made before Monday, the 24th inst. Full particulars and forms of applica- tion can be obtained at the Borough Surveyor's Office, Town Hall, Llanelly. Dish Papers; all sizes; plain, embossed and lace edge. 6!d. and 7 £ d. packets, assorted sizes.-Star Stationery Stores Cruet Papers, suitable for 3, 4, and a bottle Cruets: « £ d., Sid., and 7id.- Star Stationery Stores. BOROUGH OF LLANELLY. FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE MAXIMUMS RETAIL PRSCES B???.??B?i?SJp?' B?? 8?S? ???a P?? S S S jC"? ?? § B ? Q ??' E W D am ?si B ?? 3 ??i ? a ? ? <?t?  'tw# OF JAM. The Committee call attention to the following prices as prescribed in the Jam (Prices) Order, 1917. In Containers. AV, thoiit c) -nt,-Iper. JAM:— 1-lb. 2-lb. 31h. 41h. 71b. Per lh. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s d Apricot Cherry ) Black Currant n i in- -0 q 6 011 n- I U 1 luj. 9 o b. 6 o 0 11 .Pineapple I .0 c. ,). Strawberry .Pineapple and Apricot Peacli. 0 lli.1 9V.2 7.3 G.6 1 0 10, Raspberry > Raspberry and Red Currant 0 11 .1 8j.2 6 .3 4.5 10 .0 10 Blackberry Greengage A Loganberry Red '? Currant .? fJ 101 1 i} 2 4? 3 2.5 61 0 91 Red CUITant  1021 I il.2 41 2. 3 2 ;5 61 0 9 Raspberry and Gooseberry Strawberry and Gooseberry Apricot and Apple Gooseberry >0 10 .1 61 2 3 .3 0. 5 3 .0 9 Raspberry and Plum .j Damson .A Plum Blackberry and Apple. ) Black Currant and Apple j 5\2 1,1,2 10 4 11E..0 Si Raspberry and Apple Strawberry and Apple | Phm and Apple_ "I o 0.J 4!T.2 0 2 8.4 8 0 S Any other description I JELLY, excepting Black and Red Cu-rar.t, in excess cf Jam prices, id per lb. Any sale at a price exceeding the foivpuing should be promptly reported to The Public are urged to demand receipts, thereby assist the Food Control Committee in preventing any contra vent in of the Order. Dated 8th December, 1917. HENRr W. SPOWART, Executive Officer. -T,f!'t7t;f.íi;f):l;i,:x{,}!.1;<ATr1l'! I,] T 1 J R I j (:<};i.. v 'J n t' t'f\; 1'1 1 John James (Smansea RUteaiS)! ? LTD. a ? CAB AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, | 1 POSTING AND JOBBING- MASTERS, I Undertakers AND HL 9 S t 9 t N 9 B** BZ I COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. BS ? ????????3 &M-. S Hae !EBR. t p't i t?s?'F&s?s I THE TRADE SUPPLIED WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS, y ALL ORDERS will receive our PERSONAL SUPERVISION. g ] Wedding and Picnic Parties specially Catered for. g j Ph-ne Nc, 143. Miss M. JAMES, lVIanaging Director. I II ■■II j. 1Ii\- ■Ill -ArJ 'O: I:' I    £Ø' t I'!  e s. i t  ?'' tl re q t f h  ? At the request of the National War Savings Committee || we have pleasure in de voting this space r' te an "ppeal to you to innst in I" ;I an a^ea^° jjjjjj t ,¡ f ù .J¡ 1 ",<' t lti: i "'1f' }I J\J r;: 1tA" M" Z1t' B, 0, l; D" S Œ H. \1 ¡.. "¿. ,t.L:' I 1 j -It is practical patriotism to b uy these Bonds. 9 f 'r"¡' ¡jI' iij Stepney Sti-seet-, Llaneily. | ? r'.1," I l ¡j JUS* ^^ayTKMiLCliJTJMgiMr)r_tMmiTgK-iTTi-i'<nrT .ct':lllill E"'It "S THE DIRECTORS OF » LLOYDS BANK LIMITED desire to call the attention of their customers and others to the advisability of investing all available moneys in NATIONAL WAR BONDS and of applying further savings in the same way. In the Savings Bank Department small sums can be accumulated at interest until they reach the 1 minimum required for purchasing WAR BONDS. -P_L'&O'o | THE FASHION RENDEZVOUS. | !if i'i( "¡k 'W :¡. Ii. ¡¡.;J.Ii'il.UJ¡U, ? OUPZ, GAND ? r" JI. 1:'1. r ? ?. ? .?. ?  ? 'f!!J 'l ,v 'i,t¡Q ,jf' t 'j f: t:fl' <1" l "'iI' «} .mt"I'" "¿ ;,l! ¡-Ill U W1I ,r (, -o-qp- 1 IS NOW OPEN. I I' i JAMES J. PRYCEJ I HANDEL HOUSE, LLANELLY. | H. POLICOVSKY Begs to inform the Public that he RE-OPENED with a Large Stock of New and Second-hand BOOTS AND CLOTHING AT 12, Cowell Street (Opposite Mr. Evan Jones, Chemist). Money Advanced PROMPTLY AND PRVATELY FROM dE3 upwards on simple note of hand. Reasonable rates, and easiest terms of repayments. Write or call, to- L. GEOFFREY (Formerly trading as L. Benjamin), STRETTON HOUSE, COLLECE SQUARE, LLANELLY. .arge Assortmont of Laoe Edge Doyieys, round and square.—Star Stationary StorM.

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