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Mp. Loosemore at the Tribunal


Mp. Loosemore at the Tribunal ALD. NATHAN GRIFFITHS WAN^TS I HIM FOR THE AHMY. Joseph S. Loosemore (26), described as a baker and grocer, of Stepney street, claimed at the meeting of the Borough Tribunal on Thursday that he was in a certified occupation. He said that he was a. married man and that he had three brothers with the colours since the out- break of war, and two had been killed. At one time he was rejected, hut was now classified A. Aid. Nathan Griffiths: You say that yon are a baker ? Loosemore: That is Don't you go to Ireland ?—I only went on one occasion. Who baked while you were away ?—I was only away one day and did the baking before i went. The other day you appeared before the Food Committee-—Yes. Did yen not say then that you were often in Ireland ?—No; I have only visited Ireland (Vee. You also said that you went about hllY- ing produce :-1 do not think so. It is not a question of thinking ?—I am practically certain. Are you certain :1 can hardly re- member Aid. Griffiths: No shuffling now, or I will have the case adjourned in order to get witnesses to prove what you said before the Food Committee. The Mayor: I was present. Aid. Griffiths is. referring to the conference with the butter merchants. I think Mr. Loosemore said he went away to purchase butter. Loosemore j did go to Ireland once. Aid. Griffith. I suppose you u ill not go there again y Loosemore: 1 am buying by corres- pondence now. to> I think your journey to Ireland was raHter a dear job y.—It was. Proceeding, Loosemore stated that two o! his brothers had been killed in action. Griffiths: L am very sorry to hear that. but there are hundreds besides you who have suffered in the same way. Loosemore stated that he supplied the Hospital and munition works. Aid. Griffiths: This is a Class A. man uho would make a good soldier. Loosemore: 1 am nnfib and quite wil- u''g to g., ?for- ih- Medical Bo-.rd a?ain. The Mavn).: Ts it shnpiv a q'?sHcn of the man going into tbp Volunteers ? Aid. Gi unths; No. He is a class A man and I desire him v as a soldier. The Mayor If he is a, haker he is certified occupation. Aid. Griffiths He would be of greater service in the Army. Loosenr: Tee family has already done verv well. It was decided to allow Loosemore to appeal to the County for a rc-examina- tion.


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