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Mp. Loosemore at the Tribunal


Attack on the Y.M.C.A.

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The Popu lap. I


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Inadequate Train Service




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I ASTERISKS. ————Q-————


I ASTERISKS. ———— Q -———— Miss M nggio D.ivkjs, iJio local soprano* is singing in Swansea tonight. The late Capt. Hume Roderick was a former mem:>er of e Burry Port Coun- cil. Next year it is hoped to increase the allotments in Elaneily from 00 acres to 70 acres. < < The Baptist Association of the county are agitating i^r a war bonus, for ministers. The many friends of Air. and Mrs. R. L. Sails deeply sympathise with them in the serious illness of their daughter. < < < I his afternoon, Pte. Brazier, one of the Pare Howard patients, will be decor- ated by Sir James Hills Jchnes, V.C. At Park Cnurch to-morrow evening, the Rev. Rees Griffiths, I.A., will speak on "Jerusalem—its history and its message." Oranges will be greatly missed in many a Llanelly home this Christmas. At two or three a penny they used to be in great demand, but at 4d. each Another meeting of the Rotary Club was held en Inursaay, there being a good gathering. Swansea is now bestirring it- self in the formation of a similar organiz- ation. 1> < t Is the \Ù.1"}1 ,erd for "electro- cuted"? A Lell lawyer was fairly stum pee over it this wee k and gave it as "electrecuto." Siiades of "spendo" we presume. « A correspond ant is willing to bet that there is more mud and slush in Murray street than in any tlnoroughfare in the town. He want- to know what is the good of having e. Mayor for a neighbour. Eight years ago this week, Mr. Lloyd George addressed a great meeting at Llanelly. He was then Chancellor of the Exchequer and the country was looking for hi? Brdget. Many things have hap- liii-e bip- A Parliamentory gossip says that Mr. Birrell is the fastest speaker in the House of Commons. But surely, Mr. Birrell takes second place to "Towyn," whose torrential eloquence has more than once baffled the reporters. It is estimated trott there are over 7.00? houses in Llaneny. Taking an average of five to a house, this gives & (-f fv?' t,' Tl!ls C:Ives a however, that caving to overcrowding, the -tl i, liC'r('r --(;JÎUP. oJ: Strong protests are being made in Burry Port aga.ii- the inadequate train service. Dr. Wdlianis complains that the most Important trains run tlirough Burry Port. b::t t'uy at every "petty little place" up the line. | Every cokrier and sailor from Burry Fort and Pombrey is to he road- happy i thir Xrois with a ten shilling note from the V.'r.r h ands Couiiaittee. the j Llanelly hoys, deserve some thing from their native t •: r Now, Mr. Mayor, Capel Als i-n it* present form was open- } ed tw r.ty-two years ago tomorrow. The I exterior of this historic building is | nothing io h^nsr cf from an architectural point of view, but the interior makes it one of the handsomest chapels in the Prin- cipahty. • f- Mr. Tnm H. Ward H;lh Hendy, a for- mer pupil at tee Llanelly Co-nty School, has won an open foundation scholarship {)] £80 Qe.eon's Cooegu Oxford. He got "top place" at the entrance examin- ation to the school and maintained that position during his stay there. c It was in that the St. Pauls district cf Llanelly was formed into a sepr.a.te ecelcsiastieal parish. The pop- ulation of the district at that w'me was 4,500. The church was erected by volun- tary subscriptions and a grant fioin the Church Building .Society, nnd was conse- crated on Dee-mhrr 13th. 1P50. *■ Very euaioi are the inscriptions on -no of the rl i monuments in the Parish -—1 {■. l-o+T» the^ body of Margaroft Vrn-gban. the relict of Vaur-han of this T'wne Frquier, w ho departed tliis lifo the 2oth day of r January A no Dam 1703-4. aged q year9 r.-r.'l Tf -r, T r-bal! wh^n (n,i<t doe call."


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