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A Custom House Bank Idyll


A Custom House Bank Idyll W TALES OF ASSAULT AND BATTERY. I Sarah Lewis, Union Cottage, at the Police Court, summoned Haydn Bennett, Custom House Bank, for assault, and Haydn Bennett preferred a charge of assault against the plamtiif and 1argaret Ann Hopkins, Custom House Bank. Mr. Mervyn Paton appeared for Bennett, and Mr. Ludford was on the other side. Sarah Lewis said that- on November 23rd. Bennett came to the house and ac- cused her of making accusation against another woman, and he assaulted her. She had a terrible black eye which kept her from work for a fortnight. It was evident that Bennett had been drinking. She was a total abstainer. Cross-examined: She did not have a drop of drink herself, and she did not pick up a poker. The man was like a mad dog about the place. M. A. Hopkins, wife of David Hopkins a soldier in the South Wales Borderers, stated that she heard a scream and went to the assistance of her sister, but was knocked down by Bennett and kicked. Cross-examined: She was perfectly sober. So far she had not taken any action against Bennett. P.C. Davies said that when he saw Mrs. Lewis she was very dazed and her right eve was discoloured. Mr. Paton stated that. his instructions were that the woman was very drunk. and that this accounted for her dazed condition. The evidence for the defence would he that the injuries were caused by the fall. Haydn Bennett stated that he called at the house of Mrs. Lewis, who picked up a poker and threatened to hit him. She then picked up a basin which missed him and hit her own husband. Mr Lewis told his wife that she had better go and face the thing out with a view to clear- ing up the trouble, and this was agreed to. At the house of Mrs. Lewis he was struck bv Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. Hopkins scratched his face. He had eleven scratches on one side of his face. Both of the women were drunk, and on going out of the house they fell. Cross-examined The two women were too drunk to see him, and could not walk alone. He heard the evidence of the con- stable who said the woinan was dazed. Bennett: I do not know what dazed means. Mr. Ludford: A woman can he dazed when she is knocked about by a brute. Bennett: I did not have a chance to hit the woman. Helen Nurse said she went to clear herself because Mrs. Lewis was making accusations against Bennett and herself. Mrs. Lewis tried to hit Bennett with a poker, and her husband interfered. Mrs. Lewis was entirely to blame for the trouble. Wm. John Thomas gave similar evidence. The summons against Bennett was dis- missed. and it was agreed to withdraw the other charges. -r-


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