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Intermediate School.


Intermediate School. MEETING OF GOVERNORS. A meeting of the Governors of the Intermediate school was held on Thurs- day when the Mayor (Aid. D. James Davies) presided. Vote of condolence. Before commencing the business, the Mavor moved a vote of condoleiitv with Mr J. L. Thomas in the dea.th of his son, and the motion was passed in silence. New Appointments. The Headmaster (Mr. G. J. 'iliomas, M.A.) reported that he had appointed Mr Idris Roberts as Science Master at 1:170 a year. Mr. Roberts had not obtained his degree, but- this was the bc-s-o arrange- ment he (Mr. Thomas) could make. After having made the appointment he received an application from a London young lady who had a degree, but she would not ac- capt a-lower salary than £ 200. The Mayor said it was important that the school should have a strong science man, and he suggested that the Master should be authorised to offer a higher salary. The Headmaster said he did not need aaother Science master at present. He also reported that Mr. Lewis Griffiths. had been appointed as history ir: tSter. The Headmistress (Miss C. Davies. M.A.) reported that she had appointed Miss M. TT:rrir- a* Science teacher. Gift fcr the Library. The Deputy Ciork Dfr, reported that Mr. G. F. Blake had presented to the library of the Boys" School fifty hooks in memory of his son, the late Lieut. Cyril Blake. 0'1, the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Mr. TV. E. Clement, it was decided to thank the donor for his gift. Bitter Disappointment. The Deputy Clerk reported that Mr. Owen Edwards, H.M. Inspector, when asked to confer with the head-teachers with a view cr increasing the staff and complying with the requirements of tha Board of Education for teaching of ad- vanced technical courses, had written the following reply;—"I have already con- ferred. with th", Headmaster and Head- mistress of the Llanelly Schools about the raasons for the inability of the Board to pay grants to their schools for this year. I shall visit the schools again with a view to next year's prospects, and shall be de- lighted to meet the governors when I come. The Mayor It is very disappointing to me that this. school is not recognized for advanced technical courses because we are being pressed by the Board to es- tablish a technical college at Llanelly • The Headmaster: That may be the reason why they have refused. The Mayor: This is certainly no en- couragement- when we have facilities at least equal to school at which the grant is allowed. I move that the clerk be authorised to send a strong protest to Mr. Owen Edwards. Mr. Clement seconded the motion, wkieh was agreed to. Application for increase of Salary.^ An application was received trcm the teaching staff at the Evening Technical Classes for the same scale of payment as that paid in Glamorganshire. It was decided to recommend to the County Committee that the application he acceded to.