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The Tribunal.


The Tribunal. ANOTHER BATCH OF APPEALS. A meeting of the Borough Tribunal was held on Thursday evening when the Mavor (Aid. D. James Davies) presided. At a Munition Factory. \Y. G. Mann, a married man witn two children, in appealing said he was in Class A, and was employed at a muni- tions factory as a police sergeant. Replying to Mr. D. Jennings, who re- presented the National Service, said that before joining the force at the factory he was for two years in the Carmarthen- shire Constabulary. His protection card had been withdrawn. The Mayor: Can't you get a man of a lower category to fill this man's place? Supt. Crow It is very difficult to get suitable men to stay. NVill you let me explain how he was transferred from the Llaneliy Police Force to the force at the faetory ? Mr. Jennings: I object to that because the protection card has been withdrawn by the Munition Area Tribunal. The Mayer: Didn't you kr.ow that when you had your calling lip notice you could have applied to the Munition Area Tribunal for a permanent card ? Appellant: No. Mr. Jennings: I quite appreciate Supt. Crow's position, and I am prepared to agree to the case being dismissed, the man not to be called up till January 1st. Appellant produced a medical certifi- cate, and the Mayor observed "I can't understand how the Mcdical Board passed you Class A in view of this certi- ficate. I may say that the Tribunal would not be prepared to allow a young Class A man to remain for such work as you are doing. The case was adjourned to enable the appellant to apply to the County Tri- bunal fot* a re-examination. Eighty Hours a V/eek. Two stokers named John Thomas and Ormond Garside, employed at Buckleys Brewery, had their exemptions reviewed, and stated that they worked eighty hours a week including Sundays. The latter was also the secretary of a Societ, while the former produced a medical certificate. ? Mr. Jcnuings withdrew the appeals, and the exemptions were allowed to con- tinue. His Birthday, It is your birthday to-day, I believe ? asked Mr. E. Hammerer, and Del. Lewis, who appealed for exemption, replied in the affirmative, adding "I am 39 years of age and I have a wife and four chil- dren." Further evidence having been given, Mr. Jennings agreed to four months post- ponement on condition that Lewis joined Section D of the V.B. A Genius. I "Eighteen years 01 age ana a siauon- master he must be a gemus," qbserved the Mayor, when the case of Thomas B. Walters was mentioned by the Deputy Clerk (Mr. D. J. Phillips), who further enlightened the Tribunal by saying "He is a stationmaster at Cwmblawd." The Mayor Oh, I see. The appeal was supported by Mr. Mc | j A Ulster of rhc LIanclly .?d Mynydd Mawr R,?'lw?ay. The case "'] a djourned for 14 days. Made a Sasrince. I Yorath Williams (18), employed by the same Company as a loco fireman, was also appealed for. Mr. Jennings: I should like to get from this Company the number of men in their employ of military age; I think it is about time this firm made some sacrifice. Mr. McAllister I believe the Company has made as great a sacrifice as any other Rallwav Company in the country. The case was adjourned for 14 days. Torpedoed three times. .1 1, 1 "He has been torpedoed three times, I said Coun. M. IL Richards when the case of Wm. J. Morris was called for review, and the Deputy Clerk said he had been informed that the man had been in the M?utilc Marme '?or th? past twelve months. I The Are the militar- satisfied on that point ? Mr. Jennings: I will make inquiries. I To join Soctbn B. I In the case of Noel S. L'nectourn, architect and surveyor, had his case re- viewed, and he was represented by Mr. J. Lewis Phillips. Appellant stated that he was stul en- gaged on a contract for Messrs. Richard Thomas and Co. Ltd. I Mr. Jennings: Are you prepared to joiifhe Volunteer Battalion ? I Mr. Phillips stated that his client was wiling to k;:i subject to his being i physical!" Mr that Dr. it.vans "ovr J examined m-n to nscertain wheth er they j: were fit for the V.B. "I must," added Mr. Jennings, "press for this man for Section B." Mr. Phillips: Section B is no joke in t hese days. Mr. Jennings: There is no joke about the whole position now. Ordered to join Section B of the V.B. Dismissed. H Mr. E. Kammerer appeared tor J. tl. James, confectioner, whose exemption was reviewed. James stated that he was a married man and was classed B 2. Mr. Jennings: Will he join the V.B. ? Mr. Kammerer: There is a medical certificate. The military appeal was dismissed. postponed. I A married man, NVm. Lewis, wno was employed as foreman carpenter at New- port by the British Mannesman Tube Co. who were appealing for a protection card. Postponed for 1-1 days. I Milk Oh "I've been expecting Mr. Jennings to ask you if you would sell milk cheaper if he withdrew his appeal," staid the Mayor, amidst laughter, when the case of G. J. Isaac was being reviewed. Isaac, who had previously stated that he was unfit for the V.B., replied "I would sell the milk cheaper if I could without him asking me, and I would join the V.B. if I was fit to do so." The military appeal was dismissed.

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