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PfepiiL 3 Ad vef l&eci&cits A HALF-PENNY A WORD. One Thr6 < Insertion Insertions 12 words 0 6. 1 0 16 words 0 8 1 4 20 words 0 10 1 8 94 words 1 2 0 30 words 13 2 6 This -ip,/ue3 only to prepaid advertise- ments. Advertisements not paid for when ordered will be charged extra. The Publishers do not guarantee the insertion or an advertisement in any specified issue, or all, and will not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure of an advertisement to appear in any specified issue, er at all. They also reserve tr, rfyjrt to reM» mserticn of an advertisement. "Vh;t ;reat pains are taken to secure accuracy, the Publishers would impress .advertisers the need for legible writing. In any case they only insert ??-e.-?s?.ents u?on the condition that .L?- d? rot ?cc-y. responsibility for in- Iccur??, uc.r for any c?queuce arising therefrom.  Y T ■) T' TF vou have any FFUXITrBE cr other j_ ? ?-ti<lps fur Sal?\ ?'-?? or call at "Williams' Auction Rooms. Murray street, Llancllv. Goods sold on commission or bought outright. ADAME BRITANNIA, Lady Physi- ognomist; satisfaction guaranteed to all. Hours 10.30 to 9 p.m.-4, Inker- man street, Llanelly. WANTED Second-hand FURNITURE Yv Bicvcles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etcs., etc. In fact, we buy (and sell) anything that has any value. Whole houses of Furniture bought outright; distance no object.-Silverstone, 35-36, Murray street, Llanelly. 5LEGHORN-AVYAXJDOTTE pullets laid 5 ?"?-s from November to Apnl, aHer having Karswcod Poultry Spice con- aining ground insects. Packets 2d., 6d., 1-.—Phillips and Co., Grocers, Thomas street, Llanelly. w ANTED, HOUSE, 10s. to 12s. weekly; central; £ 1 for key. Write W., Star Office. OO w DOWN and the remainder of Ù the purchase money by easy instalments, will buy a nice comfortable COTTAGE; good position; low ground rent. Apply, Williams, Auctioneer, Murrav street, Llanelly. ai±j o'i' iVj v .d. i o. "1VXV 7AN i ED, General SERYAT, for W bu?iiiess house; short hoars, haii holiday, no Sunday work. Apply Morris' The Ladies' Healm. WANTED a good DAY GIRL. Apply TV Mrs. Bentley, Ironmonger, Murray street. TT7ANTED, good young GENERAL; W used to children.—Mrs. Michael, 25, Greenfield Villas. GENERAL SERVANT required. Ap- ply, Thomas Arms Hotel, Llanelly. WANTED, a young GIRL, about 16, to assist in shop. Apply Stanley Pearce, Market street. lw ANTED, good General SER\ ANT experienced, comfortable home, good wages.—W. J. Thomas, butcher and grocer, New Dock road, Llanelly. w ANTED, an experienced GENERAL f or good working Housekeeper; .must be fond of children; Nurse-maid kept. Apply, Mrs. Gascoigne, 38, New a-oad. w ANTED, good General SERV ANT two in Apply, Mrs. Jones, 2, John street. WA* N'TED, good General SERA ANT. W Apply, ^Irs. Dewsbery, Alltyfran, Llanelly. siT-r vnoNt- '?r \?FR Y\'ANTKD; must be steady .1.. :t''  j must )(' seac A.??y, Bcvan ?nd Co. Ltd., Fur- nishers, Vaughan street, Llanelly. A Smart IMPROVER Wanted, and a I A. good Lather Boy .J enkins, Hair- dresser, Park street, Llanelly. -t?TAXTED? T good strong Errand BOY. Apply, James, Ironmonger, Yaughan street.  GOOD BOY for Bread round W anted ?JT ? ouc3.—W. R. Willies, West End. at onc2.L lL 'Yillia.ms, 'Yest I W ANTED, a good  WANTED, a good and reliaole MAN, Vt to take charge of horse and van.j Good w.?.s. Ap?y, Elanelly Steam Laundry, Llanelly. MART BOY Wanted, age from 14 to lt, as an Improver to picture framing.-I. Benjamin & Co., Murray st. fraraing.-I. Benjarcan L?-, Co., -Ilurray st, YOUNG LADY Wanted for the picture 'l'Yrl wallpaper business. —I I Y- ?:d w?ll ?. .re'- busi ness. —1.  Benjamin and Co., jAurray c_eet. p, VH ?S A !($.  Ft)R SALE, 20 Black and White Leg- h(-?'L?.'i?. A.?l h?t?.-d; I also two Taxable Sheds and runs 8ft. by 1:?1 earn chep, m?rc?'cu invi?. -J. T? ?.?,. .? ???????M. FOR SALE, BEDROOM SUITE, Par- i lour Suite, iiitl T,1 ble.-2, Upper ¡ Robinson street, off Pottery street. 4 t. ''I -I' f. n 'I E P IT 1 HOUSE for SALE, near Pare Howard, i low ground rent; immediate posses- sion. Apply, L., Star Office. nTI :c\ L, ny putlic aucti(:)ll, at iihe Ju Commercial Arms, Pembrey, on Wednesday, December 12th, at 7.30 p.m., Two LEASEHOLD D\VKLLJA GHOl SES "Faliov.'field," and adjoining house, Ash- burnliam road, Pembrey.—Wm. iLvans, Auctioneer. HOUSE for SALE in College Hill.  Apply 3, CollegctÍ111. VERY THING in Stock in Household I rt1 j I Ironmongery, including Mangles, large and Table Mangles, Lamps and Stoves, Blowers, Fire Guards, Fenders, and Coal Vases; Portable Boilers; also Bicycles, both Gents and Ladies, all at invest prices. in stock at lowest prices. 1 SPECIALLY INVITE YOI- TO INSPECT MY LARGE STOCK. D. Hughes, Ironmonger, Station Road. -IOR SALE, by auction, at Williams' 1 1(?onis, -'t l L Sale Rooms, Murray street, Llan- elly, on Thursday next, December 6th, at 2 p.m., Ook Chest of Drawers, Oak Bookcase, Chippendale Cabinet, Parlour S'lic.-s. Tables, Chairs, Overmantels, Sideboards, Bedroom Suites, Bedsteads, Commode, Fire Guard, Cradks, Fenders, Brasses, Sowing Machine, Crockery, Books, Pictures, Ornaments, Linoleum, etc. APABTMENTb FURNISHED APARTMENTS, with use of Kitchen required by young married couple; must be in respectable locality. Apply, Star Office. ——————————————— ——————————— WANTED, comfortable LODGINGS for young man; near Station. Ap- ply Star Office. W ANTED, Unfurnished four Rooms; r f or half house. Enquire 12, Sun- ninghill terrace, Swansea road. TO LET, Lock-up SHOP, with or -L without Stockroom; near Station. Apply, G., Star Office. LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED from 36, Greenwav street,  small vellow DOG, name "Cliff." Finder rewarded. tII; UIHJIM .J.4oC.¡;¡;¡, To Restore the Eyesight TO RESTORE THE HEARING. • A NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY. The greatest discovery of the ayt for the cure of uffedion of even aii,1 at all itagei. hort Siglit, Cross flmeù ar:d \V atory Eyei-! made c1ear and atrcrig. Strained Eyes caused by constant (Joncentration un fine work, such aH ldal Eii,,ravina, c Dreí:i3making, fwcome head- aches Indis- pei)sa  ) l c to those w h ose under artificial light. COLLIERS IN PARTICULAR. Loom-workers constant- ly staring at vibrating fibres and colours of various hues. "Eye Exerciser" (patented in Great Britain and on the Continent), invented by James Williams in. Beech road, Birkenhead. Those that are troubled with defective hearing and noises in the head will be wise in con- sulting Air. Williams. In case of cor- respondence enclose stamped-addressed envelope. Kinver Villa, Rhyd, Tredegar, Mon. Dear Sir.— Sept. 17th, 1917. I consider it n1" duty to testify to the material benefit' that I have derived from the use of your "Eye Exerciser." Having suffered with my eyes for over 36 years, and consulted in the meantime the principal Oculists in London, Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham, which was all of no avail, as my. sight continually deteriorated. At last I was informed by an eminent Oculist that I was becoming blind, the idea of which was a great up- set to me. Under these circumstances I was induced to go to you for a treat- ment (which was about 20 months ago), after which, I am glad to say, my sight immediately began to improve, and has continued to do so ever since. I remain, sir. Yours gratefully, W. Williams. 2o, Argylo street, Birkenhead, Mr. W illiams. July 6th, 1916. Dear Sir,—It is high time that a testi- monial is presented to you as an appre- ciation and gratitude for the wonderful benefit I derived bv the use of your dis- covery, the "Eye Exerciser." When I consulted you (many years since now) I had cataract forming very seriously in both eyes that I became very alarmed, as my living was at stake#Now I can read a normal print without glasses Most wonderful when I consider my ad- vanced ago of 76 years. The public ought to be notified of the above. Margaret Da vies. Rhydyfaniwn, nr. Cardigan, Mr. Williams. Dear Sir,—Your "Eye Exerciser" has done wonders to my eye-sight. I have been in the Infirmary, and I have tried the doctors till I had gone nearly blind. However, after using your "Eve Exerciser" for a short time, I am glad to say that I am able to read my Bible now without the aid of glasses. Yours faithfully, Thomas George. TOUR FOR NOVEMBER- AND DECEMBER, 1^17. Nov. 24 and 26 County Hotel, Ponty- pridd. ?? 27 Central Hotel, Cnrdif. Nov! 2e AVv'vlrr' Hotel. Bridgend. Dec. 1 ? 3— M ae k wort b. He tel. Swansea '-). ? "? ?' ?*- f t !3"3"y. 7' 0 "T;'m.l ,.t:I'Y. Dc.. 7}¡;P:0' Hot?. Whitland. Dec. ° 1"").: I. Temp. ) r. i se r'rnivn NOTE.—This will be the only announce- j ment in this paper of Mr. Williams' visits. L L A H ELLY RED CROSS HOSPITAL. i GRAND CONCERTj Will be held at ZION CHAPEL, LLANELLY I (By kind permission of the Trustees) t On FRIDAY EVENING, 28th DEC., 1917 Artistes. Rjsr' TT* T's Miss Tessie Thomas (The Eminent Welsh Violinist). Soprano Miss MAGGIE DAVIES. Tenor Air. DAVID HARRY, R.A.M. Baritone Mr. DAVID BRAZELL, A.R.A.M. AcMn?nist Mr. LUTHER OWEN. Doors open at 7.30, commence at 8. Carriages may be ordered for 10 o'clock. Admission: Reserved Seats (Numbered), 4s. and 3s.; First Seats, 2s. Second Seats, Is. Plan of Chapel may shortly be seen and seats booked at Mr Brinley R Jones', Vaughan street, Llanelly. Frank J. Rees, Hon. Secretary. Cruet Papers, suitable for 3, 4, and 6 bottle Cruets; 4,}d., 6-id., and 7 £ d.— Star Stationery Stores. PAWNBROKING N OT I,C E.  F !7"C, :=-.J P. SHArxrF, II "<1i I} STa i s? 80, STATION ROAD, LLANELLY, Begs to inform the Public of Llanelly and District that he is prepared to ad- vance Cash on Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clothing, Boots, etc. Also a large stock of new and second-hand Clothing, Boots, etc., for Sale. £'P""o.1JIr Commercial School ARCADE CHAMBERS, LLANELLY. Re-opening' After Summer Vacation. AUGUST 27th, 1917. COMMERCIAL TRAININC at the above School is directed by Experts. Courses include:— HIGH SPEED IN SHORTHAND. TOUCH TYPEWRITING. BOOK-KEEPING. COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. BUSINESS METHODS. COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. LANGUAGES. Over 100 positions in Llanelly and dis- trict for this year up to date. trict for -Cnis Banks, Corporations, Professional and Commercial Houses are still making in- quiries. DAY AND EVENINC CLASSES. For further particulars, apply the Head- master, Mr. E. T. Rees, or the Head- mistress, Miss L. M. Davies. ■BwagaMmwiifit' ir- ■ ■T»i>TmM..>-j.^i»t—er«^irlfrT1-rfirfT|fl^Tari|M| M lin i'JJIB8Irt1'1. -,n'i1'1.;rn.1,iõi.PH1 66 Gymry, Deweli at y Cymro." I Good Jewellery at Modc -tte Charges, vy; i Ti-inM a c I. I ¡¡'=¡ I '4; [) ;1 L., 1'" fJ( :S\. r'. :1Ji.. J J 1 nUiviriiJ ,l ,d ..i i. l\. ¡J¡ '¡' $ A I ,ü., V ¿" i!\J,. (THE MAN OF THE HOUR), Watchmaker and Jeweller, Is Noted for Choice, Be autifal, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, AND WATCHES OF PROVED RELIABILITY ——* WEDDING, KEEPER, and DIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc., FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc., FOR PRESENTATION. INSPECTION COR CrALL Y INVITED.  '????T?? ?'?.?????'  tJ1 { EXCHANGE BUSIB1SGS, Park Stmt ??i.? .?????t mill tl*' (r: fcM AtasS s- J E. '¡'j G. 'll¡> ,o''1. t" ,1 .,¡ ,J £ ;J( >.I,¡;i)ll)L¡WI)j" t,' ????y ??'A ?J?   ?El?   y    I ,j, .Lio. "H. I IS WHAT YOU WANT. I Try-     ¡ ? resh Uroun d ?reen Bone The Great Egg Producer. FRESH GROUND GREEN BONE with the adhering meat and gristle, upon analysis is found to contain the ingredients which go to make up the growing chick, and, in close proportions, the different parts of the complete egg. The Perfectly Fresh Ground Bone that I sell differs from any food ordinarily obtained. It is so rich and succulent, and easily digested, and contains nearly every element necessary for the production of the egg, as well as the formation of bone, muscle, feathers, etc., and to this is due the extraordinary results which are obtained by those who are already using it. Poultry farmers all over the world agree that young chicks mature much quicker when fed with Fresh Ground Green Borie. As my supply of this valuable egg producer and food is limited, try a small quantity at your earliest convenience and see the INCREASE IN YOUR 'EGG SUPPLY, Then it will pay you to arrange for a regular supply, so that you will not be dis- appointed. For Large Quantities please forward postcard in advance. Orders per post receive pe rsonal and prompt attention. Sold at Fourpence per lb. by W. J. THOMAS, Butcher & Grocer, Corner Shop, New Dock Road, Llanelly, Also Stall A3 Llanelly Market. (a) Have' joined the Army (b) Are excepted from the provisions of the Military Service Acts, 1916. (c) Are in possession of a definite certificate exempting them from liability for Military Service; (d) Are in a protected occupation. (e) Have moved to another district; etc., etc. — No. Name. Age. Address. (iroup or Class. 1. Perry, Oswald Evan 42 45, Bryn road, Llanelly  46. 2. Bateman, Ernest 42 9, Great Western Crescent, Llanelly C. 46. 3. Bryce, John 26 79, New street, Burry Port ••• ••• C. 9. 4. Evans, Thomas 41 30, New Dock road, Llanelly ••• ••• ••• C. 45. o. McKrnzie, L. V. 41 17, Greenway street, Llanelly C. 45. 6. Farrell, Thomas 36 Mona Bungalow, Derwydd, Burry Port. C. 19. 7. Wrixon, T. 32 22, Parkyminos street, Burry Port C. 13. 8. Mill, Joseph 22 7, Ropewalk road, Llanelly C. 28. 9. Curley, John 38 Old School, Burry Port C. 21. 10. Jones, Willie 26 Copperworks, Burry Port C. 9. 11. Messenger, C. 26 19, Parkyminos street, Burry Port C. 9. 12. Thomas, William 35 2, Wind street, Llanelly C. 39. 13. George, Sidney 18 Llandilo road, Cross Hands C. B. 14. Daley, Peter 18 Van Dweller, Pullgear, Penallt, Llanelly C. B. 15. Jones, J. P. 29, 12, Cambrian street, Llanelly .j .••• -.j 12. Anyone who can give information regarding any of the above-named is invited to do so, either personally or by letter, to the nearest Recruiting Officer. The names of the individuals giving such information will on no account be disclosed.. .c n. -( 'l' .Y I' John James (S'ansea Hiltasl I¡ K¡j.I! { '.AI .j J tJ ( '¡; ") U ..1l!l1 411.1 ..?'ó i!. 1) f )I! 1 LTD. 1 ? ¡b AND CARRIAGE PR PRIETORS, | POSTING AND JOBBING.MASTERS, J  r, t:?- t-t M, A T. 1 Uiiclertafeers ■ | i, ft  ,# 1'1" ,1"" .'i e. I. pnr: .?¡, Ii 'èt¡. Jl. I; 0 f?'1 tI! f1'Q "IJ F" H\ ? ? ?  ?'? ?. s I ':> 4f \} .1. ¡;. i ¡.; ¡Š" r:: t,; 'i ¡j' ;¡<. I.¿' lrifmil 1 f:J- \h.rti". (: (.' 'l¡¡/C" '¿' I)' ? ? COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. | fi THE TRADE SUPPLIED WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS, I ;!jj ALL ORDERS wm receive our PERSONAL SUPERVISION. |g|| rJ| Wadding and Picric Partis sp?ci?'?y Catered for. 14 Jí.il. 1: 8. ).LH. U J: L.j ')l:H. .J!. Ii. eJ. h ;■ Ml:3 I L JAMES, Managing* D-rector*. 1m j $„ t. ) ■■■■win imiihi I HIIH^III mmmmm■IIWIHIII—— wwwUMBUBMIHIIBMIBIIHII—mi J | J '?   g ? THIS SPACE IS RESERVED ?j ? FOR I§| Ii PECLER'S STORES LTD. i fj ^na J???&?. Simply raise this little  !Watermmis!lta}irfoiiE'air:Pen H  ? lever, immerse nib in j I MQVWit Wk> ]on'er krer and theHH |U1 ( k LEVER POCKET Jg I j.'L^ is filled. It's the N B NIBS TO SUIT EVERY HAND. > Ul NIBS TO SUIT EVERY HAND.  i_ Local Depot— ?TATIONERY VAUGHAN STREET, f oS' VAUCHAN STREET, ) ?  (I' I THE FASHION RENDEZVOUS. J "O OUR GRAND | i j^l> I ? IS NOW 0"EN. 1 111'" ? JAMES J PRYCE, 1  C, HANDEL HOUSE, HANELLY. II I i r_. • C$5 t???S?S?S?S?SS????????S????S??????????????????M? <  H. rijLICU V L K Begs to inform the Public that he RE-OP EM ED with a Large Stock of New and Second-hand BOOTS AND CLOTHING —— AT 12, Cc*weil Street (Opposite Mr. Evan Jones, Chemist). I —————————————————-—————— ti Money Advanced PROMPTLY AND PRVATELY FROM JE3 upwards on simple note of hand. Reasonable rates, and easiest terms of repayments. Write or call, to— r.' "-) Ti1' J;11J Tj'1 Y LJ. GEOFFREY (Formerly trading as L. Benjamin), STRETTON HOUSE, COLLSr.il; SQUARE, LLA TLLY. .arge Assortment of Laoe Edge Doyieys. round and square.-Star Stationery Stores.