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Alleged Revoking Cruelty






I j The Tribunal. ;




j Volunteer Battalion. I Volunteep…

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| — rrrr ttt r m i\iiiim^m F? I ?- I  t orrelÎtoslay London Eyesight Expert to remain at I Palish Hall, Lianeily, aiiotlier week. Yes, I have decided to stay another week in Llanelly. There is simply no other way oat of it short of disappoint- ing the people who need my services. My offer ql free advice remains exactly as hitherto. I shall continue to test the eyesight of all who seek my assistance, and the optical staff will remain to supply the lenses required at the same low charges as have been so successful up to -low. It is not to be wondered at that the remarkable value these lenses offer is being appreciated by the people of Llan- elly. They. are beautifully made, each lens being ground from a specially pre- pared colourless crown crystal, finished on the latest scientific principles, and guaranteed absolutely correct by the re- cognised standard of measurement. The average cost of these lenses is 3s. only. Of course, in astigmatic and special cases a small extra charge may be necessary. I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that they represent a record value in eye-glasses. As is well known, the more extensive the business, the less the cost of production, the lower one can bring doVrn the price with the same margin of profit. My staff are able to turn out lenses at remarkably low charges—the same low charges which have made them so well known through- out the United Kingdom. In quality and workmanship these glasses are all that could be desired, and bear the stamp of London professional skill. ACCURACY AND EFFICIENCY. I One of the exceptional features of my visit to Llanelly is my special method of testing the eyesight, and the scientific principles under which I work. The system I have adopted for sight-testing may he considered the most advanced method yet discovered, and the one which is universally admitted by leading eye specialists to be the most accurate. Then, of oourse, I have the advantage I I of having at my command the latest scientific sight-testing apparatus of every Kind. Some of these are very costly in- II struments, bat they are practically essen- tial if all accurate test is to be ensured. I TEN YEARS' GUARANTEE. J\o greater prod cfthcg?nmnenessand- emciency of the work I am doing can b? ofI2reù than tho fact that o;uih of my clients receives with his or her glasses a ten years' guarantee. This guarantee carries with it the right to have the eyesight re-tested free of ehargo either on my subsequent visits to. Llanelly or at any time at my head es- tablishment at 315, High Holborn, lion- don. Any changes found necessary to the existing lenses will tbpn be made free of all charge. I am actuated by a desire to help those- who need my services, and who are un- able to afford the high fe^S generally charged. Anyone who has not yet con- sulted me, and whose eyes are in any way troublesome, is invited to take advantage of the extension of my visit, and come at once and consult me free of all charge. I will examine each individual case thoroughly and carefully, and I will give the best al soundest advice. If glasses are not necessary for them I will frankly say so. If glasses are needed I will pre- scribe for them and tell them exactly what kind and what strength will suit them best. Even if you think your eyes are all right, come and see me and mak e sure of it. A consultation will cost you nothing, and will commit you to nothing. Take this unique opportunity of learning exactly how things are with your eye- sight. My consulting rooms are at the PARISH HALL, LLANELLY, and my hours of consultation are from 10 to 1 in the morning, and from 2 to 7 in the afternoon. Special appointments. can be made.