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Mill Hill and Mill Bank %


I Treatment of Disabled



IDrunk in the Factory I


Volunteer Battalion. ■.0

The Tribunal.I


The Tribunal. I » ANOTHER BATCH OF APPEALS. I A meeting of the Borough Tribunal was held on Thursday when the Mayor (Aid; D. James Dabies) presided, and Lieut. Ingr.ams represented the National Service Must join the Volunteers. Dd.. T. Jones (35), classified C 2, was ordered to join section D of the Volun- teers or the St. John Ambulance Associ- ation. James E. Clarke (32), painter assist- ant, now emplpiwd as a labourer in a Steelworks, offered to join the Army in tm-0 months. < Dismissed and not to be called up for two months. Richard Lane, confectioner, in a certi- fied occupation, was ordered to join sec- tion D of the Volunteers. Silas Dayies. (39), accountant and traveller with Messrs. Evan Jones, chemists, stated that he was a married ma2].,with four children. Exemption, ordered to join section D of the Volunteers. W. L. Pritchard (40), married with three children was stated to be a public slaugh terman. Exemption, and ordered to join section D of the Volunteers. Withdrawn. j R. E. Kemp (42), married, with no children, employed as a, labourer, stated that he had a certificate of exemption, and the case was withdrawn. Net a prophet. I Thomas Griffiths (37), married with two children, described as a coal -trimmer, was asked whether he was prepared to join the V.B. Griffiths: Yes, I am willing to join section D. Lieut. Ingrams: Why can't you join section B ?—Because I sometimes have to work three shifts of a stretch, and I then need a rest. But possibly the following week you would have no work, isn't that so ?-I am not a prophet (laughter). Exemption to continue provided that Griffiths joined section D. I "Impossible." I "You are privileged enough by being allowed to keep out of the Army, and you must be prepared to join the Volunteer Battalion," said Lieut. Ingrams in ad- dressing James H. Ley (38), fruiterer. "You are your own employer and as such you must find time to attend the drills." Ley: But it is impossible as I have to attend to the accounts and correspon- dence after the stores are closed. Lieut. Ingrams: You must attend to that after the drills. The Tribunal ordered the man to join section B. More Important, > I "Walter Jones (33), tailor, who had his exemption reviewed, said he was a mar- ried man with five children, and was classified C 1. Lieut. Ingrams: Will you join the V.B. ?-I am already a member of the St. John Ambulance. That is important enough, I know, but unfortunately we want more men for the V.B., which is more important. Every man we get for the V.B. helps to release one for the Army. r Ordered to join section D. iMusic hath charms. I "I never get a holiday myself," said Lieut. Ingrams when W. B. Nield, tailor, said he could not attend the drills of the V.B., owing to his business, which took up all his time, and he did not often get the weekly half-holiday. Lieut. Ingrams: I must press very hard for this man for the V.B. as he is I his own employer and must find the neces- sary time. I Mr. Nield I assure you that I have j not got a night to myself. I am the con- ductor of a glee party-  Lieut. Ingrams: Oh, but we can do | without music during the war. j, Mr. Nield: The wounded soldiers at I Stebonheath and Pare Howard are glad erinusli to got the Party's, services. Lieut. Ingrams: But if they thought i it. M as nt the expense of the war I'm sure they would prefer being without your ■ Partv's music. j Ordered to join section B.

Bonus for Steel and ITinplate…



When Doctors Disagree.

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