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Mill Hill and Mill Bank %


I Treatment of Disabled


I Treatment of Disabled I Soldiers. I I To the Editor of -the "Star." Sir, My attention has been drawn to a letter, headed "A Shame and a Disgrace" pur- porting to have been written by "A Dis- charged, Soldier," .and appearing in your issue at the 3rd m&tant. It would have been more prudent if your correspondent had first of all ascer- ,tained the true facts of the case before rushing into print and casting reffections on the Pension* .Administration thus eeekiag to undermine the public confi- dence in it without any,, justification for so doing. The facts of the particular case are as follow:— The man in question is, and has for several months been in receipt of a. total ,disability pension of £ 1116s. 8d. per week. Moreover, he was provided, through the efforts of local gentlemen, with a horse and cart to enable him to supplement his jpeaasion by carrying on his former voca- tion as a hawker. This horse was allowed Ac .astray and got killed by a locomotive. He was again provided -with another horse, but for some reason or another, this horse was shot. The man then dis- posed of the cart and retained tho pro- ceeds. It is, therefore most improper to cast any aspersion on the Pensions Aarfikmty. If the man in question can .-substantial- ly add to his income at the expense of credulous persons such as your corres- pondent, he will certainly continue to do so unless pr"ntcd by the Authorities. Might 'I point out to the pnMi-e gMicraI- ly, and sto discharged sailors and soldiers in particular, that if they are aware of any case of hardship, they would be per- forming WI act of great kindness to jthe discharged sailor or soldier concerned were they to report the facts of the .ca&e to me, when every endeavour would be made to obriate hardship. Our discharged sailors and soldiers deserve our first consideration, and it is the policy of the Pensions Authorities, re- gardless of expense, to place them in such a position as to be self supporting, independent, and to occupy the same status as enjoyed prior to enlistment. I aso* Yours faithfully, HENRY W. SPOWART. Secretary, Local War Pensions Committee. Town Hall, Llanelly, 15th November, 1917. [We are in a position to confirm Mr. Spowart's statements as to the above case. As a matter of fact, the "Star" appealed to its readers for subscriptions to purchase a pony for the man in ques- tion, and as is generally the ease in Llan-I elly, did not appeal in vain .—Editor.] i



IDrunk in the Factory I


Volunteer Battalion. ■.0

The Tribunal.I

Bonus for Steel and ITinplate…



When Doctors Disagree.

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