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Mill Hill and Mill Bank %


Mill Hill and Mill Bank .LIVELY -DIALOGUE AT THE TRIBUNAL. i .A young man represented by Mr. JMer- vyn Pat-on appealed at the Borough Tri- bunal on Thursday ^veiling tor a xeex- amination. Mr. Paton .said his .client w-as sent by .the Tribunal to .the Central Medical Board and seeing the »chief officer in London jw, imuch to his disgust, was sent to. the net-: orious Mill Hill Medical Board. Lieut. Ingrams: It was not the Mill TTill Board: it was the special Medical JBoacd.&t Mill Hill. j Mr. Paton: I am instructed -.that ifi, was the Mill HülBoard. I Lieut. Ingrams.: I say it was not the' .Mill .Hill Board. I The j/ayor Wc .ordered him to lie ;amined by the Cenrtal Medical Board. Lieut. Ingrams.: There is not such av IBoard as the Central Medical Board; Tthere art Special Jtledical loards. The Mayor: We have always referyed Ao the Central Medical JBoa'd. Lieut. Jngrams: There never was uch n Hoard: j The Ma £ .or: I say:there was. f Mr. Paton: I am instructed that the motorious Mill Hill Heard examined my client. 1 Lieut. lwrams: You had better Ise 1 careful, because I msean to take serious jjotiee of this;. Paton.: Very -goad; ? ou can take .whatever notice .you like of it. My client contends tl-tvi tl,.(, examin- ation mra,s -a ne>ere pretence The first doctor asked him what wtws the matter and my client tyld him. He was, then asked why he wans, not in the Army before he became tubercular—a most impi oper thing to do. Lieut. Ingrams: "T ere yea there 3\Ir. Paton ? Mr. Paton: I am putting my case be- fore the Tribunal so. don't interrupt. Lieut. Ingrams: Before you enter iiit,& -that, we havent finished with this medical business yet- The Deputy Mayor (Coun. Dl. Wil- liams) Oh, but let Mr. Paton finish his statement. What are the names of the doctors who -examined you ? Appellant: I cannot tell you their names. You have instructed your solicitor that you were examined by the Mill Hill Board. If you are going to substantiate that statement you have to prove that the doctors belonged to the Mill Hill Board. Can you prove it—Yes, of course I can. The Deputy Mayor: It is a big order, isn't it ? Appellant: I have my card here. Lieut. Ingrams: Are there any names upon it P The Mayor: Did you produce these certificates to the Mill Hill Medical I Board ?—Yes. At this stage appellant produced a card, and Lieut. Ingrams, after it had been perused, observed "Now, the posi- tion is explained. This man went to Mill Bank Hospital where he was supposed to go. Mill Hill and Mill Bank are two very different things. Mr. Paton: I am sorry, but I was not aware of this. I withdraw what I have said about the Mill Hill Board. The Mayor: If a re-examination is re- quired you will have to apply to the County Tribunal. The regulations ghange from time to time. Unfortunately they I are not like the laws of the Medes and Persians. It seems to the Tribunal that the position is this: If the doctor attend- ing the man says he is tubercular and if the sanatorium doctor at Carmarthen says the same thing, what is e use of pur- suing the matter further ? Lieut. Ingrams: If that is so, what was the use of sending him to the special Medical Board and incurring needless ex- pense ? T,he Mayor: But we cannot ignore these two certificates, backed up by the senior medical practitioner in Llanelly whose word is looked up to in the town. The case was postponed for three months to enable the appellant to apply I to the County Tribunal for re-examination by the National Service Medical Board.


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