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BOROUGH OF LLANELLY MEAT CONTROL COMMITTEE. The Meat (Maximum Prices) Ordel, 1917. FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE preM.be the following Scale of Maximum Prices for the Sale of Meat By Retailwithin this area; that such Scale take eifect on THURSDAY, J\U\EMBER loth, and until Further Notice. BEEF. per lb. s d ..h., o.tio 1 7 Aitcbone .? i y Brisket point Q 9 Brisket, prime cut 1 1 -li'laiiii:s 010 Shin Beef 1 3 Hearts ? 010 Kidney i 4 Knob y 4 Liver 1 0 Ribs (chuck) l 4 Ribs (best) l 6 Ribs (wing) l 6 '<ump (whole) 1 5 Rump (corner) 1 6 Rump (top) l e Shins (whole) 0-6 Sirloin (whole) 1 5 Sirloin (prime cut) 1 6 Skirt l 2 Steak l 8 Steak, rump or pin bone. 1 9 Steak, stewing" l 4 Stickins or Neck End C 6 Tongues Q g Top sine of round 1 8 He:).ds (each) 3 Q Tails (each) gd. to 8d. ? VEAL. Breasts l l Cutlets 1 g Fillets l g KnucHes 0 6 Legs 1 3 Liver' 1 3 Loins. 1 6 Necks 1 3 Necks, best end 1 6 per lb. s d Shoulders 1 2 Scrags Q o Hearts (each) 6d. to 1 6 Meads (each) 6d.to2 6 MUTTON AND LAMB. Breasts ..4 ? Forequa-rters i o Hindquarters ? i c- Chops ? I?gs ? ? °?. Loins n ? Necks, best end i } 6 Necks 0 Shoulders ? ?Sets ? ? Scrags 0 ? Liver ? ? Heads (each) n c Hearts (each) 3d;to7d PORK. BelIles g Bellies (prime cut)'' ? i 7 Chops 1 9 iri?!-oorLe<H 1 ? Hocks 8 'Heads ? X ? Legs ? 1 7 ? Loms i a. Thin Spaj-erib .? ? y g Thick Spa.rcrib i a Filleta ? i g Fillets 1 8 I Frys (whole) Q g Shoulders 1 ? Belly F?t 0 g Sausages 1 6 The above prices apply to best home killed meat. All imported meats Id. per lb. less. No person shall in the fortnight ending November 24th 1917 or in anv ?S ceding fortnight sell meat by retail in, about or from any premises except at suck prices as secure that the aggregate of the prices charged for meat so sold during the fortnight in question does not exceed the actual cost to him of such meat, by more than the prescribed percentage of such actual cost, or bv mo than nn amount representing 21d. for every pound of meat so sold Whlúhever shall be the less. J? P?scrM percentage sh?Il be 20 per cent.. or suc!i other percentage as ? the Food Controller may from time to time direct; either generally or in an" vn?a""r- ticular case, or class of case. Dated this 13th day of November, 1917. By Order, H. W. SPOWART. Executive Omeer The PnTllic are';}lrgec1 to obtain a Voucher in ai! purchases; stating name weight and pnce of Joint, and thereby assist the Food Committee in preventing any contravention of the Order,

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