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Preo, tents A" J.. #. III. f. ..J \"J A HALF-PENNY A WORD. One Three ln&grtion In&ertiona M word. 0 6 „ 1 0 16 words 08 14 SO worda 0 10 a:.o: 1 8 24 words 10 20 <0 words 1 3 2 6 This apprIie5s only to prepaid advertise- ments. AdvertiseoK'-nts not paid for when orderad ï!m be charged extra. The Publishers do not gua-rajitee the maertion of &n ad'erusement in any tpecined i&sue, or all, and wdl not be Bable for any l&ss occasioned by the failure of an advertiaement to appear in My specined issue, fill at all. They also reserve the right to refuse insertion of an ;¡dvert,isement. MISCELLANEOUS. K ADA.ME BRITANNIA, Lady Physi- T l.1. ognomist;. satisfaction guaranteed to all. Hours 10.30 to 9 p.m-4, Inker- man street, Llanelly. ?tTANTED Second-hand FURNITURE Yv Bicvcles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etes., etc. In fact, we buy (and sodl) ally:,h!16 th::tt va!ue. Whole houses of Furniture bought outftght; Gistanc 1.0 objccL—Silverst.one, 35-36, Murray street, LL%neUy. LEG IIOR.N- NN'Y- D OTTE p.lets laid t) 630 eggs from November to April after having Karswcod Poultry Spice con- taining grouud insects. Packets 2d., Bd., l/—Phillips and Co., Grocers, Thomas street, LLmelly. T?TURSEHAMER wishes mtending ? patients to note change of Address: "Elilngrove," Robinson terrace, Llanelly. w ANTED to Buy a Small Business, W or house central; particulars, write "Business," Star Omce. w ANTED, HOUSE, to 12s. ? weekly; central; £1 for key. Write W., Star Omce. DURTIC SERVANT WANTED. Apply, Mrs. ? Lewis, Llwydcoed, Coleshill terrace, Llanelly. w ANTED, good General SERVANT; ?v for bu&iness house. Apply, D.H., Star Omce. tV'? V WANTED, good Genera SERVANT. ? WANTED, good General SERVANT.¡ elly. Apply, 1. Rees, \Vhite Hall, Llan- W- ANTED, good General SERVANT W experienced, comiortable home, g<xxl wages.— W. J. Thomas, butcher and; grocer, New Dock roa;ZZ,- Llanelly. -tTTT-ANTED, an experienced GENERAL w or good working Housekeeper; must be-fond of children; Nurse-maid kept. Apply, Mrs. Gascoigne, 38, New road. w ANTED, COOK-GENERAL. Ap- ply. Mrs. Gwilym Williams, Iscoed, Mina street, Llanelly. -?7 ANTED, good General SERVANT; TV mo in 1'amily. Apply, Mr&. Jones, 3, John street. '?'?7'ANTED, good General SERVANT. W Apply, Mrs. Dewsbery, AUtyfran, Llanelly. srrcA-TiONs. '?T ANTED, a good and reliable MAN, to take charge of horse and van. Good wages. Apply, Llanelly Steam Laundry, Llanelly. W ANTED, LADY ASSISTANT, with W several years Drapery experience.— Masters and Co., Lla-neily. DRAPERY.-Wanted thoroughly ex- perienced young LADY for Blouses and Costumes.—James J. Pryce, Handel House, Llanelly. VtTANTED, good General SERVANT. Apply, Mrs. Randell, 11, Hall St., Llanelly. ks 'IIART BOY Wanted, age from 14 to' ? 16, a.s an Improver to picture fraining.-I. Benjamin & Co., Murray st. TT\RAPERY.—Wanted Young LADY L ? ASSISTANT, able to serve through. Apply, W. H. Lewis, York House, Step- ney street. y OU-NG LADY Wanted for the picture ? and wallpaper business. —I. Benjamin and Co., Murray street.  ERRAND -Y?T'ANTED, at once, good ERRAND BOY. Apply, Pugh Bros.,Cowell street, Llanelly. m ESSRS. W. ENOYLE and Son have — a vacancy to ra young LADY As&tst- ant. Apply 4, Cowell street, Llanelly. W ANTED an APPRENTICE to the Ironmongery trade; splendid op- portunity to learn all branches of the trade. Apply personally to T. P. Jones, South Wales Stores, Lanelly. W) T/RT. mO LET—BUILDING LAND. Ty'rfran side ()f Pare Howard For full particulars, ? H re:, rick inl Richards, Solicitors and Estate Agents, Va, Thomas street, Llanelly. J FOR SALE. I TOTOUSE for SALE in College Hill. -? Apply 3, College Hill. T?OH SAL.E, BEDROOM SUITE, r?- I lour Suite, and Table.-2, Upper Robinson street, off Pottery street. FOR SALE, by public auction, at 20, -? Mill Lane, Llanelly, at 11 a.m., on Tuesday Next, November 20th, Tables, Chairs, Settle, Couch, Clock, Ornaments, Pictures, Fenders, Scales, Bcdsteds, Bid- ding, Crockery, Garden Tools, etc.—T. Williams, Auctioneer. Cruet Papers, suitable for 3, 4, and 6 bottte Cruets; 4-,Id., 6id., and 7-td.- Star Stattenary Store*. APARTMENTS. COMFORTABLE ROOMS to Let for gentleman or lady. Apply,—3, Ralph street, Llanelly. COMFORTABLE homely LODGINGS ?? for men; near Station.—4, New Dock street, Llanelly. ? ? ? ?? ? ? ???? ROUSE <L)LF/ 10s. to 12s. weekly; in good Apply, Local," St.u- Omcc. W ANTED three unfurnished ROOM?, central; with use of bath (1 child). Reply by letter terms, G.L., Star Office. YOUNG COUPLE require ROOMS; ? furnished or unfurnished, with homely people; New Dock road or Dolau road. Writ-e Box M.S., Star Omce. WANTED CJOmfortabla APART- MENTS for gentleman; use of bath. State terms and particulars to Box 2, Star O&ce. COMFORTABLE ROOMS for two ?? young Ladies; Mount Pleasant dis- trict. Apply, M., Star Onice. COMFORTABLE Furnished APART- ? MENTS required for married couple (no family), near town. Apply X., Star Onice, LlaneUy. COIFORTABLE LODGINGS for two ?-? young ladies; in good locality. Apply, W., Staj- Omee, Llanelly. w ANTED, immediately, small Fur- nished HOUSE in good locality; ji-oper care guaranteed; no children. Apply, "Local," Star Omce. m0 LET, Two well furnished ROOMS, use of bathroom and kitchen; in good locality. Apply, Box 44 Star Omce. w ANTED, two Unfurnished ROOMS, near Station road district. Apply Star Office. w ANTED, to Purchase a Small HO'CSE,neighbourhood Town Hall, Lloyd street, or Vittoria street district. Reply "Urgency," Star Omee. W ANTED, comfortable LODGINGS ?? for young man; near Station. Ap- ply Star OSice. LOST AND FOUND. IT OST, on Monday night, in Stepney -LJ street, Lady'& Brown GLOVE, fur lined. Finder rewarded. Apply Star Omce WILL the Lady that took the wrong W parcel from the Flannel Stall at Llanelly Market please return it. IT OST, Monday eight, Black Persian -LJ CAT. Finder rewarded; detainer prosecuted.—Dickens, Outntter, Stepney street, Llanelly. T OST, on Tuesday, November 13th, be- tween Mina street and Greenfield, a Tan Eid GLOVE. Finder rewarded on returning to Star Omce. ? -? Jp Lt ??n?4W?i??MM?? ? ?? i1.l V'¡ i¡. 0 THE London TyreSpcciaiist' Begs to Inform you that he has OPENED A RECEIVING OFFICE AT York Chambers, TOWM HALL SQUARE, for Tube Repa.irs, Vulea.,ilsiiag and Tyre Re-treading. Inquiries Invited. Price lists on application. Head Office and Works: DUKE STREET, SWANSEA. ATHENAEUM HALL, LLANELLY. Two Grand CONCERTS Will be given on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, and TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, —— ARTISTEES.—— Soprano Madame JOHN THOMAS. Contralto Miss BETTY EVANS, PwII. Tenor Mr. J. B. JONES, Pwll. Basses Mr. D. J. HARRIES and Mr. WM. BRAZELL. Elocutionist Miss M. EVERY. Eio,cuti,onist -Aliss ,N l. EVERY. Clarionet Mr EDWARD JENKINS, Pwll. Accompanists Miss M. S. POWELL, and Miss M. LEWIS. Chairman: Saturday LADY HOWARD. Tuesdav.C. W. MANSEL LEWIS, Esq., Stradey Castlo. Under the auspices of the Pwll Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund. Recipe for Rheumatism And All Uric Acid Complaints. Take 1 teaspooniul of FFYNNON SALT in half a pint of hot water every morning before breakfast. FFYNNON SALT clears the braia, heart, liver and kidneys, and neutral- ises both Uric and Bilic Acids.and so eSectively clears the system of a!) troublesome complaints. It is sold bv Chemists and Grocers everywhere or direct from Evan Jones, Chemist, Llanelly. la. per 8-oz. tin. <a1 Commercia! School {;.3> ARCADE CHAJMBERS, LLANELLY. Re-opening' After Summer Vacation. AUGUST 27th, 1917. COMMERCtAL TRAtNtMC at the above School is directed by Experts. Courses include:— HIGH SPEED IN SHORTHAND. TOUCH TYPEWRITING. BOOK-KEEPING. COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. BUSINESS METHODS. COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. LANGUAGES. Over 100 positions in Llanelly and dis- trict for this year up to date. Banks, Corporations, Professional and Commercial Houses are still making in- quiries. DAY AND EVENtNC CLASSES. For further particulars, apply the Head- master, Mr. E. T. Rees, or the Head- mistress, Miss L. M. Davies. -Z ( ?- I ?ZP J   v j?M& sJ ? ? ?? -7 '?? ?? ;r:. t:'l <i .0,  \l.¡¡ S IS WHAT YOU WANT. Try- FrCsh Ground Green Bone The Great Egg Producer. FRESH GROUND GREEN BONE with the adhering meat and gristle, upon analysis is found to contain the ingredients which go to make up the growing chick, and, in close proportions, the different parts of the complete egg. The Perfectly Fresh Ground Bone that I sell differs from any food ordinarily obtained. It is so rich and succulent, and easily digested, and contains nearly every element necessary for the production of the egg, as well as the formation of bone, muscle, feathers, etc., 'and to this is due the extraordinary results wBich are obtained by those who are already using it. Poultry farmers all over the world agree that young chicks mature much quicker when fed with Fresh Ground Green Bone. As my supply of this valuable egg producer and food is limited, try a small quantity at your earliest convenience and see the INCREASE IN YOUR EGG SUPPLY, Then it will pay you to arrange for a regular supply, so that you will not be dis- appointed For Large Quantities please forward postcard in advance. Orders per post receive pe rsonal and prompt attention. Sold at Fourpence per lb. by W. J. THOMAS, Butcher & Grocer, Corner Shop, New Dock Road, LIaneHy, Also Stall 63 Llanelly Markets Sj! THIS SPACE IS RESERVED ? FOR ? PECLER'S STORES LTD. ? H. POLICOVSKY Begs to inform the Public that he RE-0 PEN ED with a Large Stock of New and Second-hand j BOOTS AND CLOTHING —— AT —— 12, Cowell Street (Opposite Mr. Ev&n Jones, Chemi-st). r Money Advanced PROMPTLY. AND PRVATELY moM: ;C3 upwards on simple note of band. Reasonable ratea, and easiest terma of repaymente. Write or caH, to— L. GEOFFREY (Formerly trading as L. Benjamtn), STRETTON HOUSE, COLLECE SQUARE, LLAMELLY. .arge Assortment of Lace Edge Ooyteys, round and square.—Star Stationery atorM. A fr; pp'S L a ve- n, G? r ? Amongst the 21 charming varieties of ? ? JaL Free S? tB? ? Ja8L_???. ? Jt tL JtL JL ??? ? ?T? ? T'OILET' S OAP ? ? ? ? you will be sure to 6nd your favourite perfume, ?? ? and of these FRIPP'S SWEET LAVENDER ? ? calls for special mention for its faithful .? ? rendering of this dainty Old English perfume. ? ? As a souvenir we will send to the nrst 1000 ? ? applicants quite free a dainty sachet containing ? ? real lavender. Simply write a postcard ? ? addressed as below, and be sure to add. your ? dealer's name and address. ? C14RISTFI. THOMAS & BROS. LTD.. ? ? ? 172. BROAD PLAIN, BRISTOL.


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