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On National Service



IVolunteer Battalion.

The Tribunal.I


The Tribunal. I ANOTHER BATCH OF APPEALS. I A meeting of the Borough Tribunal was held on Thursday evening when the Mayor (Aid. D. James Davies) presided, and Mi-. T. R. Lndford was the National Service representative. Three Months. I A single man, Morton Every, aged 21, said that on re-examination he was re- duced from Class A to B2, and was em- ployed at the Glanmor Foundry. Mr. J. Lewis Phillips who represented the appellant, -said that two of the man's brothers and three adopted brothers had already joined the Army. He was earning JS2 3s. a week. Mrs. Every: I brought the boys up I since they were little children, and it is very hard to take all from my house and none from other houses. Postponed for three months. Three Months. i The next appellant, Redvers Davies, 18 years of age, was reported on re-ex- amination to have been reduced from Class A to B 2, and he asked for post- ponement to enable him to go undergo an operation. Postponed for three months. Conditional Exemption. Howard Martin Thomas (33), general draper. Cowell street, a married man with three children, was represented by Mr. J. Lewis Phillips, and the National Service representative expressed the opinion that the man, who had previously been granted conditional exemption, should join the Army. Replying to Mr. Phillips, Thomas stated that he was a Corporal in the Volunteer Battalion. He employed twelve young ladies at the shop, and his partner was 49 years of age. The conditional exemption was allowed to continue. Single Men First. A shipping and colliery clerk named I Albert J. James, in the employ of fessrs I Cleaves and Co., was appealed for by his I employers. Three of the five clerks had joined the Colours, and this man was the cnly one left of the original firm. It was stated tnat the firm always en- couraged their men to join, paying them full wages while with the Colours. Mr Ludford: Is this man single?- Yes. Do you think it right to keep this man while married men have to go ?-"e have to keep the collieries going. Yes,, hut we want to keep the country going as well. If these single men don't go perhaps we shall have no businesses to look after. Postponed for three months, subject to James joining the Volunteer Battalion in Section B. I To join the Volunteers. Chas. Nicholas, a married man with six children said he had been passed Grade II. and was employed as coal trimmer. His employers in supporting the appeal, said it was very difficult to find a capable substitute. Exemption 04 condition that Nicholas joined Section B. of the V.B. Richard Richards (18), single, an ap- prenticed hairdresser with Mr. G. E. Baker, in appealing said his apprentice- ship would expire in January, and he asked for a postponement. Mr. Leslie Williams represented the appellant, who was allowed until Jan. 31st, provided he joined Section B. of the V.B. A coal trimmer named D. J. Thomas, who was married with four children was given exemption and ordered to join Section D of the V. B. 60 Hours a week. I J. W. Hodges, Toft place, who had been granted absolute exemption, resist- ed the appeal of the National Service re- presezaative. I It was stated- that the man worked 60 hours a week as a baker, and was mar- ried. He belonged to the V.B. Conditional exemption. Alreay a Corpdral. 1 Hy. Nicholls, a wholesale newsagent, was represented by Mr. F. N. Powell, who said the man was the manager of Messrs. W. H. Smith and Sons, whole- sale business for the district. He was already a Corporal in the VB. Conditional exemption. Ernest Wm. Warren, C 3, a tailor's manager in the employ of T. C. Palmer, was allowed conditional exemption pro- yided he continued as a member of the I Had done his bit. I W. J. Davies, a traveller in the em- ploy of a jeweller, said he took part in the Gallipoli campaign, and was classed C 3.-Conditional exemption. To join the V.B. I Wm. Francis, Class B 2, was repre- sented by Mr. Leslie Williams, said he was a riser at the tinplate works, but was obliged to give up his employment to look after his mother, who had since died. Appellant added that he was 23 years of age and" had no one dependent on him. Three of his brothers were serving with the Colours. Postponed for three months on condi- tion that the man joined Section B of the V.B. in the meantime. 1 A transport worker named Sam Griffiths, aged 39 years, appealed, and said he was Classed B 1. Conditional exemption provided he joined the V.B. A Butcher's Appeal. A married man, Tom Jeffreys, aged 27, with no children, had his exemption re- viewed. Conditional exemption provided he joined Section D of jle V.B.

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