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I .Occasional NotesJ


I Occasional Notes J [By Arthur Mee.] .I DOWN TOOLS. 1 Down tools"—011 which the Germans t were relying to help them-has been ef- fectively knocked on the head. The miners in the South Wales coalfield have proved themselves as patriotic as I al- Ill.w,aya felt them to be, and have shaken themselves free of a most impudent, malignant and traitorous influence. At the same time the numbers in the minority show that there is something rotten in our midst-something anti- British—something that ought to be put up against a wall and shot. KNAVES AND FOOLS. I Down tools rhymes with D. fools, and this no doubt the bulk of those who voted for it are. The rest are knaves, arrant knaves on whom the honest patriotic majority would do well to keep a watch- ful eye. "They may be in German pay, or not, but they are enemies. 61 their fellow workmen, of their fellow-countrymen, and of all who love the "great cause of Justice and Liberty for mankind. I BUCK UP: I I These down-toolers are of the class who go round whispering that all is up and that everything, is going to the dogs and to the devil. And there are people silly enough to believe them and to pass the I tremour on. To all who read these lines II I say: Buck up Be as cheerful as the I Juen at the front are All you have to I do is to hold on. Just a little longer and I the war will be won, and. then you may ) be as glum and downhearted as you like .TH E KAISER'S 7MOM. Kaiser Wilhelm is the man who ought tto be down in the mouth if he has read -all the predictions and prophecies con- cerning him. One is quoted in "Cham- ber Journal" this month. It is said to \be over 300 year old, but I doubt it. There ^ire;inany more however of the same kind, -anti you will find them dealt with month- ly in the "Occult Review." Naturally tliwse with an astrological basis arc the on-as that interest me most, and it is wonderful how unanimous they are in predicting a bad end for the Butcher of Berlin. AN AMERICAN FORECAST, In 'his very readable book "The Elements of Astrology," written 25 years ago, tlie 'late L. D. Broughton gives a study of the Kaiser, which will be found on page 875. Broughton says the Kaiser's nativity is rather fortunate for marriage, Hut unfortunate for money matters. He "will not be eble to keep out of war any more than his grandfather," but (unlike j his grandfather) he "will be unse.ccessiid ia war and w'iil have to pay indemnities. There is much danger that the 1 Emperor will not live over 1897, but if lie does he is likely to meet with disgrace similar to that of Napoleon (at the battle 6f Sedan). This horoscope is quite the reverse of that of Jay Gould.- He began with nothing and died worth seventy-two millions, whereas the Emperor of Ger- many will either die poor or the nation will be heavily in debt at his death." MORE CLOOM FOR WILLIAM. Mere is another judgment nearly as old. In Mr. W. T. Stead's magazine "Border- ) land," for 1894, the late George Wilde published an astrological delineation of the Kaiser, declaring that that monarch weuld "rush into war" and be faced with "pecuniary difficulty and national debt. Mr Wilde also said that 1916 would be a very fateful year for the Emperor. "Sepharial," writing about 15 years ago saM that under William's rule Germany would pass through vicissitudes of which RP t& now it had not had a shadow of an experience, and that finally the HUT) empire would be broken up amongst various powers who had come down in wrath upon the Fatherland. Well, strong as Germany still is (or sepms to bQ), events cre still moving in that direc- tion; and rr*n-'A merica has got te to-iug HETl mailed fist down yet. tie buck up. The end is nearer than many of us suppose. J


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