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n.vmMr.r -Tumuji ma mc*xm Prepaid Advertisements A H A -F-P cMN Y A V/ORD, One Three Insertion Insertions words 0 6 1 8 Ie word. 0 8 1 4 00 word. 010 D:8 1 8 124 w ords 1 0 2 0 10 words 13 2 6 This applies only to prepaid advertise- ments. Advertisements not paid for when ordered will be charged extra. The Publishers do not guarantee the insertion of an advertisement in any .pecufed issue, or all, and will not be liable for -nY loss occasioned by the failure of an advertisement to appear in any specified issue, or at all. They also reserve the right to refuse insertion of an advertisement. Whilst great pains are taken to secure accuracy, the Publishers would impress upon advertisers the need for legible writing. b. any ease they only insert advertisements upon the condition that thev do not accept responsibility for in- accuracies, nor for any consequence arising therefrom.  M1CELL}v'U-:OU8. w- s- NTED Second-hand FURNITURE W Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etc. etc. In f J.0, we buy (a:r..(l sell) anything that has any value. Whole houses of Furniture bought otitright; distance no object.-Silverstone, 35-36, Murray street, Llanelly. 0 LEGHORN-WYANDOTTE pullets laid v 630 eggs. from November to April after having Ivarswcod Poultry Spice con- taining ground insects. Packets 2d., 6d., \j.%—Phillips and Co., Grocers, Thomas street, Llanelly. NURSE HAMER wishes intending ? patients to note change of Address: "Elingrove," Robinson terrace, Llanelly. WANTED to Buy a Small Business, or house central; particulars, write "Business," Star Office. ANTED, HOUSE, 10s. to 12s. weekly; central; 1;1 for key. Write W., Star Office. DOMESTIC SEBYANTS. WANTED, at once good General SERVANT; small family. Apply Box 8, Star Office. SERVANT WANTED. Apply, Mrs. Lewis, Llwydcoed, Coleshill terrace, Llanelly. WANTED, good General SERVANT; 'V for business house. Apply, D.H., Star Office. WANTED, a COOK GENERAL; no washing; wages £ 30. Apply, Mrs b' b Spowart, Cairnsmuir. WANTED, a COOK-GENERAL; small family, good wages, no wash- ing; soldier's wife would suit. Apply- Mrs. Spowart, Cairnsmuir. WANTED, good General SERVANT. Apply, M. Rees, White Hall, Llan- elly. w ANTED, COOK-GENERAL. Ap- ply, Mrs. Gwilym Williams, Iscoed, Mitia street, Llanelly. BIT CATIONS. -ART BOY Wanted, age from 14 to 16, as an Improver to picture framing.-I. Benjamin & Co., Murray st. DRAPERY.-Wanted Young LADY ASSISTANT, able to serve through. Apply, W. H. Lewis, York House, Step- .ney street. YOUNG LADY Wanted for the picture — and wallpaper business. —I. Benjamin and Co., Murray street. -_u- WANTED, private TUTOR for Ad- vanced Book-keeping one night Y?er week. Ap?r" Box 7, Star Off1ce. WANTED, at cncc, gocd ERRAND BOY. -p'?y, P:?h Br?s.,CowpU street, Llanelly. Wf ANTED, a smart Errand GIRL. W; ;l:.aaSg:: I e, WANTED, at once, 2 Young LADIES Ii as Assistants for boot trade; age 18 to 20. Apply, J. Auckland, Stepnaf street. ESSRS. W. KNOYLE and Son have — a vacancy fo ra young LADY Assist- ant. Apply 4, Cowell street, Llanelly. WANTED an APPRENTICE to the Ironmongery trade; splendid op- portunity to learn all branches of the trade. Apply personally to T. P. Jones, South Wales Stores, Llanelly. ~n~LET. —MI SCE LL A NE 0 U a. TO LET—BUILDING LAND, Ty'rfran JL side of Pare Howard. For full particulars, apply Messrs. Roderick and 1-iichards, Solicitors and Estate Agsnts, 2a, Thomas street, Llanelly. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, at Williams' Sale Rooms, Murray street, Llanelly, on Thurs- day next, November 1.5th, at 2 p.m., Dresser, Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Roll Top Desk, Chest Upon Chest, Side- boaral. Overmantels, Tables, Chnirs, Couches, Commodes, Baby's Chairs, Bed- room Suites, Odd Wardrobes, Bedstead s, Bedding, Crockery, Books, Kitchen Utensils, Sewing Machine, etc. HOUSE for SALE in College Hill. Apply 3, College Hill. EVERYTHING in Stock in Household .:J Ironmongery, including Mangles, large and Table Mangles, Lamps and Stoves, Blowers, Fire Guards, Fenders, and Coal Vases; Portable Boilers; also Bicycles, both Gents and Ladies, all at lowest prices. I SPECIALLY INVITE YOU TO INSPECT MY LARGE STOCK. D. Hughes, Ironmonger, Station Road. APARTMENTS. W ANTED three unfurnished ROOMS, r central; with use of bath (1 child). Reply by letter terms, G.L., Star Office. y OUNG COUPLE require ROOMS; furnished or unfurnished, with homely people; New Dock road or Dolau road. Write Box M.S., Star Office. WANTED Comfortable APART- MENTS for gentleman; use of hath. State terms and particulars to Box 2, Star Office. /COMFORTABLE ROOMS for two | co: 'lc:s:llt 7s I trict. Apply, M., Star Office. | /COMFORTABLE Furnished APAIIT- -? MENTS -requimd for married couple (no family), near town. Apply X., Star Office, Liauclly. COMFORTABLE LODGINGS for two young ladies; in good locality. Apply, W., Star Office, Llanelly. W ANTED, immediately, small Fur- nished HOUSE in good locality; proper care guaranteed; no children. Apply, "Local," Star Office. TO LET, Two well furnished ROOMS, — use of bathroom and kitchen in good locality. Apply, Box 44 Star Office. WANTED, two Unfurnished ROOMS, near Station road district. Apply rolli d (T i,tr i (,t. ApT,)Iv Star Office.  YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, no chil- dren, husband away, would like another in same position to share rooms with her; shop assistant not objected to. I Apply, Star Office. W ANTED, to Purchase a Small HOUSE;-neighbourhood Town Hall, Lloyd street, or Vittoria street district. Reply "Urgency," Star Office. <8>$ Commercial School ARCADE CHAMBERS, LLANELLY. Re-opening After Summer Vacation. AUGUST 21th, 19.17. COMMERCIAL TRAININC at the above School is directed by Experts. Courses include:— HIGH SPEED IN SHORTHAND. TOUCH TYPEWRITING. BOOK-KEEPING. COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. BUSINESS METHODS. COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. LANGUAGES. Over 100 positions in Llanelly and dis- trict for this year up to date. Banks, Corporations, Professional and Commercial Houses are still making in- quiries. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES. For further particulars, apply the Head- master, Mr. E. T. Rees, or the Head- mistress, Miss L. M. Davies. "Z«tf¡J8I8WK.7 YOU should join a War Savings Association for your Country's sa ke and your own. TH ERE Ís no safer or more 1 t profitable way to save than by investing in 1 5/6 WarSavings Certificates. Ask your fellow- k I 1 b wor k er who is already buying them how satisfactory it is to know that the amount invested is constantly anJ automatically increasing year after year. Your Country now needs every penny you can led to her. Will you join an Association today ? In the days to come you will be glad you did. ISSUED BY THE NATIONAL WAR S&YINGS COMMITTEE (Appointed by His Majesty's Treasury") Salisbury Square London, E.C. 4, A. ¡¡' ø" !y, V E' ? Are y c, i-i a WAR SAVER.? :&j ?;¡'JVi. i r ¡¡j !19 r.wrM7.)j,! n n I' 1'\ 1 ..1 Ul!.JJ úqllieS ([a sea Awe I LTD. I CAB AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, LTD" t? POSTING ND JOBBING MASTBBS, 1 .L () :i.l: 1..r ,1." !\í .T Iv. 0 j:.i.il'(, U nderts.kers I I JS?IMLM??a&??L???!B ? ??????EL?sL ?????"iM L <?e?? ? ? tBmjN! C :;1', .];  F  S  7E F U r4 r,9 A F li, P-i N 13 H R S. I THE TRADE SUPPLIED WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS, I I ALL () !e:3, wUl receive our PERSONAL SUPERVISION. ?.ddiug and Picnic Parties spsci&?y Catered for. 1 '\J'I" U ,rr JAM"C'S M D. t I 1 Phone No. H- Miss M, JAMES, Managing Director. 1 I ¡ VisumMwtii IF i» 1'aE;¡¡¡Bll_-11Ii. ¡ i I I THIS SPACE IS RESERVED |  FOR I PECLER'S STORES LTD. J H. POLICOVSKY Begs to inform the Public that he RE-OPENED with a Large Stock of New and Second-hand BOOTS AND CLOTHING AT 12, Cowell Street (Opposite Mr. Evan Jones, Chemist). ATHENAEUM HALL LLANELLY. Grand I. Eisteddfod. „ HMHUI i||Ml HI I !■ IIIIIHMimiJ.il 1MB .llUmiUJU SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 1917. Under the auspices of the Attested Married Men's Association. Programmes now ready, to be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, W. J. HUGHES, 38, Burry Street, Llanelly. ?—"  r-  —-?? ? —? ?— A Fri PD?s ? Laven er' /??????<'?? Sachet /S§S??????????? ? J II || Amongst the 21 charming varieties of g ?——?. ?       I 1 ? ? TOILET  v$ ?i you will be sure to find your favourite perfume,  ? and of these FRIPP'S ? SWEET LAVENDER ? ? calls for special 111ention for its bithful ? rendering of this dainty Old English perfume. VMg i • As a souvenir we will send to the first 1000 ~xk ?? r i • • • ??? ? ai pph. canLs q? ui!e free a daintv sachet coM:?iiitE? b ??'. ? 1 r\\i/V apimeaiicS crjiic iree a clamtv ^aciiet A \}\ 1 .I ? real lavender. Sm'ply write a postcnrd addressed as below, and be siire to add your ? M dea l cr's name an d a d (ire-?zs. -j ? f ?-? <1 ? CHRlSTR. THOMAS &SKOS. LTD.. ?'?'?"j)  "¡.¡r.õYT'l:-Yr?r; 1. :> r t

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