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Milk Prices at Llanelly j STRONG FEELING IN THE TOWN. "There is a strong feeling in the town regarding the price of milk," observed the Town Clerk at the meeting of the Borough Council yesterday, when he re- ported the receipt of a telegram from the Food Control Office, which read as follows:— "Lord Rhondda taking personal inter- est in milk question. He will meet re- presentatives of Food Control Commit- tees with Executive Officers at City Hall, Cardiff, at 3 p.m. on Monday next. Please; make every effori to attend." The Mayor: I should certainly say that our chief Executive Officer should go to that conference. Coun. Morgan was at Carmarthen yesterday with Mr. Glynne Jones and myself, attending a conference of local Food Committees representing the whole county. The Food Commis- sioner for South Wales, as you are aware, had sent us a telegram saying that in his opinion the price of milk in the Borough for November should be 7d. per quart, I and from December till March 7 £ d. per quart. He sent that telegram after re- presentations had been made to him by the local Dairymen's Association without asking our views on the matter. We pro- tested against it and refused to fix the i price. As Coun. Morgan knows I had the privilege of asking the Food Com- missioners a few questions, and I may say that I don't think his answers were altogether satisfactory. The end of it was that a member of the County Coun- cil, who represented a rural area at the conference, proposed that the price of milk throughout the county should be 5d per quart except at Llanelly, where it should be 6d. I thought seeing that the Food Commissioner had given it as his opinion that the price at Llanelly should be 7d that it would be tactful on my part to second the motion, which was carried almost unanimously, only four voting against, and they voted against because they were only paying 4d. per quart within their areas. (laughter). Coun. T. H. Samuel: May I ask whether the same price rules in other towns and cities ? The Mayor: The wholesale price is the same but the retail price varies. Coun. Samuel: What I feel is that if we fix a price below that paid elsewhere the milk will be sent where the better prices prevail. The Town Clerk It is the duty of the Food Controller to stop an abomination of that kind. Replying to Coun. Samuel, the Mayor said that the mistake was made by Mr. Prothero, of the Board of Agriculture, who guaranteed a big price to the farmer until the end of March next. The sense of the conference was that steps should be taken to have that reduced, but it was regarded as a pledge which could not be treated as a scrap of paper. Coun. M. R. Richards: Did the Food Commissioner tell you why he had de- cided this question without consulting both sides ? The Mayor: That is the point. It was decided that the Food Com- mittee should be represented at the con- ference with Lord Rhondda at Cardiff.

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