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In the Coils of Battle.


Occasional Notes .—

Board of Guardians, -——.—

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IAppointment of Teachers



Volunteer Battalion. -."-…


Church Property,.

Old Lad y am! her Money.


Old Lad y am! her Money. BRYNTiRION IN'M-Alrl WITH £ 300. At the inectki'ig of J, Bo > • d of ( ii-d- ians on Inursday, air. V» said that some or the uouHtos bad J1"(": y in 2-. e V, cii !}; The jnicrest earjK?. v':? -?v 2^ per nt. ??dhp?vctdd i.?i?L.?).- ??di-i- a better ]nvp<-tmci.tc?i'<n'?'??,<-?;Ti?? I?\vcuid bo ol ad\ to the pa .per if she ever leu the house. The Clerk e\-pk:ip<-] thai the Board could only take the cb.t ci her main- tenance from the woman. Mr. Pugh: J. am at the busi- ness > i (lf u; j ],. quosi.jon. Rev. Trevor Jove- "•;<:■! ho km-, the not interfere a. she- pec uliar about her money. The Chairmen < Mr YT. Y \-t ) that if any member I'o.ill give her friendly advice it woi,i-! k good -i.ing. Rev. Trevor Jem> J; -y opinion it will be perfectly useless. b i I. c-st could be doubled, em, h- >twd that Lady Howard niigua u-a L." influence in -0., 12 Lady Howard said some o'd people tho .gM the safest -ace to keep money wa, an 'laughter') Whik- ,,1.> .1id not cars to 111 ten ere wish iair*' cho I" • i',ad vise- her. TL m-as 1ad(:, the moiev ) the War Lean. Mr. Pugli Th.Ji O.'H'.Olilii- best.security in the "1: to-dn" It was d«Nded 1- J- v .d tC advise the old lady.